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2 Madagascar United

The incident about the FSF team being wiped out was kept quiet for the public, but that can't be said for the other nation's intelligence. The French Union had pressured the CIA to tell them every thing they know about the "Ghosts"! But the answer they got, left them dumbfounded. The CIA didn't even know that they were called as "Ghost" until they said their identity to the French Military.

Every single intelligence organization present in the hall were unable to believe what they just heard. They came here to learn more about this unfamiliar organization who had actually took out one of the best squad from FSF under 20 seconds. They were hoping to learn more about them. But what they actually know about them is that their organization's name is "Ghosts", and even that was told to them by the French!

They couldn't even find a single clue that could give something about them. These guys are even more hard to find than Bin Laden!

Even though KGB doesn't like the CIA, they don't want some foreign unknown group with heavily armed individuals running around in their country without their knowledge.

The meeting ended in a few hours and the result of it was not what everyone expected. In the end, the Ghosts were really Ghosts. There was not even a single trace of activity that they could use to lead them to the Ghosts, but these guys covered their tracks very carefully.

The FBI, Interpol, CIA, KGB and every f*ucking intelligence organization is now after their tail. This is not an investigation anymore, this is a challenge for them. They are not doing this because an elite unit got wiped out, but because to see if they can really hide from them when they are going all out on finding them.

This is now a race between CIA and the KGB. The fight between the big dogs have begun.

Away from all those conference and stuff. Across the borders of south Africa, stays a country which is belittled upon by all others just because they were in Africa. Madagascar United or MGU for short, has been strong and powerful for a long time. They ascend to power when it was the time of WWll and fought off Germans who came to invade their lands at that time. They stayed quiet and didn't show off their powers for the world to see. If the Ghosts can be considered as good at hiding, then these guys are good at concealing themselves well.

Their presence was always ignored due to their location. No one will think that a country like Madagascar can rival the super powers. All their focus was on the leagues that they forgot about the Under dogs. Madagascar used this as an opportunity and grew in strength.

Every nation has a special division called "Under SOLS", which means "Under SOLDIERS". These soldiers are not the regular military unit. The difference between these guys and regular military is their age and mind. Normal military requires age 18 and above to join, but these guys require only 13 to join, of course they won't send kids to warzone! They will mature them and make them pure soldiers.

A normal soldier gets nine months of training before being enlisted, but its different for the Under SOLS as they get three years of training from the veterans of the country's military. Being trained like that at that age makes them the elites of a country.

As for the families of these kids, they are kept a secret from them. Of course no one would want their child to be a killing machine with conscious. With the aid of the government and the Military, its not that hard to keep it a secret.

Not only these kids were trained to be soldiers, but also techies and medics and engineers or even a scientist. A child's mind holds too much creativity that the adults can't compare to. The adults think of making a guided missile while they think of making a nuke with enough punch to blow up Mars.

You can't compete in terms of creativity and innovation with a kid. Their ideas and tactics are enough to make the adults run for their money.

As such, Madagascar also has the Under SOLS division, only a bit bigger than the other countries. Other countries recruit within their own country, with the will of the recruited of course. They can join the their country's Under SOLS if they are willing for it and know what they are signing up for.

But its different for MGU as they recruit from all over the world. Kids who suffer from parental torture or wants something with gig or kids who ran always from home and are suffering from the harsh world, there are tons of them. MGU provides them home, a huge gigantic family. Country difference is not seen among them, to them, they are one big happy f*ucking family. Most of these kids are nuts af! According to something called "Logic", normal infantry soldier would run "away" from a tank to escape, but Under SOLS of Madagascar Armed Forces or MGUAF for short, run towards it. Creativity is something marvelous, but used in the hardcore way, its called "madness".

Just because they are a little loose on top doesn't actually mean they don't do anything normal. In fact, out of all the country's military, MGU has it easy because others simply don't care about them.

In one of their bases in the eastern sector of Madagascar, a team of 12 Under SOLS were inside their quarters, lazing around. Three were sleeping on beds, one was cleaning a sniper rifle, four were playing video games on their Weblink with each other, one was looking at stuff related to worlds military forces and the others were lying on the bed and reading magazines. If anyone come in and saw this scene, they will think of this as boys having a stay over, not highly trained elite military operatives.

"Flynn, find anything on that conference yet?" asked one of the boys who were reading magazines. "Nah, I got that five minutes ago, I'm just seeing if I can find anything interesting and worth my time" said Flynn, the one meddling with his Weblink.

The guy who asked him put his magazine away and said as he looked at the sealing as he let out a *sigh*, "If you found out anything, then why the f*ck are you quiet about it?". Flynn said, "Well I think its not worth even looking into it, I'm disappointed at the Intelligence, They are slacking way too much" he was still looking at his Weblink when he said that. The one who asked previously got up from the bed and asked, "Well, what do you got? Hit me up!".

Flynn said as he was unwilling to look at anything beside his Weblink, "The CIA? They got nothing on these guys! They only found out their name is "Ghosts" when they said that to the French Union as an apology for taking out their team! These guys are pretty capable I would say, 18 seconds and 9 elites from FSF died, just like that and that's all there is". He was talking like its nothing, but if anyone from those intelligence organization hear this, they will eat their own sh*t with butter and jam and hang themselves! This information is considered as national level secret! No one apart from them and their higher ups can look at it and yet this guy here got their whole damn files within a minute! His hacking skills are heavenly!

Well he is one of the Tech division of the Under SOLS in MGU and he is their best of the bests! He developed a software on his own called "The Magnum OP" or "MGOP" for short. This one software can break into any level of security and hack into their system with ease! Not only he can hack, but also defend from the outsiders hacking into his system. Due to its over powering ability, the MGU has decided to merge this with their own system. Their networks, communication systems, weapon systems and defence system, everything is connected to MGOP now. In case he died or something unfortunate happened to him, the MGOP will be sent to the command center and only the Supreme General can give go for its operation. Yes, Madagascar United is a military rule country.

They don't have political disputes or elections to select which guy should rule over them. It all depends highly on the Military and the people accepted that. They fought for their country and will still fight for them, so why not let them handle everything? That's the people's thought and how they really feel.

MGU has been good to its subjects as the Military interacts with people normally and with no issues. They are like neighbors with good relation with each other.

Back to the topic, the one on the bed who asked Flynn asked again, "Is that all they had? Nothing else? What the f*ck dude? Aren't they called intelligence organization for a reason?". Flynn then said, "If you are raging for this, then hear this, CIA has been on their tail for three f*cking years". Connor, the one who was raging said, "Three f*ucking years and only now did they get their name? Just how lazy is CIA?". Flynn said as he is still looking at his Weblink, "Why are you thinking like that? Think the other way, maybe these guys have the name "Ghosts" for a reason and this could be their reason". Connor looked at him and said, "What reason? For ghosting or looking cool?".

Flynn finally stopped his Weblink and looked at Connor, "For being untraceable, these guys can't be seen and they got a pretty damn sniper and probably the highest end techs you can find, these guys deserve the name". Everyone in that room looked at him with mouths wide, even the ones sleeping woke up due to his remark. They never heard this guy talk so highly of others nor did he talk highly of himself. But he saying that highly someone, looks like a hurricane will hit their coast today.

One of the sleeping ones got up and rushed to the TV and turned it on and put on a weather channel. Everyone looked at the TV closely and seriously. This action of their confused Flynn. Curiously, he asked them, "Hey what's going on? Is there something in the weather channel or are you all looking at it for the babe?". The lady in the TV said its looking all clear on the Madagascar region. They all looked confused now.

Flynn couldn't take it anymore and he asked, "Hey guys, just what the f*ck is going on!? Can someone tell me for f*cks sake!?". The others looked at him weirdly. The one who turned on the TV said, "No we were just looking for a massive storm near our region, but there is not even a pitiful rain! How could it not be storming when the Great Techie God Flynn, praised someone else?" he teased him. Raged, Flynn threw the first thing he got. The object flew towards the one who spoke, but he ducked at the last second and it hit the TV screen, everyone looked at it. There was total silence that even a pin drop could be heard. Flynn tried to slowly get up from the bed and get out of this place before havoc begins. Unfortunately for him, the others looked at him the moment he got up.

He then started to run towards the door but got caught by one of them. He said, "Enrique! My brother! Let me go please!" he pleaded. The one called Enrique looked at him with demonic rage filled eyes and said, "JUSTICE SHALL BE SERVED!" following that was the pitiful cries of Flynn, the Tech God.

After everything was done, their room looked like a burglar came in earlier. They all lay on the floor tired and panting. They knocked and played soccer and football and volleyball using Flynn, the pitiful creature. Connor sat up and asked, "By the way Flynn, do you know anything about the FSF team that was deployed?". Flynn also sat up and said, "Yea, these guys have a good record for clearing missions! Counter terrorism, insurgence takeout, special ops, espionage etc etc! You name it, they got it!" he then sent a file to his Weblink. Connor was amazed by the amount of missions completed by these guys.

"These guys are definitely pros, but how did they get wiped out without a second note?" The other one sitting beside Connor asked. Flynn said, "Probably cause they got emotionally unstable". The one who previously asked looked at Flynn with a questioning look as he asked, "How do you say so?". The sniper guy said, "It's because the sniper knows what he was doing, look at the file" they all looked at it, except Flynn.

The sniper continued, "Every single mission they did, they did it together, which means they all have a bond with each other! Just like us!". Now it all made sense to them as they nodded. He continued, "The sniper must have took out their mascot and they should have lost their cool after his death, thus ended up shooting like crazy without a target". The one of those who were playing games clapped as he said, "That's our sniper for you ladies and gentlemen" the others nodded their head but looked a bit down. They also have a strong bond, even stronger than those FSF or any other teams. They been together since the start till now. If one of them was KIA¹ will they also go crazy like that and end up dead? This is the question they have running on their head. Enrique said, "We will deal with it when something like that happens, but I doubt it will even happen though" the others laughed. They were all thinking the same thing.

Connor asked, "Oh yea, what's name of that Lieutenant, who was leading the team?" Flynn thought for a second and answered, "Its Gabriel Adams, he's from Paris". Putok, the one the guys who were playing game together asked, "Say Guido, don't you name ends with Adams too? And your also from Paris right? Do you know him by any chance?". Guido was clutching his head when he heard the name Gabriel Adams.

He mumbled, "No way...... No way.... No way...... No way... He can't be.... It can't be him... There is no way its possible". They all looked at him, he was acting weird after he heard the name. Haruhiro, one of those who were sleeping, said with a serious tone, "Guido, do you know him?".

Guido teared up and said, "He's... He's... He's my big brother". All of them got shocked when they hear him say that the one who was leading the FSF team and died, was his brother!?

1. "KIA" means "Killed In Action"