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@@Hey there dear readers! This is my long dreamed and imagined and ransacked-brain-juice plotwork! This is gonna be one hell of a novel and I know it! If you love military type fictions, then this definitely for you! This is my third work and my second work is called "The General" which is also worth reading. Oh and yea, my first is a total train wreak! What can I say? We all learn from experience and I sure am learned from mine, I mean a hell lot! Be sure to comment and tell me how is the starting and how is my English and grammar and all stuff. There could be a lot of mistakes unnoticed because I'm using my phone to type and autocorrect messes up sometimes even though I type correctly. Oh and yea! More importantly, I would love some help with the cover pic! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏! I terribly suck at editing! So please help me out here! You maybe wondering why I'm saying all this here and not in creators thoughts, the reason is, there is no more space in creators thoughts X'D. And so if anyone is willing to help with the cover means send a message to me on discord or Facebook or Instagram.

Discord: Sai Kirito#1500

Facebook: Sai Kirito (profile pic is a blue samurai)

Instagram: Sai-Kirito (profile pic is a black n white samurai)

I know this is asking a lot, but please help me if you can! Thank you~

Peace out ✌