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1455 How“s It Possible?


In Tian Sha City, all the people who were watching Xu Que took in deep breaths, completely shocked.

With one hand he'd crushed the humanoid lightning?

Only a moment ago, he'd crushed a humanoid lightning of a Celestial General with just one foot, and now he'd destroyed the second humanoid lightning by squeezing it with only one of his hands.

"Mother of God, where did this guy get his strength?"

"Jeez! How the h*ll did he get to such a high stage?"

"We're cultivators too, but there's a huge gap between him and us."

Many cultivators, faces overcome by shock, stood around with their mouths open, blank looks in their eyes.

"Well, it's not that big a deal. If you're a member of the Exploding Heavens Faction, you're just as good as he is, every one of us!" Buttface shrugged and snorted, his face full of pride.

Duan Jiude's expression immediately changed, and he said, "Shut up! Hold your words! Buttface, you are leaking the top secrets of our Exploding Heavens Faction. I know that everyone in the Exploding Heavens Faction is a top talent for sure, but you shouldn't leak our secrets."

"Sh*t! My mistake. My mistake." Buttface immediately hammered his chest with his hands, acting as if he was full of regret.

However, all the people present had been totally amazed by what he'd just said.

"Everyone in the Exploding Heavens Faction was as tough as Xu Que?"

"Sh*t, no space left for us to live in, then, in this world?"

"Wait a minute, I suddenly thought of something," someone shouted in a scared-sounding voice.

"Does anyone remember the Heavenly Tripod List? Although few people in the Heaven Continent paid attention to the Heavenly Tripod List, and it hasn't shown up in the Heaven Continent for a long time now, I checked that list once. Whether the Semi-Celestial List or the Human Celestial List, the top 20 were all members of a group of people from the Exploding Heavens Faction."

This cultivator swallowed a little and continued, "Since no one had heard of the Exploding Heavens Faction at that time and we didn't attach much importance to the Heavenly Tripod List, I forgot about it. Now, however, I suddenly feel...as if my blood has frozen. I realize that it was important."


All of a sudden, everyone took a huge breath at the same time.

Although the Heavenly Tripod List hadn't been taken seriously in the Heaven Continent and wasn't considered an authoritative ranking chart, some of the Heaven Continent's most talented Masters had been considered in the making of the list.

This meant that it was still difficult to be listed at the top of the Heavenly Tripod List.

But now, this guy had actually said that the top 20 on the Heavenly Tripod List had been occupied completely by the Exploding Heavens Faction.

"This is shocking!"

Everyone had seen how this one man, Xue Que, was so powerful. If all the members of the Exploding Heavens Faction were as hard-*ssed as Xu Que, wouldn't they, the Exploding Heavens Faction, come to dominate the entire Heaven Continent?

"All cultivators, I was only joking. Please don't take me seriously," Buttface said, walking back his previous statement.

Duan Jiude nodded. "Yes, I can't believe anyone actually believed what this dog said. It's ridiculous. Ha, ha, it was just a joke. Forget it."

"....." All the onlookers were silent, as they frowned, wondering what these two were up to.

If Buttface and Duan Jiude had just dropped it, maybe then they would've let it go. However, the more Buttface and Duan Jiude tried to make them think they'd just been fooling around, the more the onlookers were convinced that it had been true.

"Are they joking?"

"I'll be d*mned if I believe they're joking."

Soon, every one of them deep in their hearts was absolutely positive of this fact: every member of the Exploding Heavens Faction was just as powerful as Xu Que.


At the same time, outside the restrictive spell, the woman in black was stunned, motionless.

Xu Que had crushed the head of the humanoid lightning with one hand, which had a huge impact on the woman in black.

DOMINEERING! Domineering, nothing but domineering! This man, he was just too strong!

Nishang Fairy was shocked too, but her face was also very grave. After all, what had been squeezed to death by Xu Que was the humanoid lightning that resembled her.


At this time, the fourth cloud was already getting ready to collapse, triggering more world-resounding thunder and an Ancient Catastrophe.

Based on all its signs, it was surely going to be much more fierce than the previous ones.

Xu Que was still acting indifferent.

He'd almost figured it out. The Ancient Catastrophes couldn't hurt him or break his defenses, and, as long as he applied his King of Tough-Acting Fist or Act-Tough King's Leg, he could do away with it by force.

Just a moment ago, the force to crush the humanoid lightning of Nishang Fairy had come from his King of Tough-Acting Fist, plus the power of his holy body.

Therefore, no matter what came up next, he was fearless.

"Hey, girl, why are you staring at me so fiercely?" Xu Que had glanced at Nishang Fairy.

The woman was staring at him with a murderous intent, which was difficult to ignore.

"Were you deliberately trying to humiliate me?" Nishang Fairy asked coldly.

"Me humiliate you?" Xu Que was immediately cheered up by her words, shaking his head and smiling. "If I wanted to humiliate you, then it wouldn't have been your head that I crushed, but another part."

"???" Nishang Fairy frowned. She didn't have a clue what Xu Que was talking about.

The woman in black next to her paused for a moment and then let out a bellow of laughter, giggling up a storm.

All the people in Tian Sha City heard it and stopped to consider what he'd said. Then they'd smiled, sneering with understanding about what Xu Que had meant.

"What a cheap guy, and what a dirty mouth he has."

"If he didn't squeeze her head, then where did he want to squeeze?

"Bravo, my brother!" As a matter of fact, Buttface didn't know what exactly was happening, but he felt it was the right time to applaud Xu Que.

"D*mn!" Duan Jiude, abashed, covered his chest and said, "My nipples hurt."



All of a sudden, there came an enormous sound.

All the people turned to look toward the sound and were dumbfounded.

A second ago, Xu Que had been standing there with a nasty smile, but, suddenly, he had been blown away by a considerable power, hitting the ground violently and sliding dozens of meters away, left a ditch on the ground.

Once again, the onlookers stood with their mouths open in shock and awe.

Even Nishang Fairy and the woman in black didn't realize what had happened.

But soon, everyone found out.

A golden figure that had turned into a stream of light was chasing after Xu Que. Apparently, it was this golden figure that had blown Xu Que away.

It was the fourth Heaven Test and the third humanoid lightning, which had come out extremely fast and started so aggressively.

The most terrible thing was that this time, the strength of the humanoid lightning clearly exceeded the previous two many, many times over.

Its speed was breakneck, which made it difficult for the naked eye to capture, and tricky to find out how it moved.

"Sh*t, sneak attack?"

Xu Que quickly stood up from the ground, with a full face of anger.

Seeing that the golden light behind him had already jumped in front of him, Xu Que instantly grasped the Tough-Acting King's Purple-Gold Rod and stepped up with a flash of lightning under his feet, charging forward while swinging his body.




In an instant, there were one huge explosion after another. Xu Que and the humanoid lightning turned into a black shadow and a golden light. They started to fight, and their actions were so fast that many people could hardly see them plainly.

Only Nishang Fairy and the woman in black saw the appearance of that golden lightning and suddenly paused, in a daze, with horror written all over their faces.

"How...is this possible?"

"The third humanoid lightning is the young Celestial Emperor Yongzhen?"