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1454 Demon of All Demons

"How...how can this be?"

"This guy is basically not human at all."

"He's a Demon, a real Demon...the Demon of all Demons."

"The Ancient Catastrophe itself was powerful enough, and then the Magic Art smashed down on him, and he actually came out unscathed."

"Can it be that his physical body is comparable to the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus?"

"No, I'm afraid it would be impossible for the Divine Being of Taoist Fetus to do what he did."

Countless cultivators in Tian Sha City were alarmed and stood around discussing everything they'd seen, finding it hard to believe.

Both the brother and sister who'd been responsible for Xu Que being here, Ji Wuyun and Ji Qinghan, were completely flabbergasted. They'd had absolutely no idea that Xu Que was as powerful as he'd shown himself to be.

Chang Duangeng sat paralyzed on the ground, trembling all over. Cold sweat was dripping from his forehead, and his face was ashen. He'd given up all hope the moment the ten Celestial Kings had died.

Now, however, when he'd seen how Xu Que had been able to shake the Ancient Catastrophe as a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, he was completely terrified.

Even if he, as a True Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, was at a slightly higher stage than the Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, he felt completely powerless.

He felt that if he were to really go up against Xu Que, he could be defeated with one punch.

TUT! "These people make such a fuss over nothing. This isn't new that my brother Que is so awesome," Buttface said proudly as he gave the crowd a sweeping glance full of derision.

TSK! TSK! "This boy would be uncomfortable if he didn't show off every day. I, an old man, can't stand to watch any longer." Duan Jiude completely ignored Xu Que's antics.

He had seen Zixia Fairy's sparkling eyes. The stronger and more outstanding Xu Que acted, the lower his own grand master would fall.


"No way. How could he have withstood that move and emerge unscathed?" Nishang Fairy, who was standing outside the restricted area, was also appalled.

Xu Que had turned his back to the humanoid lightning and withstood the strike from the Magic Art. She couldn't help but be shocked.

The woman in black's mouth fell open as she also became startled, and she exclaimed in alarm, "Your Frost under the Moon move is actually ineffective against him?"

"We have underestimated him." The expression on Nishang Fairy's face quickly became serious, and she said in a subdued voice, "This guy's physical body surpasses our imagination. He is most likely to have the rumored Mighty Body of Hades."

"The Mighty Body of Hades?" The face of the woman in black changed.

"Only a first-rate Mighty Body of Hades could withstand my blow and remain safe and sound. But...this doesn't seem quite right. There is absolutely no way that his age and cultivation could produce a first-rate Mighty Body of Hades," Nishang Fairy said haltingly. Her gaze had been fixed intently on Xu Que the entire time.

The strength that Xu Que had displayed had greatly exceeded her expectations.

Even if the real strength of her humanoid lightning could only be on a par with her then-stage of Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, it was peculiar. Because when she'd been a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, she'd already been a person of outstanding talent in the Celestial Cloud Continent. She was unparalleled among her peers on the same level, and almost invincible. There were no more than five people who were able to fight against her.

Now, however, while she was at the stage of a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, she'd used the most powerful Magic Art to attack Xu Que. And Xu Que hadn't deployed any defensive means and had directly withstood the blow, leaving his body unscathed.

"What does it mean?"

It meant that Xu Que's strength had already been greater than hers during the stage of Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven. He was infinitely more powerful.

"Can...it be that his physical body has already gone beyond the Mighty Body? But how can there be a body that surpasses the Mighty Body in this world? Even a real Divine Being has always been at the same level as the Mighty Body." The woman in black was stunned and then said in a semi-joking manner, "Don't tell me he has a Holy Body?"

As soon as she'd said this, her smile suddenly froze.

Nishang Fairy also instantly locked eyes with the woman in black and both saw shock in each other's eyes.

"A Holy Body?"

It was an incredibly absurd and bold speculation. However, the problem was that if a body were to meet the requirements to match Xu Que's current body, it seemed that the only explanation was a Holy Body.

"Impossible, it's absolutely impossible! Since ancient times, no one has ever had a Holy Body. Not even the Deities were able to achieve it," the woman in black said earnestly, shaking her head.

"Maybe we're overthinking it. He may have used some kind of defensive Celestial Artifact that we haven't discovered yet." Nishang Fairy nodded. She really thought the probability of Xu Que having a Holy Body was almost nil.

Her own words were absurd though. With the strength of their Celestial Prime cultivation stage, how could they have not detected if Xu Que had some kind of defensive Celestial Artifact?

But compared to the speculation about a Holy Body, they figured that the guess about the Celestial Artifact was obviously more likely.



At this moment, the humanoid lightning launched another attack and charged toward Xu Que.

Xu Que had decided not to move.

He stood in place and held his chin with one hand. He nodded slightly as he muttered to himself, "Yes, that's right. This is the reason for Magic Arts."

As the speed of the elevations in his cultivation stage had accelerated too quickly, the Magic Arts that Xu Que had cultivated had gradually lagged behind others who were at his cultivation stage.

Especially after stepping into the Heaven Continent, Xu Que had rarely used Magic Arts. He'd basically used the King of Tough-Acting Fist and the Act-Tough King's Leg, relying on an increase in speed of the Magic Arts, as well as the addition of his second-rate Holy Body, to aid him in fighting opponents.

This kind of simple, brutal combat wasn't useless, but if he encountered strong people who really possessed profound Magic Arts, he'd be at a disadvantage.

Of course, there was another important point, which involved the System.

When he'd been able to sweep across the Five Elements Mountain and dominate the Four Great Continents, the System had played a huge role.

And now, because the System hadn't yet completed its upgrade, plus the fact that his Magic Arts were lagging, Xu Que's strength had weakened a lot. It was almost as if he'd lost one of his arms.

"It looks like I can only wait for the System to successfully upgrade and hope a more advanced Magic Art will appear soon. After all, it's not as gratifying to not be able to crush and quickly dispatch my opponents." Xu Que muttered to himself as he slowly raised his head.

Now that he'd figured out the problem, it was time to continue crossing the Heavenly Tribulation.


All of a sudden, his gaze landed on the humanoid lightning that was rushing straight at him.

Their four eyes met. The beautiful eyes of the humanoid lightning were completely chilly and indifferent. It was simply an empty shell. An empty shell that had copied Nishang Fairy's cultivation and Magic Arts.

"Enough, this kind of Heavenly Tribulation is really very boring. I'm already feeling impatient," Xu Que said calmly as he looked at the sky.

The humanoid lightning was carrying a large piece of Fog Blade to charge toward Xu Que to try to kill him.

Xu Que didn't even glance at it. He kept staring at the sky.

Just as the lightning was about to hit Xu Que's body, his arms suddenly started glowing.


He raised his hands and the void parted like the surface of water. His arms cut through the Fog Blade and pressed on the head of the humanoid lightning.

"Send something a little more powerful next time."

Xu Que looked up at the sky and sneered. Immediately after, he pressed his palms down on the humanoid lightning and pushed hard.


With a loud bang, the humanoid lightning cracked on the spot.