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1453 He Didn“t Move


The moment Xu Que touched the humanoid lightning that looked like Nishang Fairy, she fought back.

She instantly lifted up her hand and snapped her fingers. She immediately gathered her boundless strength to brave the extremely cold air. Shaped like a crescent moon, she swept directly toward Xu Que and blasted him.


Xu Que groaned as he failed to dodge the strike. His whole body was thrown up in the air from the shock of the hit.

But he'd also succeeded just now. He'd successfully torn off a large piece of the golden clothes from Nishang Fairy's humanoid lightning.

Unfortunately, this was only the humanoid lightning. After Nishang Fairy's clothes had been ripped off and torn, it was evident that her body had been replaced by the golden lightning.

Obviously, Xu Que's desire to take the opportunity to humiliate Nishang Fairy by exposing her body was impossible to achieve.

He had also realized something else important. He'd come out of this encounter a little worse for wear. When Nishang Fairy had suddenly snapped her fingers just now, her speed had been so amazingly fast that Xu Que had been a little scared.

The speed of this woman's strike was several times faster than that of the Celestial General the day before. There was basically no chance for anyone to react.

And her Magic Art didn't involve injuring him, but instead it relied on a force of ice-cold air that cut into Xu Que's body.

It was a bit like what Xu Que had previously used to deal with the terrifying Spiritual Qi and the ten Celestial Kings. As long as it entered the body, it would cause trauma and even suppress the operation of Celestial Core Power. If a serious amount entered, it might also lead to a temporary decline of one's cultivation stage.

Fortunately, Xu Que's physical body was strong enough. His second-rate Holy body had experienced being tempered and refined by the Heaven & Earth Furnace and had fully lived up to its name.

After the cold air blasted at him, it was partially counteracted by his physical body immediately. The rest of it was taken care of by the System's automatic recovery ability, leaving only a trace of the cold to freeze part of Xu Que's meridians. But it was soon completely wiped out.

So simply put, Xu Que and the Nishang Fairy humanoid lightning's first bout finished at a standoff.

"What a tough little fellow with a limitless future." The woman in black watched this fight and immediately made a judgment.

Nishang Fairy also nodded her head and agreed, saying, "That was indeed not bad. The Heaven Continent has been locked up with shackles for so many years, it must have been very difficult to produce such a genius! It's just a pity that..."

She didn't continue speaking, but the woman in black could understand her meaning. Unfortunately, it was evident that Xu Que's style and character were too extreme and vicious. A normal sect wouldn't want his kind of person, because he would only cause trouble and was likely to cause lasting damage.

"It's indeed...a shame!" The woman in black shook her head and sighed. Her eyes were filled with regret.

Xu Que's ability to maintain an even fight with the Nishang Fairy humanoid lightning had made them gasp in surprise.

However, at the moment, Xu Que was upset and annoyed. He thought he should've been able to beat her. In fact, he'd almost died. It was such a loss of face.

If it'd not been that he had a second-rate Holy body and the automatic recovery ability in the System, he might've been seriously injured and killed during the fight just now.

Or, if the move he'd made before hadn't been directed at Nishang Fairy's clothes, but had sought to strike a fatal blow, then the humanoid lightning might not have had the opportunity to make that move.

But what-ifs were kind of a waste of time when it came to fights.

Comprehension suddenly dawned on Xu Que, and he looked grim. He had some insights as to the strength of this new level of opponent.

Even if he had become a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven and could fight against this level of opponent, it was very difficult to finish it off.

At least there seemed to be no way he could be as he had been during the time when he was at a low cultivation stage when he'd been invincible among his peers and at the same time able to kill enemies beyond his stage.

Whether it was the Celestial General humanoid lightning just now, or the Nishang Fairy humanoid lightning, he would've already died twice if he hadn't had this holy body.

"What was the reason behind such a situation, and how could he figure a way out of it?"

Xu Que stood with one hand holding his chin. His eyebrows were locked in an intense frown. He was deep in thought.

Suddenly, the humanoid lightning was back and poised to kill him again.

However, Xu Que didn't react and kept his back turned while he maintained the appearance of contemplation.

"Huh? What's going on?" The woman in black realized something was wrong and she frowned.

Nishang Fairy was also astonished and puzzled.

They'd only fought one round. Why was this guy suddenly standing still?

"Is he giving up, or was he injured by the strike?" The woman in black looked at Nishang Fairy and asked in astonishment.

"I'm afraid he's injured, but we didn't see it." Nishang Fairy shook her head and responded softly.

This guess was what she thought best explained the current situation. Otherwise, she didn't have a clue as to why Xu Que was remaining standing in one place.

After all, it was very important for him to gain the lead at this level of combat.

And with Xu Que's character, she also didn't feel that Xu Que was the kind of person who would stay in one place waiting for the opponent to strike before he made his move.

She thought it impossible for this to be one of Xu Que's combat methods: letting an opponent start hitting first and then get the better of him.

At the same time, many of the onlookers in Tian Sha City also began to get restless. They looked as confused and flummoxed as the woman in black.

Xu Que just stood in one place without moving. His appearance of deep contemplation baffled everyone.

"What's wrong with him?"

"It's very strange. He only fought for one round and now he's stopped?"

"Unless he's been shackled by the Magic Art of that female Celestial Prime?"

"It doesn't look like it. He was still moving just now, and then all of a sudden he's stopped and looks like he's pondering something."

"The important thing is that he still has his back to that humanoid lightning. Don't tell me he wants to wait for his death?"

"Look, that humanoid lightning has already charged toward him. It will be too late if he doesn't move."

Everyone was discussing this among themselves. There were also people who were worrying about Xu Que and breaking out in cold sweats.

However, Xu Que still remained motionless.

Even if the lightning attacked him from behind or the wind from all the commotion messed up his hair, he continued to ponder his situation.

He thought that he'd gone way beyond his cultivation stage.

While he'd first steadily progressed to the Earth Celestial Stage step by step, he'd ended up jumping to the Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven level in one shot by obtaining a piece of enlightenment in the Heaven & Earth Furnace. He was more or less unaccustomed to his own strength. He was also unable to adapt to the new high-level opponents.

Xu Que now believed that he must reflect upon himself during this current situation to locate his own problems in order to continue to be stronger.

As for the humanoid lightning...

Hee, hee, hee, who cares!

I, an Act-Tough Saint, have a second-rate Holy body and the System's automatic recovery function. I'm standing here now without moving to let you hit me. I'll consider you strong if you can hit me before I move.


As the Nishang Fairy humanoid lightning flashed forward, it also employed a Magic Art to create a fog that was formed from streams of icy air. It gathered in the air to become a Hurricane Fog Blade that was extremely chilly. It also brought with it a huge pressure which pushed on the void until it was all twisted up.

Immediately after, amid a thunderous sound, all the fog blades pointed toward Xu Que's back and fired. The violent wave of attacks swept toward him, causing a series of invisible ripples in the void.

Everyone present was struck dumb and completely bewildered.

"Oh my God!"

"He really didn't move and took on that deadly attack just like that."

"That deadly move was more powerful than the one that came before."

"Not only was it powerful, it was also very crafty to concentrate all its strength at one point to attack at close range. He just stood there as if someone had hammered him to the ground. It was so scary!"

"Then in that case, wouldn't he be..."

Someone had just started to say what everyone was thinking when his voice suddenly stopped, and the words stuck in the throat.


In the restricted area, a breeze blew through and the dust rose up in the air, dispersing. Xu Que's figure appeared intact in front of the crowd.

He was still gently holding his chin with one hand and had his back toward the humanoid lightning. His back was also facing the people of Tian Sha City. He look focused and thoughtful, but he still hadn't moved one bit.

"Wait a minute, he's moving, he's moving!" Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

Xu Que had indeed moved. He took his hand that was under his chin and reached behind his back. He touched the area that had been heavily struck by the lightning just now, and he gently scratched it a few times.

After which, he put his hand back on his chin. His head tilted slightly, and he looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle while he continued to think deeply.

The whole area fell into a dead silence.

The woman in black, "….."

Nishang Fairy, "….."

"Is this kid still human?"