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1374 Running Off Carrying the Whole Vine

"Hurry up, will you make a bet or not? If you won't bet, get lost. This is already our Exploding Heavens Faction's domain," Buttface shouted again because the cultivators didn't respond to him.

The cultivators exchanged glances before one of them strode forward. He greeted him and said, "Friend Buttface, you have misunderstood us. We were just questioning you casually, and we don't have any inappropriate aims. Moreover, we are quite poor and can't take out a Celestial Artifact. This is why we can't wager with you."

PAH! "You can't take out even a Celestial Artifact? Who are you trying to deceive? Don't assume that I don't know that you are members of the Sage Sect. Hurry up and take out a Celestial Artifact to wager with me," Buttface shouted.

"Buttface, we really don't have a Celestial Artifact, and we have only passed by here by chance. So, let's not make any wagers," the cultivator smiled a fake smile and replied.

"It's out of the question! Since I have asked you to wager, you must do so. I will ask you for the last time, will you make a wager?" Buttface jumped out of the chair and held a kitchen knife with his paw arrogantly.

"We won't wager," the cultivator smiled calmly and shook his head.


All of a sudden, a tearing sound emanated from the Underground Mystery Land's entrance, and several people jumped out of it.

One of them held a small palace in his hand. A giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine was growing out of it, and it was draped over his shoulder. This person was Xu Que!


Everything instantly descended into silence.

Buttface and the Sage Sect cultivators were dumbfounded.

HOWL! Buttface was so excited that he howled, and he pointed his finger at the Sage Sect cultivators. He ridiculed them and mocked them, "Ha, ha, ha. You are a bunch of fools. I asked you to make a wager, yet you didn't do so."

The corners of the mouths of the Sage Sect cultivators twitched, and one of them wished badly to slap himself. He regretted his actions, and he wished that he had made a wager with that dog. He wanted to make him eat several pounds of feces and calm down for a while.

But this still wasn't correct. Innumerable small Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines were growing out of the giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine, and he probably would have had to eat more than 10,000 pounds of feces.

"Wager? What wager did you make?" Xu Que's group had already come out of the Underground Mystery Land, and, after Xu Que saw the cultivators standing in the vicinity, he questioned them with a thought-provoking look plastered on his face.

Buttface laughed loudly and recounted the whole sequence of events. The cultivators had come here and stated that they wanted to go inside to take a look, but Buttface wouldn't allow them to do so. Both sides were wary of each other, and this was why they were in a deadlock. Later, Buttface had informed them that the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines weren't here and that nothing precious was here, which had given rise to the previous wager.

After Xu Que's group listened to this, they all sighed with regret.

They had missed a chance to make Buttface eat more than 10,000 pounds of feces. It was really a matter for regret!

"That said, are you members of the Sage Sect?"

At this moment, Xu Que looked again at the few cultivators.

He was carrying a giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine on his shoulder, and he wore a ferocious look. This was why even though he was an old man past his prime, he still possessed the same imposing manner as before, and his sharp aura was revealed thoroughly.

The Sage Sect cultivators were taken aback, and they moved away nervously. They saluted him and said, "Elder Xu, you have misunderstood us. We have just passed here by chance."

"Did you pass here by chance? If that is the case, why are you asking about the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines? I have to inform you that it was me who planted the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines here in my early years, and I have now come back to take them away. Do you dare to covet them?" Xu Que questioned them coldly.

The corners of the mouths of the Sage Sect cultivators twitched.

They had heard that it was the Divine Farmer Clan that had planted the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines, and they had really passed here by chance. They had detected the auras of the two Taiyi Celestials, and that was why they had come over to take a look. They didn't have any other designs.

But when they saw Buttface here, they realized that something was fishy and suspected that something was odd about this region. Later, Buttface said that the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines weren't here, and this was why they were forced to stay here.

If they could verify that this region was the secret land where the Divine Farmer Clan had planted the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines, then they could report back to the Sage Sect and make a great contribution.

They didn't expect that Elder Xu would come out with a giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine. He had taken out even the main vine, yet he still accused them of coveting the vines.

"Elder Xu, please don't misunderstand our intentions. We don't harbor any hostility toward you, and we were just passing by here. We will now take our leave."

Afterward, the Sage Sect cultivators did a fist and palm salute before they left hurriedly. They didn't dare to stay.

A smile appeared on Xu Que's face. He didn't obstruct them, and he followed them with his gaze until they left.

"F*ck! Lad, why did you allow them to leave? If news about this is divulged, we will get in a lot of trouble," Buttface spoke in surprise.

"It's no bother. In any case, we will go back to the Four Great Continents, and when we come back if someone dares to stir up trouble, hee, hee, I will accompany him to the end and kill him," Xu Que spoke with an evil smile.

He was never afraid of people making trouble for him.

"Fine, lad. I also love putting on a strong front," Buttface expressed his opinion boldly without exposing his cowardly nature.

As a matter of fact, Buttface could only deceive himself with those claims, and everyone was aware that he was a coward. If someone counted on him at a crucial juncture, he would surely die in despair.

In the end, Xu Que's group left the mountain and swaggered outside.

On the way, Xu Que plucked 20 small vines from the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine's main vine, and he turned them into a liquid provided to Xuanyuan Qishang and Guan Chuchu as supplements.

In any case, he didn't have to worry anymore about the two souls dissipating thanks to the giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine.

However, it was easy for him to attract people's attention because he was walking around with a giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine on his shoulder.

When the group left the mountain, they had instantly attracted the attention of innumerable cultivators.

"F*ck! Look over there, an old man is walking with a Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine bigger than a mountain," someone cried out in alarm in the first moments. He found it unbelievable!

When another person heard him and looked over there, his expression changed drastically. "Shut up! That is Xu Que's father. Don't make any inappropriate remarks."

HISS! "Is that Xu Que's father? Let's leave, let's leave. I shouldn't offend him," the person who had previously spoken sucked in a breath of cold air and escaped.

Now, Xu Que's father had great fame, and everyone who heard about him was wary of him.

Even though they saw him walking openly in the streets with a giant Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine, no one dared to try robbing him.

After all, the people weren't fools, and they had heard that the Divine Farmer Clan had dispatched several talented youths and two Guardians at the Taiyi Celestial Stage had traveled along with the youth. Everyone assumed that they had come here to train.

But when the crowd saw the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine on Xu Que's shoulder, they managed to guess that the Divine Farmer Clan's secret farmland of Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vines was in this Mystery Land.

Since Xu Que had taken this giant main vine, the outcome of the Divine Farmer Clan's few members was obviously that they were surely dead!

Even Taiyi Celestials couldn't obstruct him. So who would still dare to rob the Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine? Attempting this wasn't any different than seeking death.

Thereupon, Xu Que had a safe and easy journey, and he walked around gracefully in front of the crowd's shocked gazes.

At night, news about Xu Que's father who had carried out the entire Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine spread to the whole Tianxiang Celestial Realm.

Afterward, news started spreading farther, and it spread from the Tianxiang Celestial Realm to the Taiyin Celestial Realm, the Tanlang Celestial Realm, and the Ziwei Celestial Realm.

The news spread to the Heaven Continent's 14 Celestial Realms in less than 20 days.

The whole Heaven Continent was shocked.

Xu Que's father was running around with the main vine of the Divine Farmer Clan's Chiliad Gold Resurrection Vine.