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950 What The Hell Is That?

They traveled in the same way as they had traveled to Earth.

With the assistance of the System, Xu Que activated the Space-Breaking Spell as the Four Great Continents appeared in his mind. His mind was very powerful. After locating the Four Great Continents precisely, he started to go back.

Magnificent rune force gushed out from the Space-Breaking Spell, which covered them and dragged them into the Void Tunnel. The rune force was just a boat which could carry them into the endless abyss of the void.

Xu Que's mind was pointing at the Four Great Continents directly like a compass which navigated their journey all the time. At this time, it was pitch-dark around them just like when they traveled to Earth. Their travel speed was extremely fast. Even without any reference points, they could still feel they were moving forward at an incredibly fast speed.

Xu Que protected Xu Feifei with his True Core Strength. Jiang Hongyan also protected Xu Feifei with some of her strength. After all, she was still an ordinary person. This rapid travel in the void could definitely cause discomfort to her. She could be wounded easily even with the protection of the Space- Breaking Spell. She could even be torn apart by the powerful tearing force of the void. Therefore, they had to handle her with care.

Luckily, Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan were powerful enough. There was no painful expression in Xu Feifei's face. She was still looking at the pitch-dark void as well as the faintly visible stars in the distance with anxiety. This was the first time for her to stay in space, or, more precisely, in the void. After all, this place had gone beyond the category of space. The Void Tunnel was something deeper than space.

Howl! "Eight-headed Serpent, you are so dedicated! You keep massaging even at this moment! Your dedication shall be encouraged. When we reach the Four Great Continents, I will treat you to the authentic Smelly Tofu!" Buttface said excitedly as he was in a pretty good mood.

Even at this moment, he could still feel the toy poodle moving relentlessly on his head.

Puff! Xu Que couldn't help but laugh aloud and didn't know what to say.

The Eight-headed Serpent was so miserable now. After entering the body of that toy poodle, he couldn't control the physiological reactions of the dog. Therefore, he kept twitching his body and could never stop!

"Little brat, what are you laughing at? Do you envy me?" Buttface stared at Xu Que.

"No, no, no! I am happy for you! I'm very glad!" Xu Que couldn't help but laugh.

Buttface asked as he blinked his eyes, "Why?

"May you be happy!" Xu Que said thoughtfully.


At this time, in the pitch-dark void, their travel speed was increased abruptly as if they were being pushed forward by a tremendous force!

According to the experience gained through his last trip, Xu Que knew they had entered the Void Tunnel officially. Before this, it was just a run-up. This was the tunnel which could reduce time and distance. As long as they could get through this place, they could reach the Four Great Continents soon. It was just like a shortcut among different worlds or spaces.

"Holy crap! Little brat, look, something is flying toward us!" Buttface shouted in surprise at this time.

Xu Que looked up immediately. A gigantic object was flying toward them rapidly from afar. One second ago, it was still so far away from them. The next second, this gigantic object had passed them.


However, when they saw the object clearly, Xu Que and Buttface couldn't help but gasp in surprise. Jiang Hongyan also became quite serious as her beautiful eyes flickered.

Xu Feifei widened her mouth in disbelief. She asked in a trembling voice, "Brother, what...was that? Is it an arm?"

"Yes, it is an arm!" Xu Que nodded his head.

The gigantic object that passed them just now was indeed an enormous severed arm! They could even see the cut on that severed arm. The cut was very smooth. It seemed it was chopped off by something sharp. Golden blood was flowing out from the cut, which hadn't formed any scab.

However, the creepy fact was that the severed arm was so large that it was almost as large as a mountain, which was so horrible!

"Damn! Who could have such a big arm?" Buttface said in terror.

"This is so weird! That severed arm looked quite old, at least tens of thousands of years! However, it was still bleeding and the blood was golden!" Xu Que also said in surprise.

After seeing the gigantic dead Demonic Beast when they traveled to Earth last time, this time they came across a mountainous severed arm. This was so weird. However, Xu Que was quite clear that the place where they were now was just a drop in the bucket in front of the endless void. What they had encountered should never be in this area.

Numerous weird things which they had never seen before could exist in this deep and immense void!

"I guess it was from the first generation of human beings in ancient times! As I said earlier, all human beings at the very beginning were Celestials who were extremely huge!" Buttface said.

"Could the arm of a Celestial be chopped off by someone?" Xu Que said, furrowing his eyebrows.

He believed in the existence of the Celestials. However, if a Celestial's arm could be chopped off by someone, it meant something more powerful than the Celestials could also exist!

Ding! "Attention! The Space-Breaking Spell has almost run out of its power, and can't help the Host to reach his destination. The Host should change the destination immediately!"

Just at this moment, the System's warning tone echoed in Xu Que's mind.He was surprised. When he came to himself, his expression changed abruptly. The rune force that was protecting them was decaying rapidly as the System mentioned.

"What happened? The rune power was enough for us to travel to Earth. When we arrived at Earth, we still had a lot of rune power left. Why is it not enough for our return trip?" Xu Que asked the System hurriedly.

Ding! The System replied immediately, "The Host travels together with an ordinary person without any cultivation achievement, who consumed most of the Space-Breaking Spell's rune power!"

Holy crap!

Xu Que's eyes got wide immediately. When he saw the data displayed in the System interface, he found Xu Feifei had consumed 60 percent of the Space- Breaking Spell's rune force! Apparently, too much rune force was used to protect her as an ordinary person.

"Damn! This is so embarrassing! What a treacherous System! Why didn't you tell me earlier? If I had known this before, I would have upgraded you and prepared more Space-Breaking Spells!" Xu Que said regretfully.

Ding! "The travel route of the Space-Breaking Spell varies a lot. And the routes for the outward journey and the return journey are different. The System can't perform calculation and judgment!"

"Crap! What should I do now? Could we go back to Earth? No! The Earth would be farther than the Four Great Continents at this moment!" Xu Que became anxious immediately!

The most awkward situation was that the rune force was about to run out soon. He didn't know where they could stay temporarily in the nearby areas. The destination of the Space-Breaking Spell should be something that really existed and within his memory!

"Little brat, what happened?" At this time, Jiang Hongyan, who noticed Xu Que's expression change, asked gently in a low voice.

"Bad news! The rune force of the Space-Breaking Spell is decaying!" Xu Que said with a wry smile.

He didn't expect the Space-Breaking Spell could run out its rune force so soon after taking Xu Feifei and the Eight-headed Serpent.

"Holy crap! Little brat, please tell me this is a joke! Without the rune force, we are doomed! We will be annihilated instantly!" Buttface shouted immediately.

No matter how tough his physique was, he couldn't be as tough as that dead Demonic Beast or that severed arm. Once he fell into the Void Tunnel, he could also be crushed instantly.

Xu Que asked the System seriously. However, the System didn't provide any useful solutions. The only thing that could save him was the Wheel of Life and Death, which was a Celestial Artifact.

One Celestial Artifact could protect one person. He had one, and Jiang Hongyan also had one. In other words, when the rune force disappeared, only he and Jiang Hongyan could survive. This was never the consequence Xu Que wanted.


At this time, a big bang came in from the front abruptly. When Xu Que came to himself, he looked up and was surprised by what he saw.

"Holy crap!"

Buttface also shouted in surprise, "What the hell is that? How could it appear in this place?"