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931 Let Me Go Alone!

With a heart full of curiosity and worry, Xu Feifei finally entered the room to rest as night fell. Xu Que sat in front of the computer, smiling as he typed away.

Jiang Hongyan sat beside him and asked dotingly, "What are you up to now?"

As per our usual protocol, I'm going to make the three Angels cry in anger!" Xu Que laughed aloud as he continued to type. That night, two letters signed by Xu Que went viral on the Internet of Huaxia.

The first letter stated: 

"To all of my fellow Huaxia men,

"Hello, I am Xu Que! I know that this was a disaster no one saw coming. However, please rest assured, as I am ready to bear the responsibility for it. I grew up under the influence and nurturing of the Huaxia civilization. I know that I must be a dignified man of Huaxia; that 'All men will die – some deaths are massive like mountains, some deaths are as light as a feather'; that 'None had escaped death since the advent of time, my loyalty shall pass on even if I die'. The spirit left by our noble ancestors has always reminded me not to be afraid and just do it!

"Therefore, I will definitely appear tomorrow and welcome the battle of the borders at Jianglong City. Even if I die, I will never implicate the rest of my fellow men. Don't come, everyone, you must not come!"

The second letter was written to his faction:

"To the Exploding Heavens Faction,

"Hello everyone, this is Xu Que of the Exploding Heavens Faction! I know that a lot of you guys thought that the Exploding Heavens Faction was just a made-up sect from last year's movie. However, that couldn't be any further from the truth! The Exploding Heavens Faction is a potent and horrifying faction in the world of cultivation. I am glad that people on Earth have gradually taken it to be one whole big family and have started to show some form of unity. I have seen a lot of comrades of the Exploding Heavens Faction leaving comments online, telling me that they will go to war with us.

"Right here, right now, I am telling you not to come to war with us. Let me travel alone to Jianglong City. Every single member of the Exploding Heavens Faction is brave and forthright. Therefore, no matter how difficult this battle may be, I will not drag you all into this mess!"

The two letters released right away to the public quickly went viral. Circulated by countless people, they made their way onto social media and chat groups. They became the hottest topic that everyone was talking about; it was even reported by the news media. Xu Que's letters took the whole Internet by storm.

"Crap! I knew it! Xu Que is a great man!"

"Where are all those idiots who said that Xu Que would not dare to go to war? Come out now! Tell us how embarrassed you are!"

"Those two letters made me, a big man, cry! I am very moved."

"The loneliness of a hero in dire straits seeped out of every sentence. It is evident that Xu Que is no match for the three heroes, but for the sake of not dragging us into this mess, he still goes to the battle without any hesitation!"

"Are we going to watch him die just like that? No, I will book an air ticket to Jianglong City right now!"

"Brothers! If there is still a drop of red-hot blood left in you, come with me, come with me to war tomorrow! Even if we die, we should never let Xu Que be disappointed in us!"

"It is settled! I, 'Li Shizhe's skin' from the Exploding Heavens Faction, am signing up!"

"This 'Exploding Heavens Faction Has a 50 Percent Chance of Winning' will go too!"

"Wow! Even brother Chance is going! If he's going, then we have to go too!"

"I, PDD of the Exploding Heavens Faction, will go too!"

"Even Prof Piao is going! 666!"

"Let's go, we will gather together at Jianglong City tomorrow! There is strength in numbers. I don't believe that with this many of us, we can't defeat those three angels!"

"That's right! We will all go! Those who don't go are unworthy of being called the people of Huaxia!"



Suddenly, under the leadership of a select few, many people were lit up with bravery and battle spirit. They all traveled through the night toward Jianglong City. It was not that these people were unafraid to die. It was that even if they were to die, they believed that they would die with their heads held high. When your country stands in the face of a crisis, when devastation was about to befall their race, they could no longer hide behind their screens and remain useless keyboard warriors.

They want the whole world to know that this is the determination and battle spirit of the people of Huaxia! Such is the dignity of the descendants of the dragon, their spines that have remained unbroken for 5,000 years.


News spread to the rest of the world through the Internet. Many were shocked and taken aback by the news. These people had not expected the people of Huaxia to be so united and courageous at this point.

"That was so powerful – as expected of the Huaxia Nation!"

"They have been developing at lightning speed over the past few decades. I always had my reservations, but I am now convinced. With such a united and powerful racial spirit, no wonder they are such a formidable force!"

"Huaxia is awesome! The Exploding Heavens Faction is awesome!"

Many of the foreigners praised Huaxia. However, when the Rothschild conglomerate caught wind of the news, they simply scoffed at Huaxia's futile efforts:

"An ant's struggle against death in front of a giant is destined to be useless. In the face of absolute power, unity of any sort will remain a joke! They know nothing about the prowess of the Angels!"

Once they made the announcement, the whole world fell silent as they had no way to rebuke them. They had also seen Xu Que's letters. Every line hinted of the courage that Xu Que was prepared to sacrifice himself for humanity, despite knowing that he would never win. It looked cool, but it would ultimately end in Xu Que's death.

No matter how united the people of Huaxia were, or how much they would make the world marvel, everyone knew that their efforts were futile. A human could never triumph over a god. However, it did not douse the fiery battle spirit of the people of Huaxia. Countless people started the journey to Jianglong City.

A journey of no return it might be – but none of them cowered.


The next day, as the morning sky lit up brightly, Xu Feifei opened her sleepy eyes and sat up in bed. She realized that the hotel was very quiet. Shocked, she quickly ran out of her room, only to find Jiang Hongyan sitting alone on the living room floor, still focused on her cultivation. Xu Que was nowhere to be seen.

Xu Feifei immediately paled. She asked loudly, "Sister Hongyan, where is my brother?"

Jiang Hongyan opened her eyes and smiled. "Don't be anxious, Feifei. Your brother left for Jianglong City last night. He asked me to wait until you were awake, and then take you there too."

"Then...let's go find him now! I am awake!" Xu Feifei was extremely excited.

Jiang Hongyan shook her head as her gaze fell on Xu Feifei's clothes. "I am afraid it would be inappropriate, given that you're dressed like that."


Xu Feifei was stunned for a moment. Then she looked down and immediately flushed bright red. Not only was her nightdress very thin, but she had also tossed and turned while sleeping. So now her nightdress was almost slipping off her shoulders, revealing a patch of her chest.

"Wash up properly first. Your brother said that you would be seen by the whole world later!" Jiang Hongyan covered her mouth to hide a small smile as she suggested that Xu Feifei prepare better for her journey.

The whole world will see her? Stunned once again and even more confused, Xu Feifei turned to enter the bathroom.

At the same time, the people of Huaxia had traveled from all around the nation to arrive at Jianglong City's airport and bus stations. As they saw each other, they looked at each other and laughed. Everyone who still dared to come to Jianglong City at this time must be one of them!

At the airport and inside the stations, you could see many reporters and cameramen with heavy equipment on their shoulders. Many of them were overseas reporters stationed in Huaxia. They had rushed to the front lines to stream the battle live for the whole world to see.

"Everyone, since we are here, we must not embarrass ourselves! We must defeat the Angels"

"Yeah! Let's go!"

The people marched on with wills of steel, moving toward the border as one. The countries' border ran right through the middle of a forested area. The nearer the group got to the forest, the heavier their expressions became. However, not one of them turned back and ran away. At that moment, they had pride in their hearts, and their blood began to burn heatedly with patriotism. They were ready to face the great battle!

The cameras brought along by the reporters started to roll as they zoomed in on big buses steering into the forest:

"Dear viewers, we have arrived in Jianglong City. The buses you see now are filled with countless heroes of Huaxia, who are headed for the battlefield."

"No matter the outcome of today's battle, let us remember the faces of these heroes!"

"All right, we are now reaching the battlefield. Has Xu Que arrived, and what were his preparations? Let us turn the camera! Wow, Xu Que has arrived as expected! He stands in front of the forest, tall and strong, suave and mighty, he is waving at us!"

"Eh? He seems to be holding some metal skewers in his hands, are those chicken wings that are on the skewers? Behind him are many barbeque pits and patio umbrellas, uh? What the heck, there's a pool?"

This reporter started out eloquent, but as he went on he quickly realized something was amiss. He was stunned speechless at what he saw.

The determined and eager people of Huaxia sitting on the busses were all stunned too!

Barbeque grills? Patio umbrellas? Swimming pool? Lighting decorations? Music blasting away?

Is this still the border?

It's an entire resort!


What happened to the great battle that they were promised?

Why did it become a holiday trip?