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930 Everyone Feels Insecure!

That night, the three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe, who were accompanied by the members of the Rothschild Family, left the Pacific Ocean!

Xu Que didn't sleep that night, but rushed out of the hotel. Then, he flew along the border of Huaxia by standing on lightning.

The next day, the whole world was in an uproar. The Rothschild Family had performed a worldwide live broadcast. Through their TV screens, people could see the three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe who were standing in the sky. The two male cultivators were very handsome and their eyes were filled with dazzling blue light. The female cultivator was sexy and gorgeous.

They were like the deities and angels of Western mythology. Their white wings seemed holy and sacred and stood for justice! Numerous Westerners were shocked and disbelieving! The angels of their faith had really landed on Earth! They believed that God had sent these angels to save them!

The people of Huaxia were also shocked. However, most of them stayed calm. After all, their Celestials had already appeared, so the appearance of angels was also reasonable.

People of the R Nation were quite anxious. When they got up in the morning, the first thing they did was to pray toward the sky, "Come here soon, Ultraman Tiga!"

However, as the live broadcast began, the three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe immediately started to display their horrible momentum! In front of the video camera, their eyes were full of kill intent. One male cultivator said coldly, "The Heavenly Human Tribe is the leader of all species! In this world, all of you are under our reign! As inferiors, you should be grateful that we won't occupy your planet because the Spiritual Qi is so sparse here. Our sole goal is to kill Xu Que!"

After that, another male cultivator said, "Xu Que sneaked into our territory and killed countless tribesmen through sneak attacks. He has committed the most heinous crimes. If he doesn't show up in front us personally, we will kill all of you to pay him back!"

Then, the female cultivator said as she stared at the video camera coldly, "Xu Que, I know you can see us now. Don't try to stop this. Even if you release the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes, we still have enough time to ruin this world. Therefore, if you and your woman don't kill yourselves in front of us, we will slaughter Huaxia first!"

All their words could be heard all over the world throughout the live broadcast. Media around the world reported this news with subtitles in a playback loop. Therefore, this news was known to people of all nations.

After less than half a day, everyone in the world was stunned and in shock. The Westerners were totally surprised. 

"How could this be?"

"There are not coming here to save us but to slaughter us!"

"No, Xu Que must have done something offensive to God and reason; otherwise, they wouldn't be so angry!"

"They must have been annoyed. All angels are kind and just! They will bring evil to trial by killing Xu Que!"

"Exactly! They said they will slaughter the people of Huaxia first. I guess they will let us go if they find Xu Que first!" 

In Huaxia, fierce discussions broke out.

"Damn! They are really insane!"

"A fierce battle is about to break out as expected, right?"

"This is not the point. Those three angels said they will slaughter the people of Huaxia first!"

"Damn! Xu Que really made big trouble!"

"Shit! Why are you so panicked? The Exploding Heavens Faction fears nothing!"

"Don't mention that Exploding Heavens Faction anymore! Just stop jesting!"

"I'm not jesting! Those angels could never scare the valiant men of the Exploding Heavens Faction away!"

"Exactly! Take life and death lightly, embrace challenge bravely!"

"The Exploding Heavens Faction is awesome!"

In R Nation, the discussion was a bit different.



"Ultraman, please come here soon!"

People all around the world were talking about this news. Some of them were terrified; some of them were worried. The entire country of Huaxia almost fell into disorder! For the first target of the three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe was Huaxia, which terrified everyone in this nation.

The valiant people chose to stay. Those who were in a panic flocked to the airports and tried to escape to foreign countries. All the airports were full of people. Someone even asked Xu Que to admit his guilt, so that they wouldn't be implicated. The web-based discussion about this issue was also in full swing.

"Xu Que, you killed their people, so you should admit your guilt and don't implicate innocent people!"

"Right! One should answer for what he does himself!"

"Are you going to hide behind the innocent people?"

"Holy crap! What are you talking about? Are you insane?"

"Xu Que hasn't expressed his ideas yet! How could you say that? Your comments will make people believe Xu Que will ignore this issue!"

"This time I believe Xu Que's strength and his moral quality…eh, forget about his moral quality! Anyway, I don't believe he would sit idle when we are slaughtered!"

"Exactly! The Exploding Heavens Faction doesn't have cowards! Even if Xu Que doesn't step out, I will confront those angels!"

"Don't worry! I don't believe the Celestials of Huaxia are less powerful than the Western angels!"

"The Exploding Heavens Faction is awesome! Count me in!"

"Please also count me in!"

Most people supported Xu Que because of their deep faith in the Celestials.

However, some thought this was too ridiculous! For them, the angels were strongest. Therefore, these people rushed to the international airports and tried to escape to foreign countries.

"Heh-heh, are you kidding? The Celestials of Huaxia? How could they defeat the angels?"

"Right! They have three angels, we only have two Celestials! We will definitely be defeated!"

"You stupid guys just wait for your death here. I've booked an air ticket, and I will leave immediately!"

"Hah-hah, I've also booked air tickets!"

"I've heard that the Xia Family has already left in advance. We still have time to leave this country!"

"I thought members of the Xia Family were traitors. I didn't expect they would be so wise!"

"Now you are talking! Huaxia is too dangerous, let's escape immediately. I hope I can be a citizen of the M Nation in my next life!"

At the same time, in the hotel in the Capital City, Xu Que knew everything that was going on because he was watching on the laptop together with Xu Feifei and Jiang Hongyan.

They had heard the words of the three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe. They had read the comments in those web-based discussions.

Xu Feifei, who was so anxious, said, grabbing Xu Que's arm, "Brother, you were right about them! Those despicable angels are trying to blackmail you with this issue! Those cowardly netizens are really abominable! How could they abuse you like this?"

Before the cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe announced their plan, Xu Que had figured out what they were going to do.

These three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe knew he had the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes, but they still decided to land on Earth, which meant they tried to threaten Xu Que and the lives of people in this world. However, Xu Que was quite calm about this. This didn't mean he didn't care about the lives of the people in this country. He was fully capable of protecting all the people in Huaxia!

"Feifei, I've told you to stop worrying about this! Do you know what I did last night?" Xu Que said, blinking his eyes as he rubbed Xu Feifei's head.

"Ah? What…did you do?" Xu Feifei was stunned a bit. Xu Que had left the hotel last night and returned at dawn. She didn't know what had happened.

Xu Que grinned, "I set up a lot of spell Arrays to protect the entire country of Huaxia. Those three rubbishy angels haven't even reached the Celestial Realm. To slaughter people of Huaxia will only be a dream for them!"

"Spell Arrays?" Xu Feifei was shocked again.


Xu Que said with a faint smile, as he nodded his head, "They never expected that I still have the Ancient Ominous Spells beside the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes! Hey-hey, I spent the whole night to set up ten Ancient Ominous Spells. Now people can only leave Huaxia. Nobody can enter this country. Even the Celestials can only stand outside the spell Arrays! I just want to see how could they break in and slaughter people in this country!"

"People can only leave but can't enter Huaxia? So…those who have fled to foreign countries…? "

Xu Feifei's eyes got wide as she looked at those who were bragging that they had booked air tickets. Now she started to feel sorry for them.

"Feifei!" Xu Que said suddenly.

"Ah?" Xu Feifei was stunned a bit.

Xu Que said with a smile, "You'd better go to bed earlier tonight, for tomorrow I will take you to act tough!"