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929 The Arrival of the Angels

Angels have come to Earth to kill us?

Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan looked at each other and their faces took on slightly weird expressions.

Who else can angels be besides the cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe?

But that definitely seemed wrong. Before they had come to Earth, all the Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe had been killed. How could someone come after them?

"We might have missed some of them!" Jiang Hongyan said. She looked calm and quiet, however, for those Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe couldn't threaten her anymore. Even if more Patriarchs at the summit of the Great Vehicle Stage came here, they wouldn't pose any threat to Xu Que and her.

Xu Que was confused but never flustered. No matter how many cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe came here, he could kill all of them with those horrible Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes in his System package!

Xu Feifei got quite anxious when she saw the reactions of Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan, "Brother, Sister Hongyan, how can you be so calm? Those are angels, real angels with wings! Look!"

Then, she placed the laptop in front of Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan. Xu Que saw three bronze coffins on the screen, with two men and one woman lying in the coffins. Although they looked quite young, their auras were extraordinary. Just through this picture, Xu Que could figure out they were old monsters who had lived for a long time.

"Three cultivators at the summit of the Great Vehicle Stage!" Jiang Hongyan said, for she had figured out the stage of the cultivators.

Xu Que laughed and shook his head, "I thought they would send dozens of Patriarchs here. I didn't expect that they would only send three here!"

Three Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe?

Are you kidding?

Although these three people were much more powerful than those who had been killed by Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan, they would reach the level of the Emperor or Lord Zeng at most!

Xu Que thought it would probably be difficult for him to confront those three cultivators alone. However, if he released the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes, they would die miserably. Therefore, they were not worth mentioning.

"Little Feifei, don't worry, I've killed dozens of their Patriarchs before coming back to Earth. These three lucky fish who came here after us are seeking their own deaths!" Xu Que said with a smile. However, the smile was frozen on his face after saying that.

Because as he said this he realized that these three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe would definitely know he still had a lot of Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes. Why would they show up in such a way, flaunting themselves?

Could it be that they have a trump card?

Xu Que frowned slightly. Jiang Hongyan, who also realized what Xu Que was thinking, also became serious.

Anyway, these three cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe would never have a head-on confrontation with them. 

"Oh, no! A bold idea has just occurred to me!" Xu Que realized something suddenly. Then, his face darkened.


At the same time, on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean, a large bang exploded from the pitch-dark night sky suddenly. The night sky was illuminated by several strands of dazzling light. Enormous blue flames exploded in the sky like resplendent fireworks!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The next moment, countless burning debris from spaceships fell into the sea. 


The strands of blue flame landed on Easter Island directly from the sky and caused great vibrations in this area. The seawater around the island surged violently and swept over in all directions like a tsunami! It seemed the entire island had been soaked in the magnificent blue flames. A strand of restrictive force rose up from the ground to protect the entire island from being ruined by the blue flames.


Several helicopters flew over at this moment, which were full of the members of the Rothschild Family. Levan and Mord, who were the No.1 and No. 2 figures of the Rothschild Family, had arrived here personally. They were fully impressed by seeing what had happened on Easter Island from the helicopter.

The landing of the three angels, as well as the magnificent blue flames, had completely shocked them.

"Great! We bet on the right horse!"

"They are much more powerful than Xu Que. This time Xu Que is finished!"

"Although the spaceships crashed, we are only a half-step away from controlling the world with the assistance of these three angels!"

"That's enough. Let's handle our business first! According to the plan, we should seal this area first. We have to block the release of the information for some time!"

Levan, Mord, and the rest of the members of the Rothschild Family were extremely excited. For them, the larger the noise, the more powerful the three angels would be!

Actually, the three Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe were suffering at this time. They were lying on the ground and covered in blood. Their wings were seriously damaged. If they had not been protected by the blue flames right now, the Rothschild Family would have been disappointed in their current situation.

"Let's heal their wounds and hold our breath to avoid being detected by Xu Que!" One of them said in a low voice as they took out pills from their storage rings. Then, they threw the pills into their mouths.

After that, they sat on the ground with their legs crossed and restrained their aura. The blue flames continued to burn their bodies during their rapid recovery.

To break through the restrictive spell outside Earth, the cost they had paid was beyond imagination. They were the most senior living Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe. The bronze coffins they had slept in were Inferior Celestial Artifacts. The bronze coffins kept them alive in their long sleep and even kept their appearance so that they looked as if they were still young!

In order to land on Earth, they placed the bronze coffins into the spaceships, so that they could break through the restrictive spell outside the Earth. However, even though they hid in the spaceships, they were still detected by the restrictive spell. Finally, the spaceships were totally ruined together with their bronze coffins. They did their best to resist the restrictive spell with the blue flames, which they had cultivated for over 10,000 years, to avoid being killed.

"I didn't expect such a horrible restrictive spell could exist in this shabby place!"

"Our Celestial Artifacts could even resist the pressure of the Void Tunnel. How could they be ruined by the restrictive spell here? Who set up this spell?"

"I'm afraid this should be an enchantment set up by cultivators who have reached the Celestial Realm!"

They discussed these things in low voices as they cured their wounds.

This time they had lost three precious bronze coffins. Even their cultivation achievements had been seriously damaged. As the most powerful living Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe, they were more senior than the Patriarchs killed by Xu Que. They were even more powerful than the Emperor and Lord Zeng of the Xuanzhen Continent!

However, they were seriously wounded by the strength of the restrictive spell. At this moment, if they didn't cure their wounds, they would be defeated by Xu Que even if they attacked Xu Que together. This was not important for them at this moment. As long as they could heal their wounds, they were confident of regaining 70 percent of their original strength. 

As for Xu Que, they didn't plan to face him directly. They planned to defeat Xu Que with strategy.

"I am almost recovered. Although I am still quite weak, I won't be an impediment to our plan!" The female Patriarch of the Heavenly Human Tribe said one hour later. The other two male Patriarchs opened their eyes and nodded their heads, "So are we! We don't need waste our time anymore. So let's get started now!"


The female Patriarch looked up as she covered her body with a piece of clothing. She opened her white wings, which had been fully recovered and flew into the sky on a gust of strong wind. Following her, the two male Patriarchs stood up and also flew into the sky, flapping their wings!