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652 Precious Treasure in the Mountain

Now Duan Jiude could hardly stand it anymore. As a longstanding cheater, he never expected that today he would find his match!

That young man was as good as cheating others as he was!

Both of them kept scheming against each other. At last, it turned out Xu Que's tricks were slightly better than his!

Duan Jiude didn't want to admit defeat, so he started to utter dirty words. However, Xu Que's reply was even dirtier than his, which made him so angry that he was almost about to spit blood!

The onlookers were numb to their argument. They started to worry about the future of the World of Cultivators.

The Holy Sons and Holy Virgins from the East Continent were perturbed.

Now they realized how horrible Xu Que was! They had been offendeding Xu Que for a long time. If they couldn't kill him, they would suffer in the future!

All of them could tell Duan Jiude and Xu Que didn't want to fight although they were in a fierce verbal battle—the reason went without saying!

Duan Jiude was a mean machine. He would never put up with being abused by others like this!

However, he just didn't want to fight Xu Que. The possible reason could be the good relationship between him and Xu Que, or maybe he planned to gain more things from Xu Que like the burger which could enhance his cultivation.

Therefore, as long as Duan Jiude was with Xu Que, no one dared attack Xu Que, even after all of them knew Xu Que was now an ordinary person!

"We're gonna have some trouble later on!" Dong Genji was quite depressed. He was smart enough to figure out the situation. As long as Xu Que was under the protection of Duan Jiude, no one in this world would dare attack him.

Of course, they could try to assassinate Xu Que when Duan Jiude was not with him.

"This little guy is . . . really extraordinary!" Liu Jingning murmured to herself in a low voice; she shook her head with a wry smile.

She thought Xu Que was done this time and didn't expect him to outsmart Duan Jiude. His most important tool was that burger!

Han Ying, the Holy Virgin of the Heaven Secret Pavilion, was also shocked. Her eyes gleamed.

She told Xu Que the Heaven Secret Pavilion could help him get the Taoist Connotation. Her so-called "method" was to have Xu Que destroy his cultivation and restart from zero. The success rate of her method was also about zero.

Xu Que didn't follow her advice and just left directly. She could do nothing but give up her plan.

However, she didn't expect Xu Que to really destroy his cultivation and recklessly step into this Mystery Land as an ordinary person!

"Little brat, can you forget this issue for my sake?" At this moment, Buttface tried to stop Xu Que and Duan Jiude from cursing each other.

He knew the purpose for their entering the Mystery Land was not to curse someone, but to hunt treasuries.

"Don't stop me! I really need to curse this old beggar!" Xu Que snorted, staring at Duan Jiude.

"We still have business to deal with!" Buttface reminded him in a low voice.

Xu Que nodded and spoke while looking at Duan Jiude: "This time I'll let you go! I'll beat you up next time I see you!"

Hearing his words, Duan Jiude laughed with the onlookers.

An ordinary person threatened to beat Duan Jiude up! He was crazy!

"Young man, if you beat me up once, I'll beat you up ten times!" Duan Jiude said with a smile.

"If you beat me up ten times, I'll beat you up a hundred times!" Xu Que replied with a cold smile.

He was currently not strong enough to defeat Duan Jiude. When he regained his cultivation achievements, or even when he reached the Void Training Stage, he would merge with his Taoist Body. After reaching the Form Synthesis Stage, he might be strong enough to defeat Duan Jiude!

"Okay, Okay, let's go!" Buttface urged impatiently and started to walk toward the central area of the Mystery Land, dragging Xu Que along with him.

Xu Que realized something was wrong with Buttface. He was being too active and seemed very eager to find that abode.

"Don't go! Wait for me!" Duan Jiude said mischievously and started following them.

"Get lost!" Buttface and Xu Que shouted at the same time.

Xu Que didn't want to look at Duan Jiude anymore and Buttface worried Duan Jiude would steal the precious treasuries in the abode.

"Heh-heh-heh, I won't get lost! What can you do?" Duan Jiude said with a mean, disrespectful smile—what a rascal!

Xu Que raised his eyebrows and was about to say something when they heard a noise.


A big bang came from the enormous mountain beside them!

Everyone was shocked. When they turned around, they found the big bang was from the enormous mountain full of restrictive spells!

Before Xu Que's arrival, the Holy Sons and Holy Virgins of the big families and sects had been bombarding the restrictive spells of this mountain for a long time. They had planned to break the restrictive spells and enter the mountain to find precious treasuries!

When Duan Jiude and Xu Que appeared, all of them had stopped.

Now the enormous mountain started to vibrate suddenly, which caused a thunderous noise as if an intense explosion had just happened.

After that, the restrictive spells outside the mountain became more dazzling as if they were covered by golden light!

"What? Is the thing inside going to blossom and yield fruit?" Duan Jiude, stunned, asked in surprise.

The crowd was confused. What could make such a big noise by blossoming and yielding fruits? Could it be a celestial elixir?

At the thought of this, many people couldn't keep calm anymore.

They knew this Mystery Land had been created in the ancient times, which was quite mysterious. In the past over 1,000 years, many people used to find celestial elixirs in this Mystery Land, which proved that it was most likely the abode, or even the small world, of a celestial.

Dong Genji's eyebrows furrowed. "Oh, no! The noises out here were too loud and activated all the restrictive spells in this area. I'm afraid we can't break all of them!"

If they had attacked with their full strength before, they could have quickly broken the restrictive spells.

However, all of them had chosen to preserve their strength. Therefore, after over half a month, they had still faced the restrictive spells.

Now the entire restrictive spell system had been activated, which was as dazzling as a golden cover. Now even if all of them used their full strength, they would still need another half a month to break the restrictive spells!

"Heh-heh, it's just a shabby restrictive spell system. I could break it in one day!" Duan Jiude smiled his yellow teeth, which were quite disgusting.

The Holy Sons and Holy Virgins were stunned and depressed to hear this.

If Duan Jiude made up his mind to get the treasure in the mountain, it would be impossible for them to take a share.

"Young guys, don't be so nervous! I know the treasury inside is quite extraordinary. However, I am a noble person! Do you think I will grab it from the young generation?" Duan Jiude asked with a contemptuous expression as if it were disdainful to do something like that.

The silent crowd smiled wryly. The answer in their hearts was, "Of course you would!"

"Okay, I promise I will only come inside and have a look. I won't take anything!" Duan Jiude turned to Xu Que. "Young man, now I don't want to follow you anymore. You can leave and play by yourself!"

After saying that, he started to walk toward the enormous mountain.

The Holy Sons and Holy Virgins were driven in despair for they knew they had lost everything this time.

Liu Jingning's expression shifted slightly. She planned to say something but ultimately didn't utter a word.

Xu Que shouted, "Old beggar, you're really shameless! How could you rob a group of young men in broad daylight?"

Duan Jiude raised his eyebrows at him. "They can't break the restrictive spells anyway. I can break them. How is that robbery? Also, if I really want to rob you, what can you do to stop me? Young man, bide your time—I'll punish you sooner or later!"

Xu Que smiled disdainfully. "Hey, you're bragging shamelessly! If I wasn't afraid of being accused of bullying an old man, I would have smashed you into a piece of crap already!" Duan Jiude might be a horrible opponent for others, but not for Xu Que!

"Heh! If I wasn't afraid of being accused of bullying a small kid, I would have trampled you to death!"

Xu Que looked up and shouted, "You've already bullied too many small kids! Stop wasting your words. Come here and let's have a one-on-one! I will fight against you with only one hand!"

"Hah-hah! I will not have a one-on-one with you! What can you do? What can you do?" Duan Jiude smiled meanly as he gracefully walked toward the enormous mountain.

Xu Que was speechless. Duan Jiude was way too shameless. As a loose cannon, he was even immune to a provocative approach!

The onlookers also shook their heads. If Xu Que could do nothing to stop that old man, what could they do?

Buttface approached Xu Que. "Little brat, we should take this opportunity to leave. The precious item in this mountain is extraordinary, but I bet things in the third layer are better!"

Xu Que smiled and, in a low voice, said, "It's not necessary for us to rush to the third layer now. I remember you told me these restrictive spells are useless for ordinary people, right?"

"Right! But if you get involved, we'll never shake that old b*stard off!" Buttface said anxiously.

"Hey! Don't worry. There should be more than one entrance to this mountain. Let's pretend to leave first, then we can enter the mountain from somewhere else. We will leave immediately after grabbing the precious items in the mountain so that the old beggar will die of anger!" Xu Que said with a mean smile as he stepped back.

Buttface was stunned a bit. Then, he was impressed by Xu Que's plan, so he started following him excitedly.

Not far away from them, Liu Jingning happened to see their facial expressions. Her eyes lit up as if she had figured something out. Then, she jumped up and started to follow Xu Que and Buttface.

"Little Queque, wait for me! Your sister will go with you!" Liu Jingning said with a smile, appearing in front of Xu Que airily.

She blinked her beautiful, coquettish eyes. Her smile was very charming and full of temptation.

When Xu Que still had his cultivation, he could still resist her temptation. Now, as an ordinary person, he could never resist Liu Jingning's deliberate flirting!

"Sh*t! Don't come closer!" Xu Que shouted immediately as if confronted with a formidable enemy. This she-devil was too good at flirting!

"Little Queque, what's wrong with you? Are you sick? Should I check your body?" Liu Jingning sniggered charmingly. She was about to touch Xu Que's face with her jade-like hand!

Xu Que stepped back hurriedly and said, "No, no, no! Don't come any closer! Otherwise, I will be starving!"

Liu Jingning was stunned. "What do you mean 'starving?'" She decided to stop teasing Xu Que, and shook her head with a smile. "Okay, that's enough. Let's talk business. There are two precious treasuries in this mountain. One of them is very important to me. Do you have any idea of how to enter this mountain?"

"No! Absolutely not!" Xu Que and Buttface said resolutely.