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651 The Hair-raising Combination of Xu Que and Duan Jiude

"Is this real?" Duan Jiude's eyes lit up.


Without hesitating, he took two jade boxes out of the storage ring in his hand.

When he opened the jade boxes, everyone could smell the faint medicinal fragrance coming out along with intense Spiritual Qi.

All the onlookers were shocked.

"Are . . . those the Genesis Earth Herb and the Genesis Wood Herb of the Five Genesis Herbs?"

"Impressive! These herbs are quite rare. Their growth requires a dragon vein. Apparently the growth of one herb like this needs 1,000,000 years. It's full of Spiritual Qi. For example, this Genesis Earth Herb could help a cultivator achieve remarkable enhancement of their cultivation with the Earth Spiritual Root!"

"Is that food really tempting enough to make Duan Jiude hand in two precious elixirs?"

Many people were shocked. They started to eye the elixirs greedily. The two Genesis Herbs were especially attractive for some Demonic Beasts and Demons!

If they were not afraid of Duan Jiude, they would have rushed up to fight for the elixirs.

Xu Que's heartbeat also quickened. "Bring it here!"

With these two elixirs, he would scrape together every one of the Five Genesis Herbs. He would be able to revive Xiao Rou after obtaining the Living Holy Water!

He had been working hard to achieve this for a long time.

The time he had spent with Xiao Rou was very short. But Xiao Rou was nearly the only person he revered; nearly the only one who represented the goodness in his heart.

Reviving Xiao Rou was a promise he had made for her and himself, and it was also a commemoration of all the villagers of the Pan Shan Village!

Now that his goal was about to be accomplished, how could he keep calm?

"Here you are, young man!" Duan Jiude exclaimed. "Actually, I planned to find these two elixirs and give them to you personally! It is my great honor!" He spoke as if he was telling the truth as he handed the two jade boxes to Xu Que.

The next moment, he grabbed the New Orleans Grilled Drumstick Burger with his dirty hands and threw it into his mouth.

"No!" Buttface screamed hysterically. "That's my burger!"

Duan Jiude forgot his friendship with Buttface and gobbled up the burger in one gulp. His body filled with the novel flavor and fresh taste!


The next moment, Duan Jiude felt a vibration in his body. His eyes widened and, surprised, he shouted, "How . . . could this be possible?"

He was totally shocked. He had just realized a breakthrough in his cultivation. The bottleneck which had obstructed him for so many years had been instantly shattered by the delicious burger!

How could such miraculous food exist in this world?

"Young man, thank you! Thank you so much! I am so moved . . . " Duan Jiude, unbearably excited, suddenly expressed rare, heartfelt gratitude to Xu Que.

An instant level breakthrough was a cherished accomplishment for cultivators at his stage. They would risk nearly anything to achieve one.

He never expected to realize one so easily! How could he keep calm?

"Don't mention it, and you are welcome. It was just a lift of my finger." Xu Que was quite happy after obtaining the two elixirs. He waved his hand with a smile and didn't want to waste any more time on Duan Jiude.

Duan Jiude suddenly lowered his head in shame. "Alas! What a shame! Young man, give me your hand!"

Xu Que was surprised. "What?"

"Just now when I handed the jade boxes to you, I used a magic art which could corrode your Meridian gradually. I'll remove it for you immediately!" Light gushed out from Duan Jiude finger and went into Xu Que's wrist, removing the sinister magic art.

Xu Que sighed heavily. "Old beggar, give me your hand."

Now it was Duan Jiude's turn to be surprised. "What happened?"

Xu Que shook his head in shame. "Alas! Just now I added 981 different poisons and over 1,000 different aphrodisiacs, including REGA-001, PGD-820, TAAK-001 and CESD-159, into the burger you ate just now. This is the antidote!"

After receiving the pill, Duan Jiude was moved again. He spoke with tears in his eyes. "Young man, just stand there and don't move!"

"What happened?"

"Just now I set up over 100 killing spells around you when you are not paying attention. Now I will deactivate them for you immediately!"

After saying that, Duan Jiude bent over and took a buried Spirit Stone out from the sandy ground to deactivate the killing spells.

Xu Que was stunned immediately. Then, he rubbed his sore nose and said, "Old beggar, I am sorry! Please don't eat that Antidote Pill. It is DDVP. I will give you the real antidote now!"

After receiving the new antidote, Duan Jiude burst into tears. Then, he took out two brand new jade boxes from his pocket and handed them to Xu Que. "Young man, these are the real Genesis Earth Herb and Genesis Wood Herb. What I gave you just now were fake!"

Xu Que was so moved that he even started crying. After receiving the jade boxes and confirming the authenticity of the elixirs, Xu Que lifted his eyes and sighed, "Alas! Li Xiaoyao, lower your sword. We can't assassinate such a good old man!"


His Taoist Body, who appeared behind Duan Jiude, dropped his sword and nodded his head. Then, he turned around and left.

Duan Jiude cried harder immediately. He grabbed Xu Que's hand directly and said excitedly, "Young man, I was wrong! I don't deserve to live! When I gave you the real elixirs just now, I applied poison outside the jade box. Now I will detoxify you!"

After saying that, he took out a bottle of crystal ointment and applied it on Xu Que's hand.

Xu Que shed floods of tears and spoke in a trembling voice. "Old beggar, don't say that! I am the one who deserves to die! Actually, what I cooked just now was not a drumstick but a dead mouse from a stinking ditch! I will cook some real drumstick burgers for you now!"

"Okay! That will be fine!" Duan Jiude nodded and was again quite moved.

However, the next moment, he realized how badly he had fooled. With wide eyes he shouted, "F*ck! Dead mouse from a stinking ditch? Sh*t! I gobbled it up!"

"Alas! I was wrong! But don't worry, now open your mouth!" Xu Que sighed.

"It's in my stomach. What could you do now?"

"Don't worry! Now open your mouth, let me put a cobra into your stomach, so it can take out the dead mouse!"

"F*ck! Young man, you're in a trouble now! I will never forgive you and die fighting you today!"

"Damn! Come on! Let's have a duel! You can't scare me!"

The two of them started to quarrel again and it seemed they were going to start a violent fight!

All the onlookers had been turned to stone. It seemed the gray matter in their brains were not enough to follow Xu Que and Duan Jiude's behavior!

Their behavior was hair-raising, fearsome, and horrible!

They kept setting each other up using poisons, killing spells, fake antidote pills and assassination attempts . . .

The onlookers were totally convinced by their impressive methods.

"Are . . . they human?" a Holy Son asked in terror.

As onlookers, the cultivators were fearful just watching their performance.

"The World of Cultivators is doomed!" someone exclaimed. "Nobody can be more skillful at ensnaring others than Xu Que and Duan Jiude!"