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650 You are really Handsome

Is it delicious?

Duan Jiude's words almost tumbled everyone in this area.

What a weirdo he is!

A moment ago, the two of them were about to start a fierce fight!

When Xu Que mentioned the New Orleans Roasted Chicken Leg Burger and the Hot and Spicy Crayfish, Duan Jiude was distracted immediately!

How could he say the rule of cultivators should be clarified? How could he ask if the New Orleans Roasted Chicken Leg Burger and the Hot and Spicy Crayfish are delicious?

What kind of cultivators rule was this?

"They are extremely delicious!" Xu Que sneered and took out a bag of New Orleans drumsticks from the System Package.

Duan Jiude's eyes widened immediately. He had tasted the grilled chicken wings made by Xu Que and they were unforgettable. He could make chicken wings into delicacies, let alone the drumsticks!

"Damn! Little brat, it turns out you still have a huge inventory! F*ck! I've been hungry for a long time! Why didn't you take them out earlier?" Buttface's eyes also lit up and he rushed over without even considering the threat of Duan Jiude.

At the same time, Duan Jiude said, "Little brat, I am nothing but honest. Frankly speaking, you are really handsome, attractive, smart and majestic! You're a true role model to the young generation!"

Everyone was stunned and completely confused. Their faces were question marks.

What the hell is this?

How could this be?

If I remember correctly, just now you said you would punch him to death!

"Heh-heh, don't waste your words here," Xu Que said. "This time I won't allow you to steal food from me! Also, according to the rule of cultivators, one should fill his empty stomach before a fight. Now I am going to prepare some food. Don't bother me!" He started to prepare his food by taking out a charcoal burner and an iron pan.

At the same time, he sneered in his heart that this Duan Jiude was really a weirdo immune to both soft and hard tactics but quite vulnerable in front of delicious foods.


The Taoist Body beside Xu Que, made a fire and ignited the charcoal burner immediately. The oil in the iron pan was also heated quickly!

Xu Que took out a New Orleans drumstick and put it in the iron pan directly!

Sizzle! The drumstick and the hot oil crashed into each other, and it looked quite artistic! The white smoke and the sweet smell spread out instantly.

Duan Jiude couldn't keep his seat, so he said, "Young man, according to the rule of cultivators, one should fill his stomach indeed, which means both parties should eat! You can't eat alone!"

"I like eating alone. It's none of your food!"

"Eating alone is illegal!"

"Bullsh*t! Stay away! Otherwise, you'll be considered the loser of this fight!"

"It's okay! Life is full of winners and losers!"

"Why are you so shameless? I warn you, if you come any closer, I will smack you to death!"

"As a young man, you are really too rude! You have no sense for respecting the old and loving the young at all! Also, I'm only looking! I'm not even close to you!"

"Not close? How dare you say you're not close? Your face is almost touching the drumstick … Holy sh*t! Don't drool on my food!"

Their noisy argument made the onlookers quite speechless.

The two of them are really weirdos! They are weirdo elites! Normal people cannot know what they are thinking!

Along with the diffusion of the sweet smell given off from the drumstick grilling in the iron pan, all onlookers were unable to remain calm anymore.

All of them were the best among the young generation. Each of them was a Holy Son or Holy Virgin; they were high ranking and had enjoyed all kinds of delicacies. Now they were in the Void Training Stage, so all of them had been practicing inedia for a long time.

However, when this sweet smell entered their nostrils, they couldn't help but swallow with the urge to eat.

After giving all his cultivation achievements to his Taoist Body, Xu Que was still a Four-Star Chef, who was quite good at cooking. Now he could even enchant an ordinary drumstick, which were much more enchanting than the grilled chicken wings he used to make.

Duan Jiude couldn't stand it anymore; he couldn't even stand upright. He squatted down on the ground with Buttface. Both of them stretched out their heads close to the iron pan and enjoyed the sweet smell closely. They were intoxicated!

"I can't stand it anymore! This guy's cooking is extraordinary!" Buttface howled, raking earth with his paws laboriously.

Duan Jiude nodded to show his approval. "Of course! I've enjoyed numerous delicacies, but I've never smelled such amazing food! Do you know what the most important factor is though?"

"What is it?" Buttface asked curiously.

"The man cooking is so attractive! He is indeed a flawless young man favored by God!" Duan Jiude started to lick Xu Que's shoes without any hesitation.

"Exactly! When I met this young man for the first time, I knew he was a gifted person!" Buttface also flattered Xu Que by imitating Duan Jiude.

Duan Jiude's expression changed immediately, "What? Really? I also got this feeling when I saw him for the first time! I didn't expect you to be so insightful! Please forgive my disrespect!"

"It doesn't matter! You're also extraordinary! Among all the cultivators in this world, I'll only raise my hat to you!"

"My brother Buttface, today we should drink together. When this drumstick is done, let's eat and chat!"

"Sure! My brother Jiude, today we'll enjoy ourselves and get plastered!"

The old man and the dog started to flatter each other like this. It seemed both of them regretted not knowing each other earlier and had forgotten the unpleasantness just now. They even started to call each other brothers!

The onlookers were so embarrassed that they almost wanted to spit blood.

They had never seen a shameless man and a brazen dog like them!

That's why he is Duan Jiude!

Buttface could be his competitor!

Together with Xu Que, who is so good at scamming, this combination of two men and one dog could be invincible!

"Damn! The World of Cultivators will face an imminent disaster!" someone said anxiously.

"Xu Que, Duan Jiude, and a dog . . . we can address them as the combination Que, De, and Dog!"

"They are the three scums of the World of Cultivators! No, they are the three scourges!"


At this moment, along with a crisp frying sound, Xu Que flipped over the drumstick. The sweet smell became more intense instantly, which lightened the hearts and refresh the minds of everyone in the area!

Many people couldn't help but swallow. Their cultivations were even getting agitated because of the sweet smell!

"What the hell is that meat? Why is it so delectable?"

"I feel my True Core Strength circulating rapidly just smelling it! I bet I could have a breakthrough in my cultivation by eating that meat!"

"Wait! I also have this feeling!"

The onlookers started to mutter their surprise.

Compared to the shamelessness of Duan Jiude and Buttface, Xu Que's cooking skill was more amazing for the onlookers!

"I remember this guy cooked a food called 'smelly tofu' during the Stone-Cutting Convention. That Smelly Tofu could really enhance user's Soul Strength!"

"Could this drumstick also strengthen cultivation?"

"It's horrible! How could such a miraculous item exist in this world?"

"Right!? It's normal to realize those effects with pills and elixirs, but how could he realize those effects with some foods?"

The more they muttered, the more fearful they became. They got a vague feeling that Xu Que's cooking skill would surpass all ancient skills and amaze his contemporaries!

Even though he'd destroyed his cultivation and had become an ordinary person, the big families and sects would still make up to him because of his extraordinary cooking skill, which could even be more powerful than the magic arts of the Nine-Star Pill Refiners!

"Oh, it is almost done!" Xu Que, who was focusing on grilling the drumstick, smiled.

He took out bread and cut it open down the middle before heating it in the iron pan. Then, he inserted the drumstick into the bread together with a lettuce leaf, cheese, and salad.

Along with the addition of various ingredients, a New Orleans Grilled Drumstick Burger with the perfect color, smell and taste combination appeared in his hand! Plumes of white smoke made the entire burger so picturesque, which was more attractive than any of the propaganda posters on Earth!

"Little brat, I would like to be the first one to nibble it!" Buttface's eyes lit up and he was about to grab the burger with his paw.

"Wait! This rough work should be left to me!" Duan Jiude also rapidly tried to seize the burger.

However, no matter how fast they were, Xu Que managed to put the burger back into the System Package thanks to his early preparation!

"Young man, you can't do that! You should respect the old and love the young!" Duan Jiude said impatiently. The thing he couldn't stand the most was not eating something in front of him!

Xu Que calmly said, "You can have it as long as you turn in the two Genesis Herbs!"