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541 I Think I“m Dying

Chapter 541: I Think I'm Dying
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Everyone at present was shocked.

What the f*ck! I thought he would fight against them fair and square. I never thought he would say things like that…

"I knew this would happen!"

Many guards and Generals forced out smiles.

You guys have no idea what kind of person General Zhuge really is. He built a Wanda Plaza and made a huge fortune from the rich with those ridiculous membership cards. You want him to have a fight fair and square? Don't be ridiculous!

"Zhuge Liang! You…!"

Two of the old men from the Gong Family were so angry that they began to tremble.

They had never been treated like this before. Wherever they went, people always showed respect to them. While on Five Element Mountain, which they considered a sh*thole, they had been bullied.

"There's no need to be so angry. You two will meet your dearest Third Master soon. Promise me you guys will live happily ever after!" Xu Que smiled and walked towards them while holding his Dark Heavy Buster Sword.

Hearing this, the two old men's faces grew extremely dark, as if they were going to explode.

"I will kill you!" the two old men shouted together, and the next minute, a huge amount of True Core Strength spurted out from their palms violently. The strength, as bright and round as a moon, slowly rose up.


The void around them caved in…

"Sh*t! You cornered us! Using this magic inscription will shorten our lifespan! If it weren't for the seal here, we would have definitely killed you!" one of the old men shouted, and blood oozed out around his mouth. It was the same for the other old man, whose face was becoming extremely pale.

The two old men made pushing movements, and the void around them immediately moved like a wave.


Xu Que was a bit shocked and his scalp felt numb. The last time he had felt like this was when he was fighting against the Geoduck.

The entire void was shrouded in a terrifying atmosphere. Xu Que didn't dare to move an inch, since he was afraid he might put himself in danger!

Could this be a magic inscription of the Star Rank? I presume it is much more powerful than the Buddha's Fiery Lotus.

System! Copy this magic inscription with 'Phaseless Magic!'

"Ding! The rank of Phaseless Magic is too low to copy this magic inscription!" the System replied.

"I knew it! It's a magic inscription of the Star Rank!"

Phaseless Magic could only be used to copy a certain magic inscription at the Celestial Rank or lower.

Compared to the Sea Tribe, human cultivators were weaker in terms of body toughness, while in regards to practicing magic inscriptions, human cultivators were much more powerful.

The seal here in the Five Element Mountain could greatly restrict a cultivator's ability to practice the magic inscription, which was why the old men of the Gong Family thought it was totally unfair.

"Luckily, I am not stupid enough to declare a war with them outside the Five Element Mountain, otherwise, I would have been badly injured."

If it weren't for the help of his Killer Sword and Killer Book and the restriction of the seal, he could beat people in the fifth or sixth level of the Infant Transformation Stage at most.

This time, he had been confronted by four old men in the sixth level of the Infant Transformation Stage and a young man in the fourth level of the Infant Transformation Stage.

In fact, if the seal hadn't existed at all, Xu Que would have instantly run away using a Divine Tracking Emblem.

Everyone present was extremely terrified, as were the guards of the Original Infant Stage, or Golden Core Stage. One was so afraid that he even knelt down.

Zi Xuan's face was extremely pale. If it weren't for the protection given by the guard who stood next to her, she would have already fainted.

"F*ck! If I really make the Water Empress my girlfriend, then Zi Xuan will be my relative! You two old buzzards, how dare you frighten her!"

Xu Que was annoyed and the True Core Strength inside his body was activated.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A huge amount of True Core Strength was raging inside his body and quickly moving around his veins.

"Genuine·Six Corporeal Forms!"


Something exploded in the air. Suddenly, an enormous shadow appeared and blocked the light.

"Genuine·Flame Devouring Wave!"

Thousands of Form shadows aimed at the two old men and fell upon them.

In the past, Xu Que ever tried to combine two magic inscriptions, and it reached to a pretty good result, but this was the first time he had combined Genuine·Flame Devouring Wave with Genuine·Six Corporeal Forms.

"Burn in hell!" Xu Que shouted.


All of a sudden, a magnificent air current exploded in the void.

The energy of Xu Que's magic inscription and those of the two old men bumped into each other, creating an extremely powerful energy.

The ferocious air current hit both Xu Que and the two old men. All of them were thrown into the air.

Xu Que, covered in blood, fell onto the ground so hard that the earth cracked, while the two old men turned to ashes in the explosion wave and vanished.

Seeing this, no one made any sound.

So this is General Zhuge's real strength? And is every cultivator overseas this powerful?

"Xu Que!" Zi Xuan yelled and dashed towards Xu Que.

"System! Heal me!"

Although Xu Que was badly injured, he was still sane.

His body was covered with numerous wounds, big and small, and he looked rather scary.

Zi Xuan was shocked by what she saw. Her face went pale immediately. She covered her mouth, her eyes watering.

"Zi Xuan, I think I'm dying. But before I die, I hope… hope you can help make my last wish come true."

Zi Xuan was crying like a child. She knew she disliked Xu Que, since it was him who had caused the death of the Flaming Sun Princess. In fact, she also knew that Xu Que hadn't meant to kill Flaming Sun. He had even wanted to let her go, and it was the Flaming Sun Princess herself who jumped into the burning fire and killed herself.

"No! No! No! You won't die! You can't die! What's your last wish, tell me! I'll do everything I can to make it come true." Zi Xuan shook her head and hold Xu Que's hands tightly.


"Of course! Tell me, what is your last wish?"

"I hope the world can be a peaceful one."