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500 Do You Want Seafood?

Chapter 500: Do You Want Seafood?
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The Imperial Guards were driving the 10 carriages full of Mysterious Clan members towards the Imperial City Palace.

Among the Imperial Guards were two fair-skinned young men who were located at the front of the caravan. They were communicating by delivering messages through their horses with their Soul Strength.

"What a surprise! Who knew we would come across people of the Nine Tailed Tribe here? People of this tribe are a bit more difficult to handle than most," the first young man said.

"What are you talking about? Those Nine Tailed Demon Foxes are quite weak. Besides, this place is too remote. They couldn't possibly have any relation to the Nine Tailed Demon Foxes living in our land!" the other young man said.

"You're right! How would any member of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox Tribe located in our land come over here? Did you notice that white fox? It's the white ones that have the purest bloodlines. She must be the Holy Virgin of her tribe!"

"Hehe, I don't know whether you've noticed, but the two foxes right behind us are very beautiful!"

"Of course I have. This is a lucky break for us!"

"Even if they aren't related to the tribe in our land, at least they are authentic Nine Tailed Demon Foxes. Hehe, I never expected that I would get the chance to have an intimate relationship with a woman from the Nine Tailed Demon Fox Tribe!"

"Don't get too excited. There's a dog back there that seems oddly familiar. I think I've seen that dog before!" said the first young man.

"I noticed that dog, too. It looks like one of the Nine Dragon Drawings that have been passed down in our tribe. But it seems unlikely that this dog would actually be related to any of the pictures," said the other man.

"Right. But now that you mention it, I remember that one of the creatures depicted in one of the Nine Dragons Drawings is called a wolf, which looks a lot like a dog!"

"Who cares! That wolf in the Nine Dragons Drawing died long ago. Now, let's discuss which one of the Nine Tailed Demon Foxes we want!"

"I want the white fox!"

"Haha, that suits me just fine. The little red fox is mine!"

As these two young men were delivering messages to each other, anyone who was observing them closely would have noticed obscene smiles appearing on their faces from time to time. These two men were already treating Su Ling'er and Su Xiao Qi as their booty.

Suddenly, a shout came from inside the first carriage.

"Stop! Stop!" Buttface shouted. Exasperated, he opened the blinds of the carriage.

All of the carriages came to a stop. Everyone was confused.

Buttface jumped off the carriage defiantly and shouted at Xu Que.

"Little brat, if you are not a coward, let's make a bet. I will find them!"

"OK! Let's bet! But of course, I'm going to win because you are just a paranoid dog! You know that it's impossible for the Sea Tribe to have come here. But if you're fine with losing, then fine. What do you want to bet?"

Xu Que's taunting made Buttface angry, which made him want to win even more. This is exactly what Xu Que wanted.

Xu Que believed that Butfface was telling the truth when he said that he picked up the Sea Tribe's scent. He wondered if the Jiang Family had sent these guys overseas to pursue him. Regardless, he wanted to test how strong these guys were. Therefore, Xu Que was deliberately causing a scene so that he could lure the people of the Sea Tribe out to battle him.

Xu Que also planned to use this opportunity to stop Buttface from acting dumb and force him to display his real strength. After all, Buttface couldn't be killed in combat. Xu Que couldn't allow Buttface's talent as a meat shield to go to waste.

"I bet you 10 pots…no, 100 pots of Smelly Tofu!" Buttface shouted, counting on his paws.

"Sure, no problem. Now you go and find them," Xu Que said with a smile.

As Buttface began to walk off to search for the Sea Tribe members, Xu Que used his Soul Strength to check the surrounding area, but he couldn't sense anything unusual.

Xu Que figured that these members of the Sea Tribe might be expert cultivators who were able to block his Soul Strength. He became more cautious as he prepared himself for the possibility of these people being formidable powerhouses at the Form Synthesis Stage.

The last time he faced an opponent from overseas, he fought against an old man who was sent by the Jiang Family to kill him using Lightning Attracting Bees. However, instead of killing him, the Lightning Attracting Bees helped him grow stronger.

Xu Que hadn't asked the Water Empress about why the Jiang Family wanted him dead and the Water Empress had never brought it up. After he had survived the Heavenly Trial, she told Xu Que to go overseas. She also told him that she would meet him there later to help him on his quest. This was his chance to test how powerful people from the overseas area really were.

However, Buttface had only taken a few steps forward to investigate when two young men dressed like the Imperial Guards suddenly attacked.


Dozens of water columns appeared, shooting through several of the Imperial Guard's bodies with majestic power. These Imperial Guards, who were in the Original Infant stage, had no time to react. Clear water gushed from their mouths, noses and ears. The water columns then knocked them to the ground, killing them on the spot.

There were so many water columns that almost the entire street was blocked off by the attack. Cultivators and common folk nearby were also caught up in the attack and were killed by the penetration of the water columns before they could even attempt to escape.

The attack was launched so abruptly that it was over before Xu Que could even blink.

After a short silence, the area burst into chaos. Passers-by who had witnessed the attack began to run for their lives.

The two young men landed on the ground elegantly and stood in front of the carriages with cold smiles.

"Look, little brat, it's them! Now bring me 1,000 pots of Smelly Tofu!" Buttface shouted excitedly, hoping that Xu Que wouldn't notice how much he raised the quantity of tofu.

Xu Que just ignored Buttface. He stared at the two young men with furrowed eyebrows.

"Be careful! Their magic arts are quite strange!" Su Ling'er said solemnly.

Xue Que gave a slight nod. The water columns that the two men created were normal enough. What was strange was the fact that these columns could instantly kill people. Looking at the dead bodies, he noticed that the bodies were now completely dry. It was almost as if the water columns had pumped out all of the water inside their bodies.

"Hey, monkey, get out of our way and surrender the two foxes. If you cooperate, we'll consider sparing your life and making you our servant," one of the young men said, smiling coldly.

Xu Que was quite confused.

Haven't these people…come for me? When did Su Ling'er and Su Xiao Qi offend the Sea Tribe? How did they become these guy's targets?

"I don't know these guys!" Su Ling'er said, looking at Xu Que with furrowed eyebrows and shaking her head. She was also confused about why people of the Sea Tribe wanted to capture them.

"It's OK. I'll handle them!" Xu Que said, consoling Su Ling'er with a faint smile.

These two people ought to be killed, no matter who their target was. Xu Que stepped forward, preparing to attack them alongside Buttface.

"Buttface," Xu Que said. "You have a score to settle with the Sea Tribe, right? How about… what? Where's Buttface?"

Hardly had he begun speaking when he found that Buttface had disappeared!

"He has already escaped!" Su Xiao Qi said, pointing at a place far away.

D*mn! What a coward dog!

Xu Que's mouth twitched and his eyebrows were raised in embarrassment.

"Hey, monkey, can't you understand our words? Even the dog has gotten out of our way. Why are you still here?" a young man of the Sea Tribe scolded impatiently.

Xu Que smiled and looked at Su Ling'er.

"Ling'er, are you allergic to the seafood? How about eating seafood tonight?"