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428 You Have Got More People On Your Side

Chapter 428: You Have Got More People On Your Side
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In a split second, the throats of all the men were cut. Blood spurted out as their lifeless bodies fell to the ground.

Everyone at present was stunned. No one made any sound.

No one saw had seen where the sword had come from, and they could not believe that Xu Que had dared kill people in the street in broad daylight. And even worse, he had killed Young Twelve's servants.

On the second floor of the restaurant, the youths were all silent and shocked.

"He... he killed... people!" a young woman said while her body trembled.

"Killing a person in the Imperial City is a capital crime!"

"He must be mad!"

They could not believe their eyes. After all, no one had ever killed anyone before under the rule of the Water Empress.

Young Twelve, however, smiled and got very excited.

He laughed. "It's getting more interesting! He's killed people, so I can too!"

"What?!" the young people were confused.

"Young Twelve, you're joking, right? What if the Water Empress comes back?"

"There is no need to be afraid. He has already committed a capital crime. Even if the Water Empress comes back, I can just say that I killed to protect the civilians, then she will have no choice but to reward me!" Young Twelve sneered.

"Haha! Our Young Twelve is really smart!"

"But that young man is in the Infant Transformation Stage, I don't think we can beat him!" a young man said.

Young Twelve said, "Take my token with you and bring a thousand soldiers here. Tell them to catch that young man who has just committed a capital crime."


A young man took the token and hurriedly got off the restaurant.

Everyone was staring at Xu Que. Their eyes were full of fear and surprise.

Xu Que casually took back his sword as if nothing had happened.

He glanced at the corpses on the ground and said, "I have told you already that I am not in a good mood today. I finally had the chance to take a break today. Do you know killed a whole lot of people just two days ago? Did you really think I would be Mr Soft?"

Hearing this, the people at present were almost frightened to death.

He killed many people just two days ago? And he finally took a break from it? Does that mean he is a professional killer or someone who kills people everyday or something? No wonder he is acting so calm…

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Xu Que said and looked at them.

Does he want us to be his witnesses? I cannot possibly do this, I do not want to offend Young Twelve!

Thinking of this, many people tried to leave..

Xu Que suddenly took out a wood plate. There were a few words on it, which read 'buying various kinds of magic inscriptions for a high price'. He shouted, "Do not miss this great opportunity. I would love to buy magic inscriptions for a high price. Anyone who is interested, come to me!"

What?! What's wrong with him? Seriously, you just killed people, don't you want to run away? Instead, you are staying here and trying to do business? You are really very bold…

After a long while, no one came forward. This made Xu Que feel a bit upset.

"Should I go and loot a rich family or steal things from a treasure vault?" Xu Que murmured.

Right at that moment, the soldiers arrived.

"Get out of the way! Young Twelve's forces are here to catch the man who just killed people," shouted a young man leading the soldiers.

As soon as the people heard the name 'Young Twelve', they all backed away.

A few young men and women appeared. Behind them were a thousand strong soldiers who were all carrying broadswords on their backs.

"These are the finest soldiers of the third Duke!"

"Crickey! This young man is doomed!"

"He has killed people! He is guilty!"

Young Twelve, together with his young friends, walked towards Xu Que and stopped in front of him.

Young Twelve looked at Xu Que and smiled.

A young man said, "How dare you kill people in broad daylight?"

"It's none of your business!" Xu Que replied.

A soldier looked at the corpses on the ground, then he looked at Xu Que and said, "We are the soldiers of the third Duke. You have committed a crime, so please follow us to the Duke's residences."

"Who said I killed them? Do you have any proof?" Xu Que said.

Everyone was surprised by his words.

"Anyone who saw it please come forward. I will not hold a grudge against you as long as you do not slander me!" Xu Que shouted, holding his sharp sword in his hand.

You have taken out your sword, yet you're saying you won't hold a grudge?

The people around him did not want to get into trouble. They did not say a word.

The soldiers had no idea what to do and all looked at Young Twelve.

Young Twelve smiled. "I did!"

"Oh! Really?" Xu Que smiled back. "Fine. I did kill them. So what?"

"Well, you have committed a capital crime. You had better come with us!" Young Twelve sneered and ordered the soldiers to catch him.

"You have got more people on your side, this is really unfair!" Xu Que cursed.

"To be honest, I sent those odious men out to make trouble for you. You have killed them and broken the law. We have plenty of people, you cannot get out from this!"

"Oh, I have got more people than you think!" Xu Que was amazed.

I was just thinking of ways to get enough magic inscriptions, and now you are going to take me to your residence. Haha!

Xu Que took out a Message Delivering Paper and shouted, "Soldiers of Snow City, come to the third Duke's residence. We are going to loot their house!"