Ultimate Scheming System
393 Victory
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Ultimate Scheming System
Author :Lord Of The Common People
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393 Victory

Chapter 393: Victory
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"I will kill one hundred thousand of you guys!"

Xu Que's voice echoed through the huge battlefield, like the peals of an enormous bell.

Everyone, including all the soldiers of the Ice Troops, were silent and in complete shock.

They were stunned by what Xu Que had done just now, and felt that it would be impossible for them to defeat him. Becoming desperate, they gradually gave up on fighting.

On the other side, the soldiers of Snow City were cheered up by Xu Que's feats. Their eyes glittered with excitement and they were raring to fight.

"Yes, let's kill one hundred thousand of them!"

"Xu Que, you are my hero!"

"Kill them!"

"Kill them!"

"Kill them!"

"Let's kill one hundred thousand of them!"

Countless soldiers of Snow City began to chant in unison. Their voice were so loud that everyone around them could hear—including the Ice Troops. Hearing their words, most of the Ice Troops were terrified and began to back away!

Even the leader of the Ice Troops was shocked. He had never imagined that the soldiers he had trained himself would be defeated by the exhausted, weakened soldiers of Snow City.

He looked at Xu Que, tumultuous feelings churning in his chest.

In fact, if it had not been for Xu Que, he would have already won this battle. But now everything had changed. He had never dreamed that such a turn of events would occur!

Now it would be impossible for him to change this situation!

Situ Hai Tang could not believe what she had seen. Her beautiful eyes were wide open in surprise.

Throughout the years, she had participated in many battles, but she had never before thought that her own peers could be as powerful and energised as they were now.

It was all because of the one sentence that Xu Que had uttered!

Let's kill one hundred thousand of them!

Actually, not everyone could accomplish this. The problem was that the Ice Troops numbered at less than one hundred thousand!

Earlier, the Ice Troops' numbers had exceeded ten thousand, but now, only around seven thousand soldiers were still alive…

Obviously, Xu Que knew this, and he was very happy with the reaction from the soldiers of Snow City. He took a big stride forward and shouted to the soldiers of the Ice Troops, "Less than one hundred thousand? You guys suck!"

At the same time, every soldier of the Snow City shouted all together: "You suck!"

"You suck!"

"You suck!"

The Ice Troops were completely stunned. They had always been marvelous and invincible, but now they were being mocked. Of course they would be stunned.

Having realized how powerful Xu Que was, they did not even dream of fighting back.

There was only less than seven thousand soldiers left in the Ice Troops, and Xu Que's Sword Knack could easily kill thousands of people in one hit.


A soldier of the Ice Troops had grown so afraid and desperate that he had dropped his weapon on the ground and run away!

Seeing this, all the other soldiers' thoughts of running away intensified.

The leader shouted, "How dare you! You coward!"

He dashed toward the deserting soldier and cut him into halves with his long spear. The soldier's blood sprayed onto the snow, turning it scarlet.

"Anyone who dare to run away shall be killed immediately!" the leader shouted from atop his horse.

He knew that under such a situation, there was still a small hope that he could win if he managed to lift the morale of his soldiers.

Right at this moment, Xu Que walked forward and shouted, "Anyone who dares to run away will not be killed!"

Hearing this, the leader became so angry that he almost coughed up blood. He stared furiously at Xu Que.

What the hell are you doing?!

Xu Que continued to speak. "You can join us. I promise I will not kill you if you join us. Besides, anyone who behaves himself will be well-treated, we even provide social security! So seize this opportunity and join us!"

Everyone at present was shocked by his words.

Captives would be well-treated? Was it really possible?

Hearing this, Situ Hai Tang said, "Hero, they are all traitors, we shall kill them all!"

"I know. You really are single-minded, I'm just lying. Once we manage to make them believe us, we shall kill them all after they join us," Xu Que said.

Some soldiers of the Ice Troops heard Xu Que's words and were speechless.

What the f*ck?! He is mad!

Both Situ Hai Tang and the soldiers of the Snow City were surprised by these words.

If we do that, even if we win, we will be despised by others!

"Seriously?" Xu Que scoffed. "Don't give me these funny looks. Have you ever heard of the Tactic of Sowing Discord? When I said that captives would not be killed, some of them will definitely doubt it. They will then argue with each other and even fight with each other. See? We don't even need to kill them ourselves! Well, since you guys think this might be a bit dishonourable, we can just drop this topic now!"

The Tactic of Sowing Discord?

Well, it sounded rather cruel, but it was still better than telling a lie first and killing the captives later.

"You are such a despicable person! Who are you? Why did you get involved with the Water Nation?" the leader of the Ice Troops asked angrily.

Xu Que smiled and took out a feather fan. "My name is Zhuge Liang. You can also call me Kong Ming or Wo Long!"

"Zhuge Liang?"

Clearly, no one had ever had this name before.

But how could it be possible that no one had ever heard this name? He was such a powerful man…

Xu Que realized that he had gotten enough Acting Tough Points, so there was no need for him to reason with them anymore. He then shouted, "Come, then! Come, all of you!"

He waved his feather fan heavily, and in the blink of an eye, his pair of Black Flamed Wings appeared again on his back. The eight-star sword in his hand began to shine as well.

He dashed into the lines of the Ice Troops, looking valiant and powerful!

Countless soldiers fell onto the ground one by one, their blood flowing together to form a river.

The leader of the Ice Troops was so angry that his eyes seemed as if they were going to explode. He kicked his horse and dashed toward Xu Que, shouting, "Kill him!"

But it was all too late. The Ice Troops had almost been completely destroyed by Xu Que. Everyone was shouting and running away.

Seeing this, Situ Hai Tang shouted, "Listen, everyone, let's do our bit to help hero Zhuge!"

"Kill them all!"

The soldiers of Snow City shouted as one, and formed an ordered line.

What a bloody fight!
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