Ultimate Scheming System
392 More People Were Killed
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Ultimate Scheming System
Author :Lord Of The Common People
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392 More People Were Killed

Chapter 392: More People Were Killed
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At that moment, the Ice Troops in the near distance realized that there was something wrong with Xu Que.

"What is wrong with him?"

"It seems that he has been trapped or something!"

"Yes, he has been trapped by the light emitting from that sword! It feels like the light has got some mysterious power."

"I see, a sword of eight-star level is indeed powerful."

"He is too full of himself and thought that he could control that sword… now he is going to be devoured by it."

"Hurry! This is a good opportunity for us to kill him!"

The leader of the Ice Troops waved his hands and ordered the troops to attack Xu Que.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of soldiers assembled themselves into smaller groups and began to rush at Xu Que from all directions.


Situ Hai Tang and many of the soldiers from Snow City were shocked. Since seeing that Xu Que had been trapped, they knew they had to help him as he had helped them before.

"Everyone, listen now! I need all of you to do anything you can to protect that young man!" Situ Hai Tang shouted and dashed forward, trying to stop the Ice Troops.

Meanwhile, all the other soldiers of Snow City quickly gathered together to encircle Xu Que.

"Hey, man, do not fret. I am going to get you some helpers!" Buttface said, blinking his eyes. Then he immediately ran away.

The whites of Xu Que's eyes showed. He decided that he would teach him a lesson when he saw him again.

Currently, Xu Que could not move at all. The system asked him if he wanted to reclaim control over his own body again, on the condition that he would lose 1000 Acting Tough Points and stop the process of receiving the Immortal Emperor's sword art, named Sword Knack.

Hearing this, Xu Que refused.

Are you kidding me?! Lose 1000 Acting Tough Points and stop the process of receiving Sword Knack?! I am not an idiot!

He closed his eyes and continued the process of receiving Sword Knack. Numerous Inscriptions were pouring into his mind. The process was almost done, and it was now impossible for him to stop it!

Right at this moment, the two sides began to fight again!

With the help of the Mysterious Ice Pearl, the Ice Troops' defensive power was strengthened. They soon managed to kill many soldiers of Snow City.

They had also divided themselves into more than ten small groups, which made it more difficult for the soldiers of the Snow City to defend themselves.

Suddenly, a few soldiers of the Ice Troops discreetly broke the other side's defense. They held ice cubes in their hands and attacked Xu Que.

"Be careful!" Situ Hai Tang shouted, seeing this.

However, she herself was trapped by hundreds of soldiers of the Ice Troops, so she could not help Xu Que.

At that moment, Xu Que's eyes were still closed and he was not moving at all.

Some soldiers from Snow City noticed the advancing soldiers of the Ice Troops, but it was already too late.

The old man in white who had remained on the city wall dashed forward, trying to save Xu Que. Unfortunately, he could not run as fast as the soldiers of the Ice Troops.

After all, it was snowing everywhere, and the soldiers of the Ice Troops were already accustomed to the climate.

"Go to hell!" the soldiers of the Ice Troops shouted in unison.

Earlier, Xu Que had killed over three thousand soldiers of the Ice Troops. Now they finally had the opportunity to get revenge!

In the blink of an eye, the Qi in the air morphed into ice swords, which flew towards Xu Que.

"Hero, be careful!" all the soldiers of the Snow City Troops shouted.

Situ Hai Tang's face became gloomy.

The old man in white's whole body trembled. He looked as if he was in great pain, and his eyes seemed like they were going to burst!

Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Ice Troops were all laughing…

Right at this moment, Xu Que began radiating a magnificent energy. The energy became an invisible air wave.


Thousands of sharp ice swords were shattered by the air wave, their shards falling onto the ground.

"I am so sorry that your ice swords are all broken." Xu Que opened his eyes and stared at the shocked soldiers.

Then he began to sneer!

Xu Que could freely move his body now, and the point between his two eyebrows was glowing.

The process of receiving Sword Knack was over!

The Nine Grids Sword Art of Celestial Thunder had finished inscribing itself in his mind.


Seeing this, the soldiers of the Ice Troops stopped laughing and became terrified.

A piercing sound rent the air!

The sharp sword in Xu Que's hand quickly flew from his grasp.

In the blink of an eye, the whole world fell still and silent, as if into a deep sleep. Even the wind stopped blowing.

Suddenly, a crisp sound was heard.

Xu Que's eyes were shining with golden light. He took one step forward before vanishing completely—leaving the soldiers of the Ice Troops in a daze.

In a moment, countless rays of light began to gather and twirl around the soldiers. Soon, they all fell heavily down to the ground.

Gradually, bloody marks began to appear on their necks. Eventually, they all died.

The whole battlefield became silent.

Everyone was shocked by this scene and stopped fighting. They were all stupefied and looked at Xu Que.

"What happened just now?"

"What is the mysterious power of Sword Knack that he used just now? It is so fast!"

"I could not even detect his trace!"

"This young man is really powerful! Are you sure he is only in the Original Infant Stage?"

"He has not only mastered the powerful Sword Knack, but has also exhibited such amazing and terrifying swordsmanship. What is his true identity?"

Everyone was stunned by Xu Que, including the soldiers of both the Ice Troops and the Snow City, Situ Hai Tang and the old man in white.

The leader of the Ice Troops blacked out from shock.

No one amongst the Five Nations should be able to use Sword Knack as Xu Que had. It was impossible for this sort of person to exist…

Xu Que shook his head and sighed. "More people have been killed again!"

Then he raised his head and looked at the soldiers of the Ice Troops. He raised his arms and pointed with his sword at the leader in the middle.

"Come! I will kill one hundred thousand of you guys!"
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