Ultimate Scheming System
391 The Immortal Emperor’s Sword Ar
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Ultimate Scheming System
Author :Lord Of The Common People
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391 The Immortal Emperor’s Sword Ar

Chapter 391: The Immortal Emperor’s Sword Art
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Looks like… this woman is worth picking up. Not only is she good looking with a nice figure, but she is also very strong. Definitely a good choice to consider making mine. She could train a huge army for the Exploding Heavens Faction!"

Xu Que muttered under his breath as he smirked to himself.

Ever since he had taken the exquisite armor sets from the Second Prince of the Metal Nation, he had been mulling over the idea of forming a private army for himself. Now that he had seen Situ Hai Tang, the idea popped up again.


Suddenly, Buttface's howling was heard.

"Hmm, that cheapskate dog is still alive?"

Xu Que was slightly stunned and turned around to look for him.

Earlier on, Buttface had thought he had been acting smart by trying to escape during the chaos. However, he had ended up getting hurt by the fiery lotus. He was smashed into a pile of snow and his butt caught fire.

After all, that fiery lotus had been created using three types of powerful rare flames. No matter how tough Buttface's body was, this time he had not been able to avoid getting hurt.

Buttface finally managed to get himself out of the snow. The fire on his body had extinguished.

When he turned to check his injuries, both man and dog was instantly shocked.

After the initial surprise, Xu Que suddenly burst into laughter.

"Hahahahaha, Buttface, you sure are f*cking trendy! You actually shaved off the fur on your butt? Are you trying to be a monkey by having a monkey butt?"

"Oww, d*mn! This deity is going to bite you!"

Buttface cussed, and dashed madly at Xu Que.

However, all was futile for Buttface.

Xu Que quickly chanted a spell and Buttface immediately fell to the ground, screaming frantically.


At this moment, not too far away from them, another deafening sound was heard.

Xu Que swiftly turned to look at what had happened and was astounded by what he saw.

The Ice Troops actually had a secret weapon! The general of the rebel forces had unveiled a magical weapon. It was an ice pearl that was as big as a fist!

The ice pearl emitted a chilly aura and a beautiful light that shone on the Ice Troops. That light seemed tough, and their defense was greatly improved.

Situ Hai Tang, who was leading the Snow City troops, looked uneasy at the sight of the ice pearl.

Obviously, the appearance of the ice pearl made her feel threatened!

"Haha, Situ Hai Tang, this is the Mysterious Ice Pearl bestowed upon us by the Ice Queen," cackled the general of the rebel forces. "It's a seven-star magical weapon. With extra help from the weather and our location, its power can be fully displayed. There is no way you can win."

The only thing that he was worried about now was Xu Que.

But after the tri-color fiery lotus, Xu Que had not tried to make any other moves. The rebel forces thought they saw hope, as they thought Xu Que must have run out of True Core Strength.

Even Situ Hai Tang thought so as well.

After all, Xu Que had executed his fearsome skill art twice and it was only expected that it would strain one's True Core Strength. Moreover, as Xu Que had stopped to listen to the system notifications and had stopped participating in the battle, it was no wonder that the others would misunderstand.

Hai Tang turned and looked at Xu Que. Her lips were moving slightly but she was communicating to Xu Que via Soul Strength. "Young warrior, you helped us out greatly earlier. I, Hai Tang, hereby offer my thanks to you. But this battle is going to be a tough fight. As you are not from the Water Nation, despite your talents, there is no need for you to tread in troubled waters. You… you should leave immediately!"

Xu Que could not help but laugh and shake his head when he heard that. "I'm someone who does not run away from a fight," Xu Que replied to Hai Tang. "In my life, there is no such thing as 'running away'."

Such brazen words left Situ Hai Tang slightly startled.

Clearly, such words had left a good impression in Situ Hai Tang. She liked to deal with courageous and righteous people. More importantly, Xu Que had shown that he was really strong, and that was enough to make Hai Tang treat him with special regard.

Nevertheless, she still felt that Xu Que should not be dragged into this.

After a brief silence, Situ Hai Tang communicated to Xu Que using Soul Strength again, wearing a grave expression. "Looks like I was right about you. Young warrior is indeed brave. But now that they have unveiled a seven-star magical weapon, I'm afraid that we will be unable to hold out for long. With young warrior's talent, you will surely be able to go far in cultivation. There's no need for you to die here with us."

"It's only a seven-star magical weapon. Don't be afraid!" Xu Que was smiling as he spoke.

When the general of the rebel forces had showed off the seven-star Mysterious Ice Pearl, Xu Que had rejoiced.

You have a f*cking seven-star magical weapon?

Well, I have an eight-star one with me!

Not only that, but there's a Sword Spirit residing within it!

Immediately, he removed his eight-star precious sword from his system inventory and gave the blade a light flick!


A crisp, metal tremolo instantly resounded throughout the area.

That caught everyone's attention. They turned around to look at Xu Que and their gazes fell on the sword that he was holding. In no time, their expressions froze.

"That's… that's…"

"An eight-star precious sword?"

"Heavens, how… how is this possible?"

"That guy is only at the Original Infant Stage. How did he get such a godly sword?"

"Who the hell is he?"

The rebel forces had just been feeling hopeful and had regained some morale. Now, they were scared stiff once more.

The general of the rebel forces nearly spat a mouthful of blood. He felt like breaking down in tears.

I just took out our last secret weapon, the seven-star Mysterious Ice Pearl. And you had to f*cking take out an eight-star precious sword? Godd*mn! You want all of us to die, right?

Situ Hai Tang wore an expression of consternation as she looked at Xu Que, unable to believe what happened.

Well… this was an eight-star magical weapon. If people caught wind of the whereabouts of such a treasure, numerous people would try to loot it. It could even spark a war between the nations.

Such a treasure had actually been taken out by young man at the Original Infant Stage! That really astonished everyone.

"F*ck! Boy, you snatched that sword from this deity," said Buttface with an angry glare.

However, nobody bothered with what Buttface had said. A dog owning an eight-star precious sword? No living thing would believe that, they thought.

Just then, Xu Que furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

After he had obtained the sword at the Sword Catacomb, he had not touched the sword again. He had not communicated with the Sword Spirit either. Upon taking it out now, there was no response from the Sword Spirit. It seemed as if the Sword Spirit had fallen into a deep slumber.

"You Hun? What are you doing? Hurry, come out and fight!" Xu Que called to the Sword Spirit, sending his Soul Strength into the sword.

But he did not get any response.

Now, Xu Que's eyebrows were even more closely knitted than before.

The Sword Spirit couldn't have escaped secretly, right? he thought.


Just then, he heard a soft sound in his head, followed by the voice of the Sword Spirit.

"I'm refining my soul. I can't come out now!"

"D*mn, if you don't come out," said Xu Que. "I can't act tough… I mean, I can't execute my sword art!"

If the Sword Spirit couldn't come out, how would he continue to act tough? How would he shock everyone beyond words?

"I can teach you a set of the Immortal Emperor's sword art," the Sword Spirit sounded emotionless as usual. "Even if you only learn a tiny bit, that will be enough to kill everyone here!"

Xu Que was stunned for a moment.

The Immortal Emperor's sword art?

Holy sh*t, the Sword Spirit can actually teach me sword arts?


Suddenly, before Xu Que could react, his body gave a shudder. It was as if he had been imprisoned by an invisible force. He stood frozen at the spot.

The next moment, the entire eight-star sword shone radiantly and seemed to illuminate the entire snowy land.

Rows and rows of ancient rune words flowed from the sword like a stream, twirling towards Xu Que's head and the spot between his eyebrows.

This is an inheritance, the real inheritance!

It is an ancient inheritance that contains Supreme Sword Will!

Xu Que's eyes went wide with disbelief.

The secrets to a sword art set had manifested in his mind. 'The Nine Grids Sword Art of Celestial Thunder'. It had once been used by the Immortal Emperor and was a high grade celestial sword art!

Each stroke of the sword art encompassed incomparable dominance and power. Each stroke was deeply profound.

Such a formidable sword art was actually being taught to him in such a manner. This was beyond his wildest imaginings.


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