Ultimate Scheming System
390 Counterattack!
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Ultimate Scheming System
Author :Lord Of The Common People
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390 Counterattack!

Chapter 390: Counterattack!
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Yu, yu, yu…"

The general quickly pulled the reins to restrain his horse. He dared not charge at Xu Que!

His face was full of horror.

A skill art that can fuse three types of fire. How horrifying will it be? he thought. What's the difference between suicide and charging at this young man?

"Disperse! Quick, all of you, scatter!"

Immediately, the general shouted his command to his troops. He turned around and galloped away as far as he could.


The Ice Troops dispersed in no time. Their original battle formation instantly disintegrated.

The troops rode away as fast as they could in all directions. Some of them were even controlling ice horses which flew them right up into the sky, wanting to get away from Xu Que quickly.

After all, Xu Que's skill art, Buddha's Fiery Lotus, had created some massive explosions that covered a large area. If the troops stayed together, the amount of casualties would be great.

However, the moment they dispersed in all directions, the eyes of Situ Hai Tang and the white-robed old man at Snow City lit up in delight.

"Here's our chance!"

"While they're in chaos, it's now a great opportunity for us to launch a counterattack!"

Situ Hai Tang raised the commander's seal high. "All Snow City troops, listen to my orders! Get in your positions and follow me. We will kill our way out of the city!"

"Yes!" The originally exhausted defending forces roared in unison. They felt energised by the new command.

At that moment, their morale had been rekindled. Their blood writhed.

Meanwhile, Xu Que had finished moulding the tri-color fiery lotus. With the help of the killer book to amplify its power, he threw the fiery lotus at the rebel forces.


The impact of the tri-color fiery lotus was even more earth-shattering than that of the earlier two-color lotus.

The flames covered almost half the battlefield. Fire swept through the area in an instant. A huge circle of fiery waves formed, sending layers of snow into the air.

The entire battlefield seemed like it was suddenly receiving a bout of heavy snow all of a sudden. Many ice-armored soldiers could not escape in time and were instantly burnt to ashes, scattered with the wind.

Buttface had crept away from the rebel forces but instead of running away from the lotus, he had unluckily run inside the explosive area. He was blasted onto the ground with his head dunked in a big pile of snow, screaming miserably.

A wisp of flame resting on the fur of his butt started to burn.

"Owwwww…." Buttface gave a tragic cry of desperation with his head still stuck inside the pile of snow.

However, the rebel forces were more scattered this time, at least compared to their formation during the previous attack. With the active restrictive enchantment in force, the power of the fiery lotus had been heavily suppressed.

No matter how great the power of the tri-color fiery lotus was, it was only effective when it exploded. Nevertheless, it had managed to take out over a thousand rebel soldiers!

The flames were quickly extinguished by the snow and did not continue to spread.

Such results however had scared the wits out of the remaining several thousand rebel forces.

They had been on the battlefield for many years but had never come across anything like that. A single stroke could wipe out thousands of men… how could they continue to fight a battle like this?

Members of the rebel forces continued to escape from the battlefield wildly, some leaving as fast as they could. Some of them dropped their armor, some had faces ashen with fear, and all were in a dishevelled state.

Before Xu Que's arrival, they had been a nigh victorious army of tens of thousands of soldiers. They had been known as 'The Invincible Ice Troops'. But upon Xu Que's appearance, they had suffered around 3,000 casualties in such a short period of time.

They felt that there was no need for them to continue fighting anymore.

"Why did this happen…?"

"Who exactly is this man? Since when did such a skill art exist in this world?"

"We're finished. We'll all die here today!"

"That guy is definitely not an Original Infant cultivator. With such power, only the Ice Queen could take him on…"

The Ice Troops had very low morale. They were terrified.


At this time, the originally closed city gates of the Snow City abruptly opened. A large group of soldiers with angry eyes rushed out wildly from the gates!


Situ Hai Tang was riding on the back of a water dragon. She looked like a heroic and valiant warrior.

She led her troops and charged at the scattered rebel forces for a counter-offensive!


Xu Que stood quietly in his position. His head was ringing with system notifications again.

Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for acting tough successfully. The reward is 380 Acting Tough Points!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for acting tough successfully. The reward is 420 Acting Tough Points!"


Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 Experience Points and a golden core!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 Experience Points and a golden core!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for killing an Original Infant Stage cultivator. The reward is 200,000 Experience Points!"


Xu Que had killed around 3,000 soldiers with the execution of the fiery lotus on two occasions. He had gained quite a number of points. He had around 31,000 Acting Tough Points now!

His Experience Points had also soared at a frightening speed to close to 30 million. Xu Que rose straight to Level 10 Original Infant Stage, maxing out the experience requirements. He even managed to save 18 million Experience Points in his experience pool.

Ding! "Congratulations to host for levelling up. Host is now at Level 10 of the Original Infant Stage!"

Ding! "As host has yet to go through the 59 Heavenly Tribulations, the excess Experience Points will be stored in the experience pool!"

Ding! "After calculation, the 59 Heavenly Tribulations will occur in 10 days time. The difficulty mode is: Hell mode. The host should get prepared as soon as possible!"

When he listened to the final system notification, Xu Que became extremely excited.

He had finally reached this moment. He was now only a step away from the Infant Transformation stage.

As long as he could survive the 59 Heavenly Tribulations in ten days' time, he would be able to get a complete transformation. And not only could he dominate the five nations, he could also destroy the five nations easily as well!

"Everyone, get into your formations, quick!"

Suddenly, an angry roar was heard far away from him.

It was the Level Two Infant Transformation Stage general of the rebel forces. He was riding on his ice horse and commanding the remaining thousands of troops to form a line of defence.

With the general's command, the originally flustered Ice Troops suddenly picked themselves up and swiftly formed a deadly defense formation.

Many Snow City troops dashed in wildly, but they were still much weaker than the now realigned Ice Troops in their formation.

Maybe it was the restrictive enchantment, coupled with the exhaustion of their True Core Strength; the weary troops of Snow City were not a match for the elite rebel forces even though they had high morale.

In no time, the Ice Troops regained the advantage in the battlefield.

Nevertheless, even though the Snow City troops were weak, they were not powerless.

Under the wise orders of Situ Hai Tang, they also formed a deadly attack formation. They surrounded the Ice Troops and launched ranged attacks at them. Both sides battled each other fiercely once more.

Xu Que was in awe of Situ Hai Tang's splendid tactics and performance.

"This woman is really incredible. If she were on Earth, she would be a tigress for sure. But in this Cultivation World, she is a born general!"

Xu Que muttered praises for the female general to himself.

Although he had dealt a heavy blow to the Ice Troops, they were still a trained elite army after all.

As for the troops of the Snow City, it was evident that they were made up of cultivators with different origins. However they were able to achieve a tie with the rebel forces under Situ Hai Tang's command.

This was enough to showcase the exceptional ability of Situ Hai Tang in terms of leading an army.
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