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389 A Unilateral Massacre

Chapter 389: A Unilateral Massacre
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An earth-shattering explosion resounded through the entire area.

The whole battlefield was shrouded in flames as the ground shook. Countless numbers of rebel soldiers had been completely engulfed in flames.

The power of the Buddha's Fiery Lotus was extremely terrifying even though it had been weakened.

Furthermore, Xu Que was carrying the killer book that had maxed out his power. That was equivalent to his skill being amplified by thirty of its original power. Even though it had been weakened, it had not been by too much, as the amplified skill would have already been exceedingly horrifying to begin with!

The two groups of troops that had gone after Xu Que had suffered heavy casualties. The soldiers had been swallowed by flames upon the explosion. The ice armor they had been wearing had instantly broken and evaporated into water vapor, along with their bodies.

The battlefield was filled with the horrendous screams and shrieks of the soldiers.

Thousands of lives had been taken out in the explosion even though their corpses were nowhere to be found, as they had either evaporated or been burnt to ashes.

When the flames died down, everyone could see that the area affected by the explosion had become completely bare.

The snow had evaporated into water and then into water vapor. The ground had become hot, red, and filled with molten rock and gravel.


The soldiers on the battlefield were appalled by the sight.

"How… is this possible?" the general shouted in exasperation.

He found it hard to believe as there was obviously a restrictive enchantment from the Snow Mountains. How in the world had a young man with a cultivation level of Level Nine Original Infant Stage execute such a frightening skill art?

Over at Snow City, Situ Hai Tang and the white-robed old man were extremely shocked. Their eyes were wide open as well.

They had originally thought that Xu Que's skill art, although powerful, would not be able to take out many enemy troops. They had thought that he was an Original Infant Stage cultivator after all, plus there was the restrictive enchantment that would weaken all other skill arts except the ice elemental ones.

However, he had taken out half of the two troops of elite rebel forces with one terrifying skill. That had really left an impact. Everyone felt this had to be a dream or a nightmare.

"This is scary. Who exactly is this young man? He has such frightening methods!"

The white-robed old man gave a gasp as he was severely shaken by the mighty prowess of Xu Que. "Even under the restrictive enchantment, the power of his skill art is still so formidable. If… if there had not been such an enchantment at play, perhaps this skill art would have even been able to take out an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator without any problem!"

"You're right! If there had been no restrictive enchantment, I wouldn't have been able to handle that!" Situ Hai Tang nodded her head. Her expression was serious and wary.

At her level of cultivation, she could clearly feel just how scary and alarming that fire skill art was!

"D*mn, boy, what's that skill? How come this deity has never seen it before?" exclaimed Buttface who was not too far away. He was running away from the rebel soldiers.


But Xu Que was also in shock as well.

"Why is this so?" He could not help but express his disappointment.

Everyone was slightly stunned by that.

Why is this so?

Does he mean that he did not know that skill art would have such tremendous power?

Maybe a master has helped him secretly?

In the next moment, Xu Que pointed at the rebel forces and said, "f*ck! Did you do something sneaky? Why has my Buddha's Fiery Lotus's power seemingly become so much smaller?"


Instantly, silence filled the whole area!

Such prowess! And it's considered small to you?

That skill took out over a thousand lives of elite soldiers. All of them died in a single explosion. And you are saying that the power is small?

All of a sudden, the rebel forces shuddered. Fear slowly crept into their hearts.

In their eyes, Xu Que was a demon, a monster.

Such power was beyond what they had known and learnt since childhood. Even as soldiers who had been in battles taking out the opposing forces, they felt fear in their hearts. The morale of the rebel forces instantly plummeted.

After all, Xu Que's skill art could not be classified as killing, but unilateral massacre!

If he could take out over a thousand lives in a single stroke, does that mean that the tens of thousands of troops here can be wiped out in less than ten strokes? they thought.

What the f*cking hell? How can one fight like this?


In fact, Xu Que was not boasting.

It was true that the explosion of his Buddha's Fiery Lotus had not met his expectations.

As the one who understood fully the power of the Buddha's Fiery Lotus, with the maxed out killer book the skill art should have been able to deal heavy damage to a Level Six Infant Transformation Stage cultivator.

Yet, it had only taken out a bit over a thousand men. Not only that, but the explosion had not spread out like it should have done, and the flames had gone out earlier than expected. How could this be?

Ding! "After checking, a strong restrictive enchantment has been discovered in this area. Host is around the boundary of the enchantment and is affected by it. The powers of all skill arts are reduced, except the ice elemental ones!"

A system notification rang in Xu Que's head.

Xu Que now understood why his fiery lotus had not performed up to mark.

D*mn, so there's actually a restrictive enchantment here. No wonder it performed not as well as expected, he thought. How regrettable!

"There are too many restrictive enchantments. It's so inconvenient!"

He shook his head in disappointment and displeasure. Immediately, two types of flames sprang out from his palm with a swish. They were burning brightly just as before.

The Ice Troops in the battlefield wore aggravated and fearful expressions when they saw that.

F*ck! Again?

Won't you run out of True Core Strength?

You just displayed such a powerful and scary skill art. You do not even need to rest a while, and you want to execute the same skill again?

In an instant, the originally high morale rebel forces suffered another blow. Their morale now fell to almost rock bottom as fear enveloped them.

But in the next moment, Xu Que paused, furrowed his eyebrows and looked hesitant.

Since the two-color fiery lotus had its power restricted, he thought, should I make a tri-color fiery lotus then? But will the tri-color fiery lotus cause an avalanche?


His hesitant manner was interpreted otherwise by the Ice Troops.

"He stopped?"

"He must have run out of True Core Strength!"

"It must be! Such a powerful skill art must have consumed a lot of true core strength."

"He must be recovering his true core strength. Don't give him a chance to do that, kill him quick, everyone!"

The nearby Ice Troops started to move. They felt that this was a great opportunity to kill Xu Que.

Even the general of the rebel forces thought so as well, as his eyes lit up in excitement.

He had been rather worried about Xu Que's skill art earlier, but now he also felt that it was a good time to get Xu Que.

"All soldiers! Follow this general to kill this man! Kill…"

The general roared a command then gave his ice horse a kick. Holding an ice spear, he galloped towards Xu Que aggressively.

The Ice Troops' morale was greatly boosted by the sight of the general going to take Xu Que out personally. They also roared words like 'kill' and dashed towards Xu Que.

"This is bad! Save that young man, quickly! With such strength, he might be our only hope for defending Snow City!" the white-robed old man suddenly shouted in anxiety.

Situ Hai Tang wore a serious and thoughtful expression. Suddenly, she clenched her long polearm. She wanted to dash out from the city to save Xu Que.


Just then, over at the battlefield, Xu Que waved his hand. He held his palm with the two types of flames inside close to his body.


Another type of flame appeared on his palm. It was a black flame that was ranked sixth amongst all the other types of rare flames… Eight Waste Destruction Flames!

When the third flame appeared, the other two other flames were intensified. The intensified burst of energy was felt by all those in the battlefield in an instant.

Immediately, Xu Que clenched his hand into a fist.


The three rare flames were instantly squeezed together. Xu Que squeezed his fist hard with the other hand over it, as if he was squeezing a ball. Both hands quickly worked on merging the flames into a fiery lotus.

"What… what is that?"

The white-robed old man and Situ Hai Tang watched in wonder.

Those who had witnessed the scene were staring hard at Xu Que, frozen on the spot.

So this guy did not run out of True Core Strength but was thinking of merging three types of rare flames!

D*mmit! How can this be?

The two-color fiery lotus from earlier was already so terrifying. Now he's making a tri-color fiery lotus. Isn't this going against the heavens?

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Kill …"

Meanwhile, the general of the Ice Troops, who was full of murderous intent, was riding out on his ice horse. He was leading a great number of troops to kill Xu Que.

But when he saw Xu Que squeeze the three types of flame together, his face suddenly went pale and aghast.

"Yuuu!" He immediately stopped his ice horse.