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388 I’d Be A Fool If I Didn’t Take Them!

Chapter 388: I’d Be A Fool If I Didn’t Take Them!
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On the ice-covered battlefield, numerous human cultivators were fighting in battle. Large numbers of Ice Troops were stationed before the city gates!

Amongst them, two large contingents of the ice-armored cultivators suddenly stopped attacking the city. They retreated to the rear instead, rushing towards Xu Que and Buttface.

The general of the Ice Troops had now witnessed the extraordinary prowess of Xu Que and Buttface. But as he needed to oversee the progress of the battle, he did not want to retreat to the rear to deal with Xu Que.

Instead, he chose to mobilize two large contingents of cultivators to kill him!

With these two contingents going after Xu Que, the situation was similar to the saying, 'using a lion to fight a rabbit', which meant that he was using a lot of strength to perform a small feat.

The general was a Level Two Infant Transformation Stage cultivator. Even with his strength, he would have no confidence in his own survival if he were to be surrounded and attacked by two large contingents of cultivators. Hence, he firmly believed that Xu Que and his dog would be finished off in no time.

Then, he could focus his energy on conquering Snow City and completely wiping out the supporters of the Water Empress.


"Oh no, that boy and his dog is in trouble!" exclaimed the white-robed old man. He furrowed his eyebrows as he monitored the battlefield from above the city gates.

The female general, Hai Tang, looked slightly dismayed as well. "I'm afraid we're unable to save them!" She shook her head. "These two groups of elite troops are too strong. Moreover, they have a large supply of medicine and energy-replenishing pills. They can perform at their peak and never feel tired, whereas our soldiers…"

The female general was unable to say another word when she thought of her soldiers. Her valiant figure suddenly seemed lonely and melancholic in the cold, snowy winds.

The white-robed old man knew very well what she had left unsaid.

The forces in the Snow City had been defending for seven continuous days; all their energy-replenishing pills and medicine had long been depleted.

In the absence of supplies, countless soldiers had been wounded and killed. More importantly, the soldiers were all feeling extremely worn out. The city could fall at any moment; how could they even contemplate sending a force out to save others?

Besides, in order to save Xu Que and Buttface, they would have to cut right through the opposing forces to the rear, which was an impossible task.

"Second Uncle, speaking frankly, when we decided that we would not surrender and would instead defend the city, I had already known that very soon my blood would be splattered on the walls of Snow City. That young man is only one step ahead of us! I, Situ Hai Tang, will join him later!" said the female general heroically. Her expression was determined and steadfast.

Clearly, she did not lose out to any other male general in terms of compassion.

The white-robed old man nodded in silence.


Meanwhile, these two groups of elite troops rushed towards Xu Que. It was like a huge crowd of people swarming towards him.

Xu Que, however, was surprisingly calm. He even wore a relaxed smile on his face.

Such a large-scale battle scene was not unfamiliar to him.

Back when he had been in Su Ling'er's tribe, he had seen line-ups of tens of thousands of demonic beasts charging at him. Why would he be afraid of a few thousand cultivators?

From Xu Que's point of view, the more enemies he had, the better it would be for him.

He had been at the stage of Level Nine Original Infant for a long time now. Previously he had always been focused on acting tough and had not bothered about levelling up. And during the Imperial Tombs Contest at Metal Nation, there hadn't been any opportunities to kill anyone to get Experience Points.

Now that the rebel forces of the Water Nation were before him, Xu Que saw a good chance to level up.

His eyes seemed especially excited as he looked at the dense amount of ice-armored troops charging at him. In his eyes, these were Experience Points in the forms of humans, just waiting to be harvested by him!

"Heheh, so many Experience Points are coming towards me, I'd be a fool if I didn't take them!"

Xu Que gave a laugh and pulled out his Killer Book from his system inventory, then slotted it into his robe at the chest.

Immediately, he raised both of his hands into the air, palms facing the sky.


Two different types of mystical fire appeared, one in his left palm and the other in his right.

His left palm contained the Molten Green Lotus Fire, while his right contained the Bone Freezing Fire. One was fiery hot while the other was freezing cold, and both flames were emitting an aura of bloodlust.

The next moment, Xu Que put his hands together and the two different flames joined together. His fingers moved rapidly and flicked swiftly in an attempt to merge the two mystical fires.


Suddenly, a powerful and violent energy radiated from Xu Que's hands. It swept across the entire battlefield!

"What… what is that?"

The two elite ice-armored forces, which contained more than a thousand people charging at Xu Que, suddenly paused. Each and every one of the ice-armored soldiers looked at Xu Que, astounded.

The general of the ice-armored troops standing in the distance was suddenly startled. He quickly turned around to look at Xu Que and his eyes went wide. His expression was alarmed.

"What is that? How can there be such an imposing and frightening flame?"

The general felt uneasy. Although Xu Que had not completed the formation of the Buddha's Fiery Lotus with his flames, just that burst of energy and aura was still enough for him to sense danger.

Over at Snow City, Situ Hai Tang and the white-robed old man was also shocked.

"That young man can actually fuse two flames of different characteristics together!" exclaimed Situ Hai Tang. "Such skill is simply unheard of!"

The old man marvelled at the sight as well. "He's really strong! At such a young age, he's already a Level Nine Original Infant cultivator, and can also execute such a powerful skill art. This is too unbelievable!"

"Unfortunately, the foot of the Snow Mountain is affected by the ancient restrictive enchantment of the holy ground. The power of all other skill arts except the ice elemental skill arts are greatly reduced! What this young man is trying to do might not work as well here!" Situ Hai Tang regained her composure and shook her head.

The Snow Mountain was the holy ground of the Water Nation. There was an ancient restrictive enchantment upon it that could restrict one's cultivation abilities. It would not matter if one was an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator or the higher Void Training Stage cultivator; the moment a cultivator stepped into the mountain, they would instantly be stripped of their cultivation abilities until they left the holy ground.

And as the Snow City was situated right at the foot of the Snow Mountain, it was more or less affected by the ancient restrictive enchantment, in such a way that the power of other skill arts was significantly reduced. Only the ice elemental skill arts were not affected, and were in fact strengthened.

This was one of the reasons why the attacks of the Ice Troops could be so strong and ferocious.

Despite the imposing energy surrounding the fire elemental skill art that Xu Que was using, Situ Hai Tang felt that the power of that skill would not manifest itself to be as great. At best, maybe it could deal somewhat heavy damage to some of the Ice Troops.

Apparently, the general of the Ice Troops thought of the same as well, after recovering from his initial shock. "Why have all of you stopped?" roared the general. "We have the advantage of the weather as well as the location. There is no need to fear the fire elemental skill arts! Go attack! Kill them fast!"

"Yes!" The two groups of elite Ice Troops yelled their reply with enthusiasm; their shouts were loud and reverberated around the area.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground shook with the marching of the two groups of several thousand soldiers. The loud sounds were muffled, neat and pounding clearly in everyone's hearts, be they friend or foe.

However, Xu Que's fingers were still swiftly working on the two flames. He totally ignored the approaching army of cultivators.


Suddenly, Xu Que stopped moving his fingers. He slowly stretched out all ten of his digits, revealing a fearful lotus of fire in his palm. The lotus was slowly rotating and glowing radiantly!

"Sorry to have kept all of you waiting!"

Xu Que lifted his head and looked at the approaching Ice Troops. The corners of his lips raised. The fire lotus within his palm was still floating and rotating.

"Do all of you know what art is? Art… is an explosion!"

The moment he finished speaking, the fearful lotus of fire instantly soared through the air, flying directly towards the Ice Troops.

Then instantly, under the alarmed gazes of the crowd, the fire lotus slowly bloomed before them…