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371 Do Not Discriminate Against The Puppets

Chapter 371: Do Not Discriminate Against The Puppets
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The Arc Reactor in the center of Xu Que's chest suddenly glowed with blazing bright light!

A surge of energy suddenly filled his entire body!

This was a system-modified version of Iron Man. It was apparently different to the original version of Iron Man; this was a more high-tech and advanced version!

Everyone was taken aback by the sudden energy surge. They could not react, their mouths simply hung agape at what was happening before them…

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

A series of mechanical sounds rang in everyone's ears. The metallic suit Xu Que was wearing changed rapidly as if vines were creeping across the whole suit from the Arc Reactor. The size of the suit also grew significantly bigger.

In just a few seconds, the Iron Man suit had transformed into an enlarged version… the Hulkbuster style!


Everyone watching was in shock. Their eyes nearly popped out!

This was because they had seen how Xu Que had assembled the small pieces of metal earlier. This sudden transformation was too alarming for them.

Just those small pieces of metal alone were able to deliver so many surprises. Firstly, Xu Que's body had become fully covered by the metallic armor. Then the suit had enlarged; it was now three meters tall. There was not much difference between it and the gigantic golden puppet!

"This is too powerful! Such an equipment forging method is simply magnificent and out of this world!"

"Although it still doesn't look as powerful to us because such armor is considered fragile, it should be a strong nemesis for the puppets!"

"No, no, no, although this armor is really weak, let's not overlook the white beam of light that had fired at the puppets. I could feel that the white beam of light would have also been life-threatening to us as well!"

"This is really marvellous! I didn't know that such a magical weapon existed in this world!"

"What's so strange about that? Take for instance the divine chariots. Only us, the Metal Nation, have them!"

"Looks like the Exploding Heavens Faction is really impressive!"


The group was discussing amongst themselves. They gradually stopped moving, and were no longer feeling confused.

Xu Que's Hulkbuster transformation had calmed many of them down.

After all, such a display of prowess had given them a strong boost of confidence.

Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for successfully acting tough. The reward is 310 Acting Tough Points!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host 'Xu Que' for successfully acting tough. The reward is 330 Acting Tough Points!"


Xu Que was gladdened by his effect as well, as system notifications kept ringing in his head.

"Hoho, seems like the transformation has brought good results. I've earned a lot of Acting Tough Points!"

He was rejoicing inside his mind.

However, the gigantic golden puppet opposite him was not to be underestimated either.

Xu Que did not let his guard down even though he had been destroying the other puppets with one blast. He could sense that the giant golden puppet was not only got bigger in size, but was also exerting an invisible pressure that made him feel serious as well.

But he didn't want to waste too much time on this giant golden puppet either.

"System, activate the laser beam cannon to slice that puppet up, and end this battle fast!" Xu Que issued a command to System.

Ding! "The laser beam cannon will be fully activated 60 seconds from now…"

What the...? There's still a countdown timer for this? he thought. Fine, fine, 60 seconds, so be it!

Xu Que's mouth twitched but he continued to stand at the entrance of the tunnel and faced the giant golden puppet, unfazed. "Come on big guy, I'll give myself a handicap for this fight. I'll fight you with one hand!"

With that, Xu Que placed a metallic hand behind his back. It was as if he really meant what he had said.

Everyone almost fainted when they heard that.

Brother, why did you f*cking give yourself a handicap?

Do you think the puppet needs that?

More importantly, that giant golden puppet does not have a mind of its own. Whether you have a handicap or not, it's coming for you, alright?

Can you please be serious and use both hands?

"Young Master Xu, do not treat this lightly!" reminded the Seventh Princess.

The Third Prince chimed in as well, "Young Hero Xu, maybe you want to use a magical weapon to make up for the handicap?"

"Yes, Young Hero Xu, that's a puppet equivalent to a cultivator of the Level Six or Seven Infant Transformation Stage. It's really strong!"

"Don't handicap yourself! Go all out!"

The other princes also tried to persuade Xu Que to rethink his decision.

After all, the results of the battle would also be crucial to them as their lives were all at stake as well.

The crowd outside the Imperial Tombs were getting pins and needles. They wished they could get into the tombs and give Xu Que a good thrashing.

You f*cking want to handicap yourself at a time like this?! Are you trying to kill yourself?

However, Xu Que was surprisingly calm and composed, watching the giant golden puppet walk step by step towards him. "A puppet is still a life. We can't discriminate against them." Xu Que shook his head. "They don't have a mind of their own. Only by giving myself a handicap will it be a fair fight!"

The crowd felt like coughing out blood when they heard that.

Can't discriminate against puppets?

So who's the one who kept saying that these puppets are ugly?

In addition, the giant puppet is as powerful as a Level Six or Seven Infant Transformation Stage cultivator. Why do you need to a handicap yourself? Even if it has no mind of its own, you may not necessarily be a match for it, alright?

"Young Master Xu, please do your best!" implored the anxious Seventh Princess.

"Young Hero Xu, don't be like this," urged the Third Prince. "Use both hands, quick!"

"Young Hero Xu, don't be reckless!"

The group tried to persuade him as well.

Xu Que could not take it and nodded his head. "Alright then," he sighed, "I'll use both hands but I'll change the handicap to me noy being able to use a leg then."

When Xu Que said that he would use both hands, everyone still did not feel relieved, as he was still going to handicap himself by not using a leg instead. They almost puked out blood once again.

You still want a handicap?

D*mn! Can't you just do your best?

"Young Hero Xu, why do you have to be courteous to these puppets?" said a prince solemnly with a hint of anger. "They do not have a brain and moreover, you've destroyed so many of them already. Is there really a need to do this?"

Xu Que shook his head lightly. "This is because my path of the strong focuses on one word... fairness!"

"Ah?" Everyone was stunned.

Fairness? Are you kidding me?

"All things have a spirit; flowers and plants have life, let alone these puppets," continued Xu Que righteously. "Moreover, as a member of the Exploding Heavens Faction, we do not bully the weak. We uphold 'Justice', 'Fairness' and 'Transparency'. This is also known as the Three Rights!"


At this time, the giant golden puppet had gotten very close.

Everyone felt a chill run down their spines.

The giant puppet is right before you yet you are still bullsh*tting about the f*cking 'Three Rights'?

Can't you just put up a good fight?

The enemy is up close already and here you are, still dicking around. That's the greatest form of discrimination towards an enemy. You're not respecting your opponent!

"Forget it! Looking at your dazed faces, I know nobody understands what I'm talking about! I've decided that I'll not use either my hands or legs so we can have a hearty battle! Come on big guy, let me see your strength!" shouted Xu Que in a mighty manner!

Everyone was scared silly!


You won't use your hands or legs? How are you going to fight it then? Will you use your head to knock it down?

"Finally I've met a powerful opponent," said Xu Que loudly, not moving an inch even though the puppet made its way towards him. "I've been looking for a battle like this for a long time!"

At the same time, the giant golden puppet's chest also started to light up. An eerie aura started to fill the burial chamber.

The puppet's skill art was about to be unleashed.

Everyone's faces changed abruptly again.

"This is bad!"

"Young Hero Xu! Dodge!"

"Why won't you attack? If you don't attack, how can this battle be fair? You're courting death!"

Everyone was shouting in anxiety and fear.

However, in the nick of time, a system notification rang in his head!

"The laser beam cannon is now ready. Do you want to launch it now?"

"Yes!" Xu Que replied without further delay.


In an instant, a somewhat high-pitched sound was heard. His Arc Reactor on his chest turned to a shade of red. A red ray of light at an extremely high temperature instantly shot out of his chest, whizzing right towards the giant golden puppet!