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331 The Elder of Sky Incense Valley

Chapter 331: The Elder of Sky Incense Valley
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Everyone wore distressed looks on their faces, looking dumbfounded at Xu Que as he enjoyed that 'delicacy'!

This image was practically… beautiful!

It didn't look imaginary at all!

How could someone wear such a satisfied expression after eating sh*t!

Everyone in the Exploding Heavens Faction was indeed tough… not only were they tough to others, but even more so to themselves!

Buttface was speechless too, hiding far away as he said with a respectful tone, "brat, I have never conceded to anyone before in my life… but today, I have to concede. To be able to eat sh*t like this, you are definitely amazing. Now, I will give you a round of applause!"

With that, he extended his two paws and started clapping.

Second Prince stared coldly at Xu Que from the sidelines, his face ashen. Evidently, he hadn't expected Xu Que to really eat it and to enjoy it this much.

From his perspective, Xu Que was definitely the toughest person he had ever seen!

The prince had recently seen a cabinet minister attempt to kill himself by running headlong into a palace wall in protest of the Emperor—but even such a figure could not compare to Xu Que! The fellow was still wearing such a satisfied expression after having eaten the concoction!

If the prince hadn't really seen the sh*t and smelt this awful stench, anyone who saw this expression would have assumed that he had just eaten some kind of delicacy!

That acting was something that no one would be able to compete with!

However, what upset him was that not only Xu Que had eaten this sh*t, he had said it was delicious. The Second Prince couldn't do anything to refute him.

This bet… it seemed like he would lose!

For the Second Prince, this was unacceptable.

To break this stalemate, the only way was to get someone else to eat it.

But… who?

Definitely not him!

He was the Second Prince, how could he eat sh*t for a bet?

If he was to really eat it, his reputation would be swept away, much less his prospects for the crown prince position!

While deep in thought, his eyes swept across to the old eunuch!

The old eunuch seemed to sense something and he immediately understood what the Second Prince was thinking. His face turned pale with fear as he knelt on the ground and shouted, "Second Prince please spare me, I am old and cannot take such stimulation, please spare my life, do not force me to do such things at my age!"

He was terrified. After fighting his way up in the palace for so many years and living until this age, if he was to really eat sh*t for the Second Prince, news would definitely spread overnight in the Imperial City. He would become a laughing stock!

Second Prince was worried too. This old eunuch had followed him for many years and was very loyal. If he was to really make him eat sh*t, it wouldn't be good for his reputation if news spread either!

At this moment, just as he was lamenting his situation, a shadow rushed forward and pushed past the crowd. It was a guard!


Before anyone could react, he knelt abruptly on one leg and addressed the Second Prince with his fists cupped together. "Second Prince, the Eighth Elder from Sky Incense Valley is in the Imperial City!"

"Oh? The Eighth Elder is here? Let's gather with him in the Tian Zi room at the Yun Bao Restaurant!" The Second Prince was filled with surprise. He respected this figure tremendously!

As for the Third Prince and the Seventh Princess at the back, their expressions changed slightly!

Just the words 'Elder from Sky Incense Valley' was enough to make them change their expressions.

After all, the disciples of Sky Incense Valley had spread all over the five countries. With their great powers, they were a presence that no country was willing to offend.

As for now, the meaning behind Second Prince inviting the Eighth Elder of Sky Incense Valley was clear.

"This is bad, the Second Prince has gotten the support of the Sky Incense Valley!"

"This could be troublesome… even though Sky Incense Valley is far away from Metal Nation, the Empress of the Water Nation was once a great disciple in Sky Incense Valley. If he has their support, it means he has the Water Nation's support as well!"

"Don't worry, maybe they haven't come to any agreement yet. We still have a chance to interact with the Eighth Elder!"

"But what should we do? Since the Second Prince isn't afraid to announce this news in front of us, it must mean that things are going well for him already!"

"Let's just see how it goes first—or let's go to the Yun Bao restaurant together!"

Their faces were heavy. Without a doubt, the support of Sky Incense Valley was a huge advantage in the fight for the position of crown prince!

Even the Third Prince and the Seventh Princess furrowed their brows in worry.

On the other hand, Xu Que quirked his eyebrow upon hearing 'Sky Incense Valley'.

The people from Sky Incense Valley are here? It seems like the incident in Fire Country has spread quickly… tsk, tsk, tsk, this is an opportunity to act tough again!

Xu Que was overjoyed.

The thing he found most annoying about this world was that information spread too slowly. If he were on his own planet where there was such thing as the internet, the whole country would know overnight if some artiste had given birth to a set of twins, let alone his own feats.

That would have been the best era for acting tough!

Livestreaming one making stinky tofu or cooking…

Modern cities on Earth were the real place to act tough!

It was a pity that Xu Que couldn't return now. He could only act tough in the Cultivation World, which didn't even have a television.

But after all his adventures, he had gained some experience.

The number of Acting Tough Points that would be gained in his System would be related to the number of people before whom he acted tough, as well as the power and statuses of these people.

The more people who saw, the higher the status and ranking of these people, the more points he would get!

Not far off on the road, an elder stood on the street with both hands behind his back. He had a divine demeanour. Evidently, he was incredibly powerful!

He was the Eighth Elder from Sky Incense Valley. He had just arrived in the Metal Nation's Imperial City and was walking around leisurely.

This fellow had lived for many years but he still had a great appetite. Whenever he went somewhere, he would look for the local delicacy.

Moreover, normal food never caught his attention. He had basically eaten everything there was to eat in each of the five countries… what delicacy had he not eaten?

Suddenly, he took a sniff and furrowed his brows.

"That's strange, why is this smell so familiar? Wait… that's right, back then, the beautiful woman brought some stinky tofu back to Sky Incense Valley. This is the exact scent!"

The elder's face changed. He suddenly turned and walked towards the end of the road, incredibly surprised.

"Could this… could the Metal Nation have the special stinky tofu that enhances one's Soul Strength?" he mumbled to himself. He could barely contain his excitement as he walked towards the end of the road!