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330 It’s a Trap!

Chapter 330: It’s a Trap!
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The crowd retreated hastily. The Seventh Princess was furrowing her brows, following her brothers as they took a few steps backwards.

But in no time, her eyes lit up and she chuckled. "I understand now. Seems like he's a smart person!"

"Eh? Seventh Sister, what happened? Why did you praise this boy?" A prince was perplexed.

"Am I not correct?" The Seventh Princess replied softly with a smile. "He cooked this thing that has met the foul-smelling requirement. And if he says that thing is tasty, who would actually dare to try it? So he is very smart in this way!"

The princes pondered for a moment and felt that their sister's words were rather reasonable!

Whether it smelled good or foul—one could find out the answer with just a sniff.

But whether a dish was tasty or not—it had to be properly tasted in order to find out the answer.

And if there was no one who wanted to try it, if Xu Que insisted that it was delicious, nobody would be able to refute him!


"Aiya, a group of frogs in a well, is there a need to exaggerate like that? This is not sh*t, it's good stuff. Come, come, come, Buttface, you want to try? 100 taels for a bowl!"

Xu Que had a pair of long chopsticks that he was using to stir and flip the pieces of tofu in the pot of oil, so that the tofu would be cooked properly and the smell would spread through the area.

Buttface flared up when he heard that. "Get lost! This deity will never be taken in to eat sh*t. You're totally crazy. A bowl of sh*t for 100 f*cking taels?"

"Xu Que, why don't you stop this tomfoolery right now? Put away your disgusting tricks. Don't even think that by using this trick, you'll be able to win!" The Second Prince had retreated several steps back and was shouting at Xu Que whilst covering his nose and mouth.

Xu Que smiled from ear to ear and shook his head. "All of you haven't tried it! How can you be so sure that this is sh*t? I'm totally winning this!"

"How could it not be sh*t?" said an annoyed Second Prince. "Such color, such a pungent smell! Don't think that you can fool this prince even though you've made it into cube shapes!

Xu Que replied mockingly, "stupid idiot! If we could open your brain like a pot with a lid, the dung beetle would surely smile!"

Everyone paused for a moment as they were shocked by Xu Que's words!

In no time, everyone's faces were flushed red with suppressed laughter!

If we could open your brain like a pot with a lid, the dung beetle would surely smile? Isn't this implying that the Second Prince's brain is full of sh*t?

Damn, this fellow's mouth is too malicious. He doesn't need to use curse words to scold a person. His analogies are full of power!

"Why is that so?" Only the perplexed Buttface asked that question.

Everyone's mouths twitched. This dog is too stupid, he actually doesn't understand the meaning?

However, nobody dared to explain to him. After all, this was about the Second Prince—if anyone explained that, it would be tantamount to seeking death!

Xu Que's face was full of disdain and he was too lazy to explain. He pulled out a bottle of chili sauce from his system inventory and poured it into a bowl to make the condiments.

Next, he fished out a few pieces of smelly tofu from the pot and poured it into the bowl, mixing with the sauce.

A bowl of pungent smelly tofu was now ready, hot white vapor emitting from the dish.

The crowd felt nauseous and nearly vomited.

This was because they had believed that this was sh*t. With wild imaginations at work, they were easily disgusted.

This was equivalent to someone using chocolate to something poop-shaped. If an unsuspecting person saw that, they would feel disgusted and get nauseous.

Ignoring the crowd's appalled expressions, Xu Que held the bowl of smelly tofu to his nose and enjoyed a deep breath, yelling, "this smells so good!"


That action caused an immediate uproar in the crowd. There were even some people who couldn't take it and went to a corner to vomit.

"This fellow is too ruthless!"

"In order to beat the Second Prince, he is actually smelling the shit, and saying it smells good!"

"This is appalling. This kind of person has no bottom line!"

The crowd turned pale when they saw this.


The faces of the Third Prince, the Seventh Princess and the other princes were stiff and rigid.

They were all royal descendants of the imperial family and had been pampered since childhood. Food that they had enjoyed all their lives comprised only of exquisite and fine cuisines. Never had they seen such a disgusting scene!

It was really unbelievable that someone would cook sh*t… and then inhale the smell of it and insist it smell good!

What has this world come to?

At this moment, the Seventh Princess started to waver in her initial judgement. Is this person really a madman? she thought.


The Second Prince snorted and took a step forward. "Xu Que, don't put on an act. No matter what you do, it won't change the reality."

"What reality?" sneered Xu Que. "I've made the dish as per your requirements. Look, foul-smelling and tasty. If you don't believe me, just give it a try!"

"Impudence! You're cheating!" said an angry Second Prince. "You can ask any person here whether they think it's delicious or not."

"Are you fucking stupid? How can you know if it's not delicious if you don't try it?"

"Who would dare to try this thing? You're cheating!"

"Fuck you!"

"Atrocious! Men, arrest this scoundrel!"

"Yo, can't afford to lose?"

"I said that you need to make a foul-smelling and delicious dish. But nobody dares to try what you have made. So it's impossible to judge whether the food is delicious or not. Hence, you've lost!"

"What do you mean by nobody dares to try what I've made? I dare!"

"You … you dare to try?"

"Of course I dare! What do I have to fear!"

Xu Que laughed cheekily.

Under the frightened and horrified eyes of the crowd, he used his chopsticks, picked up a piece of the stinky tofu and slurped it into his mouth.

Glub! Glub!

The black stinky tofu, accompanied by the sauce, slowly burst in Xu Que's mouth.

He even deliberately ate with his mouth wide open so that everyone could see the stinky tofu and the sauces mixing together in his mouth.

That stench of the stinky tofu, after being chewed, emitted from Xu Que's mouth as well. Everyone who witnessed that scene simply felt… how 'cool' it was!

"Ahh! He ate it… he actually ate… sh*t …"

"Heavens! This fellow is too horrifying! Too ruthless! He didn't even let himself off!"

"He is obviously eating sh*t but he is pretending that he is enjoying the food! How… how shameless can he be, that he has to go to such extremes, with no bottom line!"


Having witnessing this scene, many people couldn't control their urges and started to vomit. Even more of them were frowning with rapidly-beating hearts. They felt that Xu Que had completely refreshed their understanding of the limitations of humans.

However, Xu Que, with a contented expression, was now chewing his smelly tofu in enjoyment. "God, it's really tasty!" shouted Xu Que in a carefree manner. "If a person doesn't try something so delicious at least once in their entire lifetime, then they will have f*cking wasted their life!"

Try the s*it?

Wasting our lives if we don't try it?

The hearts of the crowd sank when they heard that.

If you want to eat, you can eat it by yourself. Why do you want to force others to try the sh*t?

No matter how good you are at pretending to enjoy eating that sh*t, you won't be able to scam others into following your lead…

It's a trap! It's all a trap…