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Chapter 310: Count Me In!
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Xu Que immediately looked at the descriptions of the three items!

The first one was the Act Tough King's basic suit. It was a set of long black robes, similar to Xiao Yan's. The difference was that there was a bright light on the chest of the robes.

There was also a glazed belt and gold-rimmed black boots which would make anyone look grand and classy!

Ding! "Please input a name for this basic suit. The name will be shown on the chest of these robes!"

At this time, a system prompt sounded.

Xu Que's eyebrow quirked up slightly. He thought, So this suit set can be named as well? And displayed the chest? Fuck, this is interesting!

Just name it as Act Tough King?

Hmm, no, who would put down the words 'act tough' on their clothes? That's too pretentious!

I should write 'A Good Man' for an innocent and simple person like me. But … this Act Tough King' is too introverted to be so high-profile!

"I got it!" blurted Xu Que as his eyes lit up. With a confident tone, he commanded, "System, use these three words 'Exploding Heavens Faction' as the name!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host for naming the basic suit successfully!"


The three shining words 'Exploding Heavens Faction' appeared on the chest of the black robes! The suit now looked flamboyant with a sense of dominance!

The effects of the basic suit were now shown.

[Exploding Heavens Faction Basic Suit]:

Charm + 2

Luck + 5

Passive ability: Able to freely conceal level of cultivation when worn. Possess the ability of invisible pressure and control of the amount of pressure used on others!

(Note: This has no effect on Form Synthesis Stage cultivators!)

"Woah, this seems like an upgraded version of Xiao Yan's black robes. Not bad, interesting!"

Xu Que grinned and looked at the second item!

[Medal of the Act Tough King]:

Adds charm and luck upon wearing!

Charm + 5

Luck + 5

Passive ability: Wearer will attract hatred easily when worn and can randomly trigger chances of PK missions!

"Uhh …"

Xu Que was tongue-tied when he finished reading the description!

Originally, the addition of the charm and luck values would make him laugh until he dropped.

But when he saw the passive ability, he felt somewhat revolted by it. Not only would it attract hatred from others, but it could also randomly trigger missions?

Damn, this Act Tough King hates missions, he thought. This Act Tough King is such a cool, suave and romantic wanderer. You know what a wanderer is? It means a person who roams from place to place freely, and can act tough without restraints!

And now you've added this 'mission' feature, how will this wanderer be able to accept this?

No, I'll never wear it!

Xu Que immediately ignored the medal and finally looked at the last item!

[The Transformers – Bumblebee]:

A robot from The Transformers series, but it does not come with its own intelligence. This is purely a transformable vehicle!

Ability: Has two forms, the automobile and robot forms respectively. Completely operable by the mind of the host!

(Note: As the detected location of the host is the Immortal World of Cultivation, this item can only be used for the duration of three days!)

Countdown timer: Two days 23 hours, 59 minutes ...

"Fuck, System, this is cheating! I haven't even used it and your timer has already started?" Xu Que felt like vomiting blood.

Initially, when he saw that he had such a cool car, he had thought that he would be able act tough and pick up girls wherever he went. Who knew that System would suddenly impose restrictions and automatically start the countdown timer?

Where's the fucking human nature of System?

Bah, I'd nearly forgotten that System is not a human!

Xu Que was indignant with System but it did not respond to Xu Que and remained silent throughout!


Just then, a loud noise was heard not far from ahead.

The Sword Spirit brought back the husky, which Xu Que was now calling Er Ha in s head after the nickname for the emoji huskies released by Tencent. The husky's head was pinned to the stone wall by the Sword Spirit with just one hand!

The husky looked intact without injuries. His hair was very shiny but he was screeching in pain.

"Ahh, ow, ow, ow, ow!"

"Stop, release this deity!"

"This posture is improper!"

"Dammit, move your sword further away, it touched this Deity's butt!"

"Fuck, I'm telling you to move further away, why the fuck are you poking me!"


Xu Que stared with his eyes wide opened. This husky was obviously a weirdo as well!

The Sword Spirit's sword had clearly cut him, but he was not hurt at all. Not even a hair had fallen, yet he was screaming and screeching in pain!

Xu Que couldn't help laughing as he walked up, patting the head of the husky. His eyes formed crescents as he laughed. "Come, stick out your tongue!"

"Fuck, boy, how dare you humiliate this deity, you're finished!" the husky snapped, flames of anger seeming to burst out from his eyes.

Xu Que patted the husky's face. "Stop with your nonsense, and hand over that eight-star precious sword. After that, you can leave!"

"Do you mean it?" The husky had a startled expression and his anger vanished in that instant!

"Of course, otherwise why would I catch you?" Xu Que stared at the husky. "I'm a dog lover and I do not and will never eat dog meat! Hurry up before I change my mind, hand over the sword and get lost!"

The husky felt like crying at that moment. "Just for the eight-star precious sword? Yet you let the Sword Spirit beat me up for so long? You could have said so earlier!"

"What? You still dare to talk back at me?"


Xu Que slapped the dog's head. "I've already said since the beginning that I want the sword. But you wanted to run away without leaving the sword behind. Don't you think you're being cheap?"

"Damn it, you dare to hit me again?"


Xu Que gave another slap to the dog's head. "So what if I hit you?"

"Dare do it again?"


"Don't hit my face if you got balls!"


"Don't hit my stomach if you got balls!"


"Ow, damn it, boy, this deity is going to thrash you, how can you just hit my privates so recklessly?"

The husky kept whining and screaming in pain. He bared his teeth and wanted to fight with Xu Que.

But his head was firmly pressed against the wall by the Sword Spirit, leaving only his four legs swinging wildly in the air!

Xu Que knew that the strength he was using was akin to tickling the husky. And so he ignored the husky's complains and just stood there, with a pose of a rogue. "If you continue to scare me, do you think I'll use a sword to poke you? Handover the eight-star sword now!"

"Fine, do you think this deity is too scared to take out the precious sword?" The husky waved his fore leg and a gleam of light flashed past.


A sharp sword fell onto the ground; it was an eight-star sword!

The whole sword was emitting gleams of light, and new cracks actually appeared on the ground where the sword had fallen!


Immediately, with a wave of his hand, the eight-star sword landed on Xu Que's palm.

The moment he held the sword, he felt an icy cold energy entering his palm, where it then transformed into strong true strength that spread all over his body. In no time, he felt refreshed and energetic!

It was Xu Que's first time seeing such a high grade sword. He hadn't expected it to be so extraordinary that it could actually use the surrounding Spiritual Qi as additional energy that he could use.

Nevertheless, it was not without restrictions. When the energy reached a certain amount, no more energy would enter his body.

"Interesting! You Hun, are you satisfied with this sword?" Xu Que looked towards the Sword Spirit with a gentle smile.

No doubt Xu Que had a good attitude as he had won over such a powerful sidekick!

The Sword Spirit nodded slightly, expressionless as usual. He loosened his grip of Er Ha, turned back into black fog and burst into the eight-star sword.

Xu Que felt the sword in his hand shiver and start to hum. The sword now seemed as if it had become sharper and shinier!

"Awesome my Sword Spirit! With this sword, I need not worry or fear when I enter the Imperial Tombs!"

With a laugh, Xu Que kept the sword and headed straight to the exit!

When the husky saw that Xu Que was really to let him go, he did not run away but became bolder and stared at Xu Que with a pleasant surprise. "You're going to the Imperial Tombs? Count this deity in!"

"Sorry, I don't bring pets along with me, goodbye!"

Xu Que waved and called out the System Storage, "Come out, Bumblebee!"