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309 The Act Tough King’s Ride

Chapter 309: The Act Tough King’s Ride
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All this time, it had been Xu Que who had acted tough whilst other people were stunned at his behavior. But now, it was his turn to be stupefied!

There were many wonders in the World of Cultivators, so he had never even considered what the spirit in the stone wall might look like. He had assumed that it would look like a dragon or something of the sort, or at least like a snake.

But now, he stared at the black and white fur of the creature who had been trapped inside the wall by the Sword Spirit. With stupid eyes that stared pathetically at him and that ugly face—why, it was just a Husky!

It was just a stinking, son of a bitch Husky!

He was clearly nothing more than an ordinary Siberian Husky dog, yet he had dared to claim to be the descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon? Which part of it even resembled a fucking dragon, that idiot?

This was just ridiculous!

"Let go of me, you fools! Both of you are going against me? How cowardly! Why don't we just fight a duel?" the Husky said angrily.

Xu Que was glad when he heard this. He looked at the bastard's expressions and thought he looked just like a living meme!

"Hey, Husky, let's be honest. Since the day I was born, I've never met any person or animal as shameless as you are until today!"

The Siberian Husky sneered. "What Husky? You ignorant bastard. I'm a powerful mighty king, and a descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon. It's just that I was reborn as a lone wolf in this life, but just wait and see, in three more reincarnations I will be reborn again as a dragon and ascend to the Immortal Emperor's throne!"

Xu Que raised his eyebrows and sighed.

This Husky really was shameless.

Even if he wanted to brag, he really should have come up with a more creative title than mighty king.

Come on, mighty king? What a plain and obviously fake title to brag with! You look like that yet you dare to call yourself a wolf? You lowly spirit! I'll show you a lone wolf…"


The Sword Spirit didn't hesitate to grab the husky's head and throw it against the wall!

But the Husky was quick this time. It stretched out its tongue and used it to stop itself from hitting the wall.

This show of strength was impressive enough to make the Sword Spirit raise his eyebrows.

Xu Que was shocked. Could a tongue be that strong?

That strength was comparable to top quality equipment!

He then carefully examined the Husky's tongue and wondered if he could cut the tongue down and create some kind of magic weapon with it. That would give him great advantage!

Moreover, if his tongue was this strong, think of how much stronger his bones, his fur and his claws would be! Then Xu Que would have a storage full of top quality materials!

"Hahaha, did you think that I would fall for your trick the second time? Come at me, then!" boasted the Husky.

The more Xu Que saw of this bastard's expressions, the more he was reminded of those weird online memes!

Well, it was no one's fault that Huskies were the clowns of nature. The more he looked at the Husky's stupid face, Xu Que couldn't help but want to laugh.

It was a pity the store in the system didn't sell mobile phones or cameras, or else Xu Que would have been taking photo after photo of that Husky's stupid face by now.

"I strongly request to fight in one-on-one combat now! If both of you are too afraid to take me on alone, then just let me go!" The Husky continued to provoke them. What audacity. He clearly knew that there was no way he could ever defeat the Sword Spirit.

Xu Que was amused by the sight and waved his hands in the air.

"Oh, what courage! Fine, if that's what you want. Spirit, go ahead, fight it. Don't kill him, though, just break one of his legs."

The Sword Spirit took Xu Que's words seriously the moment he heard it. He suddenly raised his hand and was about to grab the Husky's leg with an expressionless face.


But the Husky was long gone. It had escaped to the door at an incredible speed!

Xu Que was really stunned now.

You motherfucking shameless dog! Did you just copy my usual trick of acting tough then bolt?


The Sword Spirit had changed into a dark fog and was charging towards the Husky.

That seemed to annoy the Husky.

"Fuck! What are you chasing me for, Sword Spirit? Are you jealous of how mighty I am? Ah, ah, ah… my brother Sword Spirit, we've been neighbors for so many years. Can't we just get along? Damn it! Stop running so fast, Sword Spirit! This isn't fair! I've been trapped in a wall for so many years, I'm not ever familiar with this place… stop it, stop it… Sword Spirit, you shithead! If you want to chase me then why don't you just chase me! Why did you have to hit me? Did you know that you've broken the rules? Ow, ow, ow! Fine, hit me! But why do you have to be so rough? Would it kill you to be less brutal?"


Hearing the miserable cries of the Husky made Xu Que too lazy to catch up with them. He believed that the Sword Spirit could handle the Husky alone without his help.

So Xu Que simply stayed put and summoned the system's interface.

Xu Que had thought he had made a huge profit after entering the Sword Catacomb, even though he had spent 5000 Acting Tough Points on the Purifying Water just to rescue that stupid dog! Still, because of the dog he'd managed to get the remnants of the Sword Spirit's soul which had lured the Sword Spirit out. He'd even earned back 3000 more Acting Tough Points than the amount he had spent on the Purifying Water.

As the saying went, the more you spend your money, the more you'll earn it back. Xu Que felt that the saying applied to him exactly.

As long as there were Acting Tough Points to spend then he would spend them well on better equipment. Besides… wasn't the point of acting tough to get tougher and stronger, so he'd act tough better? You had to risk losing something in order to gain something!

In the past, Xu Que would be reluctant to spend each Acting Tough Point, but now that he'd gained many more Acting Tough Points, he was much more relaxed about it now.

After all, if he hadn't spent any of his Acting Tough Points in the past, how would he have ever reached the point now where he was a formidable force to be reckoned with?

Any actions that didn't have acting tough as their fundamental purpose were just not worth it.

At present, when Xu Que viewed the interface of the system, he saw that he had gained over 13,000 Acting Tough Points!

He couldn't help but smile at the thought that he would become a rich man now!

Moreover, not only were his Acting Tough Points bursting at the seams, but he had even received a big bag of gifts as well!

Well, since it was a gift bag, then it would be rude not to open it!

"System, can I get the Big Act Tough King Bag? I'd like to take a look and see what I can do with it."

Xu Que could barely contain his excitement as he waited to see what the gift was.

Ding! "Are you sure you'd like to open the gift?"


The moment Xu Que answered, three rays of light appeared across the interface screen, then a bag of gifts bounced out and a notification bell rang in Xu Que's head!

Ding! "Congratulation to host 'Xu Que' for winning the Act Tough King Medal!"

Ding! "Congratulation to host 'Xu Que' for winning the Act Tough King Basic Suit!"

Ding! "Congratulation to host 'Xu Que' for winning the Act Tough King's Ride—Bumblebee from Transformers!"


Holy Cow!

Xu Que almost collapsed. He gasped in shock as he couldn't believe his luck!

Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

The Act Tough King's Ride? Bumblebee from Transformers!

Let's get ready to rumble!