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308 Descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon

Chapter 308: Descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon
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Suddenly the tongue on the stone wall moved. It actually wanted to pull its tongue back in but since it could only move a little, it got stuck instead.

Xu Que was amused as he realised that the creature within the stone wall was afraid of the Sword Spirit!

He said teasingly, "Ah, great deity who is trying to hide, do you still want to come out?"

"Eh? Who is disturbing this deity's deep sleep?" the creature immediately answered. "Oh, it's you, boy. You still dare to come back? If this deity hadn't been asleep, it would have come out and taught you a lesson."

It was quite obvious that the creature was pretending to be calm by claiming that he had been asleep earlier.

"You're afraid of the Sword Spirit, right? Haha!" Xu Que grinned. "You have the audacity to call yourself a deity when you're actually frightened by my sidekick? Hmm… looks like you don't have the qualification to be my sidekick either, then!"

"Bullshit, this deity is the descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon who is afraid of nothing. Why would I be scared of a mere Sword Spirit?" The creature was unwilling to admit to anything. Obviously he valued his dignity more.

The Sword Spirit was not angry at all. He just stood beside Xu Que, expressionless.

From his point of view, since he had chosen his new master, and there was no danger, as long as his master did not order him to do anything, he would not act recklessly.

Xu Que was very satisfied with the Sword Spirit's behavior, as he wanted to be in control.

He grinned and asked, "you can go ahead and split the wall open."

The Sword Spirit shook his head—he was unable to split it open.

Xu Que was surprised. Even the mighty Sword Spirit was unable to split the wall open?

Fuck! This stone wall is amazing!

However, no matter how amazing you are, you are still a stone wall. As long as one's skills are good, as long as one perseveres, one will succeed… and as for this stone wall? That creature almost licked a hole out of you.

He turned to the creature within the stone wall and asked, "hey, you have a nine-star precious sword?"

"Nine-star? Didn't you just say eight-star? Fuck, damn it, boy, you bluffed me?" The creature within the stone wall reacted very quickly and swore.

Xu Que directly took out the purifying water without further ado. "Come, hand over the sword," he said casually. "I'll let you out immediately."

"Crap, do you think this deity is going to be fooled again? This deity is the descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon. Boy, you're finished!"

"Wow, what an arrogant attitude. Okay then, you can continue to lick away for 2,000 years. I'll come back after 2,000 years." Xu Que pretended to turn away.

The creature within the stone wall sounded flustered. "Don't, young man, can't you tolerate me a little?"

"To hell with tolerance, it's as if you enjoy getting a scolding. If you want to come out, you need to hand over that sword!" Xu Que wore a disdainful expression.

"No, I can't. This deity has sworn an oath that this deity will never get fooled by you again! Why not do this—you help me get out first and I'll definitely give you the sword!"

"Then I'm left with no choice." Xu Que shook his head. "I'm someone with my own principles. I can't just let you lead me around the nose right? Do you know how valuable dignity is for the Exploding Heavens Faction?"

"Young man, this deity is the honest and trustworthy offspring of the Ancient Magic Dragon," persuaded the creature. "If you release me, I'll keep my promise and handover the sword. It's just an eight-star sword—it's nothing to this deity!"

Xu Que pondered for a while and glanced at the Sword Spirit, using his soul strength to communicate with him. "You Hun, if I release him, do you think you can keep him in check?"

The Sword Spirit nodded his head without any hesitation.

Xu Que's mouth twitched. Why didn't you say so earlier? I wouldn't have had to argue with the fellow!

So you can actually beat that creature head on without any pressure, he thought. Then there is no need to say anything further. What the hell is this offspring of the Ancient Magic Dragon? Heheh… your brother Xu Que is going to treat you 'nicely'!

"How is it? Have you thought it over, boy?" the creature within the stone wall urged.

In fact, the creature was feeling butterflies in his stomach as he was worried that Xu Que might make overly demanding requests. He was equally concerned that Xu Que might just leave without coming back ever again.

If that really happened, he was not sure how many years would pass before another young man with purifying water would come to him.

Xu Que smirked. "Fine then, since you asked sincerely, then I'll be merciful and inform you that I can let you out first. But … you said you're a Magic Dragon's offspring and I only have this much purifying water. I'm not sure if this is enough?"

Xu Que was indeed doubtful whether the purifying water would be enough. The creature might be occupying the insides of all the walls there, as it could have been a large animal.

However, the creature within the stone wall replied, "it's fine, this amount of purifying water is enough. This deity is a mighty presence. Your purifying water will only play a subtle role as a stimulant and this deity is able to use this stimulant and break out of this wall!"

"Will you die if you don't brag?" said Xu Que in contempt. "If you're so good, why are you trapped here? As a human, you cannot be so shameless and act tough all the time you know?"

"But I'm not a human!" The creature within the stone wall responded without delay.

Xu Que found himself rendered speechless by the dishonest creature that bragged like nobody's business at every opportunity it received! That creature really… really was fucking similar to him!

And so, Xu Que had the Sword Spirit guard the exit quietly as he pressed the purifying water onto the stone wall and slowly poured out its contents.

The crystal clear liquid slowly trickled out of the bottle.

Surprisingly, the liquid did not flow downwards but crept along the wall, as if it was following a designated pattern.

Finally, it gradually formed an inscription as it lit up and the stone wall was now filled with bright lights!


In an instant, the whole stone wall shook and cracks ran up its surface.

"This deity is coming out!"

The creature within the walls gave a roar of joy as he was very excited. A great force broke out of the stone wall!


That side of the stone wall suddenly collapsed and the rubble caused a lot of fine sand and dust to scatter everywhere.

Xu Que couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

At this moment, a dark shadow dashed out, with speed like lightning. The shadow headed straight towards the exit.

Xu Que immediately ordered, "You Hun, catch him. Damn, I knew that he would run away!"


The Sword Spirit used one hand to press the dark shadow against the wall.

The dark shadow was shaking his body and was screaming miserably. "Ouch, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ouch…. softer, softer, this deity won't escape!"

By then, the dust had somewhat settled down, and Xu Que went up to the dark shadow.

When Xu Que saw the features of the dark shadow, he was dumbfounded.

The Sword Spirit was holding on to… a dog head! And from the way the dog stared at people, it looked funny, idiotic and adorable. Xu Que instantly realised that his appearance was familiar.

"Damn, you're actually a fucking husky!"