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53 Disturbance From The Demonic Sects

Chapter 53: Disturbance From The Demonic Sects
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"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

The system rang out within Xu Que’s mind but he didn’t pay it any mind.

After seeing the devastating effects of the God Powered Cannon, even he was taken aback and was clearly shocked.

Damn it! Such destructive capabilities. If I had known about this, I would’ve used this earlier on in the Withering Bones Forest and blown up all the Original Infant Stage cultivators. I would’ve gotten several hundred thousand experience points easily, and would still be able to act tough!

However, as much as the God Powered Cannon was very strong, it still couldn’t compare to the might of the mystical fires.

Xu Que didn’t feel too regretful about not using this earlier. He glanced around and faced the shocked Su Yun Lan and the rest of them. He couldn’t help but grin.

Their reaction to the cannon blast was perfectly normal. After All, the God Powered cannon was out of this world. In fact, it didn’t even belong to this world or this era.

The system introduced this weapon as an extremely advanced technology and came from an era where technical prowess were at its peak. In other words, Xu Que had brought advancements from the future into this olden day era.

The magnitude of shock and disbelief on their faces were understandable. It was as good as bringing a modern day person to the olden days and showing them how to build an aircraft. The uncertainty in their hearts must’ve been extreme.

Thankfully, the shock didn’t last for very long. Soon enough, Su Yun Lan and the rest of them began to regain their senses. Xu Que squatted down beside the God Powered Cannon and retrieved the remnants of spirit stones from within the latch before sneakily putting it back into his inventory space.

Everyone else : "..."

Didn’t it cost a low grade spirit stone to operate it? Why would you use it once and still hope to keep the remaining fragments of the spirit stone?

Xu Que was already used to being looked at this way that he completely ignored their bewildered and strange expressions. His face didn’t turn red from embarrassment, neither was his heart beating unusually fast. He wasn’t ashamed of keeping the remaining powdered-up spirit stones and he looked as if nothing had happened. He smiled widely at the rest of them.

"My fellow friends, are you satisfied with this humble subject’s God Powered Cannon?’

"My friend Xu, this… is this God Powered Cannon was really created by you?" Su Yun Lan’s eyes still had that look of sheer surprise.

"That’s right!" Xu Que blinked several times dazedly and nodded his head in a smile.

"You only used a single night to build it?"

"Yes, that’s right!"

"And you only used those black iron?"

"Oh, that’s a slightly more complicated question. To put it simply, the talisman within the cannon had the greatest use and is the most important part. However, I haven’t been able to inscribe more talismans and is thus limited on that. So, as of now, I can only build 2 more God Powered Cannons for you!" Xu Que raised two long fingers up as he spoke.

The minute these words were spoken, the Sect Leader and Sect Elders seemed to jump in fright again.

A single God Powered Cannon was already so powerful and horrifying. If they really possessed a pair of these cannons, who would dare to harass Great Change Sect in the future?

Even if Blood River Sect wasn’t completely destroyed, the minute they witness the destruction this cannon can bring, they would just hang their heads and walk away.

This present was too valuable and expensive to the Great Change Sect people and too shocking as well!

Su Yun Lan didn’t reject this huge gift.

Great Change Sect had been declining ‘till it couldn’t go any lower. It was like a terminally ill patient. Xu Que’s God Powered Cannon was like the saving pill to their disease.

After a long time of silence, Su Yun Lan looked at Xu Que and spoke seriously, "My friend Xu, I will never forget your generosity. If you ever find a use for Great Change Sect, please just ask! Even if it requires the entire sect to be present, we won’t spare any effort in helping you."

"Many thanks daoist friend Xu!" The pair of elders and the rest of the disciples hurriedly came around to give their thanks.

"You guys are making this to be a bigger deal than it is. You’re most welcome. Besides, if anyone comes around looking for trouble in the future, you can just use the cannons to kill them. Right, there’s a manual here on how to conjure and use the cannon. I’ve already simplified it, go and learn it!" Xu Que spoke generously.

He wanted the God Powered Cannon to be effective and kill many people as well for he would earn tons of experience points this way.

Soon after, Xu Que and everyone else made their way down the mountains, back to Great Change Sect.

Seeing that the sky was dark, Xu Que took this opportunity to quickly build the other 2 God Powered Cannons and shifted them to the secret library in Great Change Sect.

As for Great Change Sect, these 3 God Powered Cannons were considered their trump card and most precious treasure. Hence, they felt the need to guard it to the best of their abilities.

After the sky started turning bright signalling a new day, Xu Que walked out of his yard alone and prepared to leave.

He had stayed in Great Change Sect for two days now and noticed that nobody had come to cause problems. Apart from a little acting tough here and there, he didn’t increase his experience points at all.

As a result, he decided to return to the Withered Bones Forest. He had to kill six more Original Infant Stage demonic beasts before he could attain the full foundation, level 10 of the Golden Core Stage. He would then be able to upgrade his system and revive Xiao Rou.

Indeed, Xu Que’s luck was good. The moment he stepped out of his yard, he could hear several Great Change Sect disciples scurrying across in panic, their faces were nervous and afraid.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows and was about to ask what was happening. He then heard someone shouting loudly from outside the entrance of the sect.

"Sun Yun Lan, why haven’t you come out to welcome us?"

"Have you prepared the spirit stones for this month?"

"Why haven’t you come out? You’re slower than usual and making me wait. Are you forcing me to attack you?"

"Su Yun Lan, there’s a limit to our patience. I shall give you the time it takes to breath three times. In three breaths, if I don’t see the spirit stones, don’t blame us for being cruel!"

"I should tell you that our leader has brought more people here this time. I advise you to be honest and hand over your spirit stones obediently. If not, you have to bear the consequences!"

These demonic sect’s people are really lawless!

Xu Que could hear the taunting tone in their voices. His face turned angry.

At first, when Su Yun Lan mentioned that there would occasionally be demonic sects coming to cause trouble, Xu Que didn’t think too much of it because of how she downplayed it.

But now he heard first hand how aggressive and disrespectful they were. He then understood how difficult it must have been for Su Yun Lan being the Sect Leader all these years.

"Hm… since they offered themselves up to me, I have to use them as a guinea pig for my cannons. Just as well that I need more experience points." Xu Que cleared his throat before walking out.

There were 10 cultivators standing outside the entrance of the sect. They were wearing black and red long robes. There were also a pair of Original Infant Stage cultivators and the rest of them were of the Golden Core stage.

The people who were responsible for being aggressive and arrogant sounding were these Golden Core Stage cultivators.

Xu Que walked out and looked at the scene before him, causing his pupils to dilate.

They were just a mere Golden Core Stage disciples and yet had the guts to act this way? They completely relied on the strengths of the two Original Infant Stage cultivator and could behave in such a disrespectful manner towards an Original Infant Stage Sect Leader. This infuriated Xu Que.

Xu Que hated people like these the most.

He walked out confidently, taking big strides as he furrowed his brows. He then shouted out, "What are you yelling about? Who’s dog is this? Why haven’t you leashed him up? So early in the morning and he’s barking out here non-stop. Infuriating!"

The disciples from the evil demonic sect outside paused and glared ferociously at Xu Que.

One of them laughed coldly, "Where did this little idiot came from? Shoo to the side now and get that bitch of a Su Yun Lan to come out."

Xu Que sighed and shook his head, "Your dog mouth is extremely foul. Maybe you shouldn't open it ever again!"

The minute the words were spoken, his shadow moved in a blur before a bolt of lightning could be seen. He appeared next to the person in the blink of an eye. Terrifying killing intent radiated out from him and enveloped the entire area!