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Ultimate Scheming System

Author:Lord Of The Common People

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I am the best when it comes to taking divergent paths. With just a flip of my hand, I shall take the path less commonly travelled. I search far and wide, only to find myself unbeatable and unrivaled. So now I ask, who else can match my awesomeness? Acting tough is second nature to me and I am a lone wolf. The road is long and winding but I shan’t feel lone...
《Ultimate Scheming System》 Volume 1
1 I have the System, I’m the Bes
2 Fleeing After Acting Tough Is Damned Exhilarating
3 Eating Too Many Will Cause Your Body To Explode
4 Gorgeous Looking Little Village Girl
5 Subtly Acting Tough Is The Most Effective
6 The Red Undergarment Of The Village Girl
7 Amazing Skills
8 Big Growth Gift Pack
9 The Strength Of The Dragon Is Unparalleled
10 Recycling Function
11 Crisis Descends
12 Sometimes, Toughness Doesn't Have To Be Feigned!
13 Die Die Die Die Die Die
14 Four Directions Desolation Spell
15 Acting tough like the wind, I am my only partner!
16 Setting Up the Protective Screen
17 Arrival of the Vermillion Sparrow
18 Emergence of the Four Legendary Beasts
19 One Punch to End it All
20 Strength of the Four Directions Desolation
21 Off the Charts Acting Tough Points
22 Definitely Powerful
23 Gaining Interes
24 There Are Already Legends Spreading About Me
25 Spreading Of Notoriety
26 Are You Worthy Of My Apology?
27 There are Going to be Many More Opportunities to Act Tough. I’m In!
28 Feeling Ill at Ease
29 I’ll Bring You to Kill Them
30 All Deserves Death
31 What I’ve said, I Shall Do
32 I Shall Kill The Entire Sec
《Ultimate Scheming System》 Volume 2
33 Come Out Now! Otherwise, I Shall Obliterate The Entire Celestial Sect!
34 Blood Calls For Blood!
35 Buddha’s Fiery Lotus, Explode!
36 Terrifying Strength
37 I Suggest All Of You Attack Together
38 More Experience Points For Me
39 Looks Like I’ve Met My Match When It Comes To Acting Tough
40 You Can’t Leave, Stay Here And Watch Me Act Tough
41 I Shall Wait Here And Won’t Leave ‘Till We See Each Other
42 I Love Eating Louisiana Roasted Chicken
43 What A Cruel Kid!
44 I’ve Even Eaten The Legendary Peng Bird Before!
45 Young and Beautiful Maidens
46 Killing Song Yun Hai
47 My Humble Name Is Xu Que
48 You Have A Gash In Between Your Thighs
49 Not Willing
50 I Have An Idea!
51 Date Night To See The Cannon!
52 Frightening and Destructive Power
53 Disturbance From The Demonic Sects
54 Bring Up The God Powered Cannon
55 One More Round Would Be Enough
56 Golden Core Stage Full Foundation
57 The Revival Solution
58 Towards the Imperial City
59 That Xu Que From Six Years Ago
60 Daddy’s Here For Robbery
61 If You All Win, I’ll Let You All Off
62 Hidden Task Reward
63 The Phaseless Magic
64 With This Skill, I Can Act Tough
65 Looks Like It's My Chance To Act Tough Again
66 The Flaming Sun Princess’ Desired Prince
67 Xu Que’s Unique Persona
68 That Imposing Back View Of Xu Que
69 A Serious Man Is The Most Dashing!
70 “This Princess? This Princess?”
71 Most Poisonous Madame
72 To Be Undone By Your Own Intelligence
73 Intense Effects Of Poison
74 Fire a Cannon only to Run back to Provoke his Mother
75 Damn! Time To Act Tough Again!
76 I Can Destroy It In One Move
77 Mountain Splitting, Breaking Waves, Open!
78 Kneel, Kowtow, And Apologize To Me
79 Shook The Entire Scene
80 Why Should I Give You My Respect?
81 The King Of Porcelain Touching World
82 An Honest Child In One Look
83 Have You Seen A Fairy Before?
84 How The Hell Can You Call This A Poem?
85 Is There Really Starlight In The Star Miscanthus?
86 A Miracle-Witnessing Momen
87 Oh My God What Are You Doing
88 Travel With Brother Que Of The Heaven Explosion Faction
89 It Must Look Magnificen
90 Everyone Here Is Trash!
91 Full Glory Killing Blade
92 Hurry Give Him The Elite Entrance Order, We Beg You!
93 Xu Que’s Chosen Path
94 That Would Be Exciting
95 We Are Not Feeling Well
96 Almost Ate Grass Instead Of Acting Tough And Soaring
97 Already Seen Through
98 I Shall Give You Face, And Not Eat Chicken Wings Anymore
99 Master Hua Is Cooking Shit!
100 When He Turns Fierce, He Won’t Even Let Himself Off!
101 He Ate Poop And Laughed So Happily
102 Oh My God, This Tastes So Good
103 The More You Don’t Want Me To Go Up, The More I Want To.
104 Tempering Of The Soul Strength
105 Damn, I’m Stuck!
106 Lady, Hurry And Watch Me Act Tough!
107 Xu Que: The Empress’ Heart Demon
108 Be Good. Open Your Mouth. Eat It.
109 Such A Perfect And Complete Man Exists In This World!
110 Do You Wish To Meet My Little Brother?
111 I’ve Already Seen Through The Scandal
112 He’s Already Left, These Are His Belongings
113 I Didn’t Do Anything!
114 Fuck! Demonic Humans!
115 Disguising As A Demon
116 Come And Beat Me Up!
117 You, Obscene Monkey!
118 Wang Zhai Little Bun
119 Eat My Rod!!
120 We Are A Pair Of CP!
121 The Noble Musician, Xu Que
122 Be Good Little Rabbi
123 Bleeding Ou
124 Damned Monkey, Stop Playing Around!
125 I Am Definitely Not That Type Of Person
126 Last Step! Improving The Taste!
127 Come And Take A Lick!
128 Automatic Refining Function
129 Stir Up Romantic Feelings!
130 Your Sister Can No Longer Hold Her Feelings In!
131 Heading Towards The Lightning Pool
132 Shall I Cook Some Noodles For You?
133 I Live To Curse And Insult!
134 Thunder Tribulations Worship!
135 I’ll Give You A Hard Time And Make You Vomit Buckets Of Blood!
136 Today, I Shall Grill Tiger Penises!
137 Monkey, You’re About To Be A Cripple!
138 Bring Me My Qin!
139 A Tragic Love Story
140 My Friends By The Hills, How Are You Doing Today?
141 You’re Lying!
142 I Shall Set A Small Goal
143 Taking The Tribulations Too Lightly
144 Divine Retribution
145 Explode The Heavens! Explode The Heavens!
146 I Can’t Control It Anymore
147 Creating A New Spell Is Extremely Cool!
148 Kneel Down And Sing Words Of Surrender!
149 With You Around, I Wouldn’t Be Afraid!
150 Xu Que Ascends Throne, Demonic Tribe!
151 The One Who Wears The Crown Must Bear Its Weight!
152 If You Won’t Surrender, I Shall Beat You ‘Till You Surrender
153 The Great War
154 This Time, I’m Going Big!
155 Calm Before The Storm
156 Presence Of The Great Army
157 Unity Is Strength!
158 While You’re Acting Tough, Your Father Is Frowning!
159 I’ve Never Heard Of Such A Cheap Reques
160 Boom! Everything Exploded!
161 Is There Nobody In Your Race That Can Fight Me?
162 Demon King, His Majesty Knows How To Have Fun!
163 Big Mystery Bag, Big Gains!
164 Has The Demon King Fled?
165 It’s Time For Me To Showcase My True Acting Tough Skills!
166 Do You Believe That I Will Scold Them?
167 Curse Them ‘Till They Laugh
168 The Previous Prince Consor
169 Take Your Sister! Check Your Sister!
170 Only You Were Carrying An Umbrella
171 Big Brother, Why Don’t You Rise Up To Heaven?
172 Let’s Hear Your Story!
173 I Shall Give You A Hard Time!
174 A Body Par
175 I Am Not Someone Who Relies On My Good Looks To Get By
176 Today, You Disregarded Me
177 300 Tang Poems!
178 Returning Politeness With Politeness, Here’s A Poem for You!
179 To Look At Mountains And Not See Mountains. To Look At Water And Not See Water!
180 Ten Poems In Ten Steps
181 This Shower, Is Life And Death!
182 Comprehensive Chinese Couplets
183 Eh? Are You About To Discuss Couplets Now?
184 With cigarettes and beers, my powers have no peers
185 Age and experience really matters
186 His Body Is Unafraid Of The Filth Spewed Out From His Mouth
187 Masterpiece
188 It’s so lonely to be peerless!
189 Worse Than A Beas
190 A Lady Called Moonligh
191 Act A: Massive Wave Of Toughness!
192 Reputation Spread Far And Wide
193 The Wonders Of Cigarettes
194 Looks like another Act Tough Criminal has appeared
195 This Humble Subject Is Ye Liang Chen Of The Heavenly Explosion Faction
196 Liang Chen Wouldn’t Mind Competing With You Till The End!
《Ultimate Scheming System》 Volume 3
197 Master Ye’s Sword Broke!
198 Who Dares To Challenge Me?
199 Fire Emperor Acts
200 He is Ye Liang Chen Of The Heavenly Explosion Faction
201 Do You Still Remember Xu Que Of The Great Lake?
202 I, Xu Que, Have Returned!
203 Eight Waste Destruction Flames, Activate!
204 Terrifying Battle Capabilities
205 Full Glory Killing Book
206 April’s Snow, Acting Tough King Acts Tough
207 Where Did He Get The God Powered Cannon?
208 Fire The Cannon At Me!
209 Slapped His Own Face
210 You’re Crying Out For Injustice?
211 Three Mystical Flames! Merge!
212 I Throw This Bolt Of Lightning At Your Mum!
213 Que De, lacking in morals
214 Stories About The Dog Emperor
215 Yo, You’re Trying To Cheat Me?
216 The Plan
217 I Want This Jade Seal!
218 Bully! This Is Bullying!
219 Where’s Your Toilet?
220 Those Who Peep At Me Peeing, Shall Die!
221 Now, I Am Going To Shit!
222 What Is The Fire Emperor Eating?
223 I’ve Come To Rob This Tomb!
224 Buy Buy Buy, I Have Money!
225 Heavenly Explosion Faction’s Zhang Qi Ling, Reporting!
226 What The Hell Do You Want?
227 Xu Que Chooses Names
228 Clearing The Imperial Tombs
229 Past Soul Emperor
230 Even If A Loan Has To Be Taken, Acting Tough Is A Must!
231 Spirit Prison Pagoda
232 Your Majesty, Something Bad Has Happened!
233 The Disappearing Dragon Veins
234 Fire Emperor’s Ritual
235 Xu Que Is Back Again!
236 Disturbance In The Nigh
237 Breaking The Fire God’s Protection
238 The Arrival Of The Water Empress!
239 Discussing Life
240 Eat My Butcher’s Cleaver!
241 Come And Kowtow To Your Father!
242 How About You Kneel this Time?
243 Abandoned Dog!
244 Dancing Outside The Imperial Palace
245 Ear Rape!
246 Sacrifice Ritual Preparations
247 Why Am I Only Worth Eight Cities?
248 I Shall Let You Act Tough!
249 At Your Age, You Shouldn’t Be Doing Business!
250 The Act Tough King Can Do It Better
251 We Will Never Cheat!
252 Fire Emperor Led His Mistress Away!
253 Would You Like To Act Tough With Me?
254 This Old Bus Driver Is About To Drive Off. Move Away!
255 Lanxiang Vocational School Begins Enrollment!
256 We Have To Combine Efforts!
257 The Wall Is Falling!
258 Treasure Cove
259 Please Don’t Hurry. Take Your Time!
260 If You Dare To Come, I Shall Blow You Up!
261 This Was Done By Li Bai, That Cheap Bastard!
262 Wrath Of The Fire God!
263 Dog Emperor, It’s Time To Go!
264 Break The Shackles Of Slavery And Save The World!
265 Kill the Fire Emperor! Free the Fire Country!
266 End of Enmity
267 Fate Will Bring Us Together Again!
268 Genesis Fire Herbs
269 The Transformed Fire Country
270 Who's the Country Bumpkin
271 Sit Tight! We’re About to Roll!
272 Don’t Understand Human Language?
273 The Speed Star in Action
274 I Want To Challenge Him
275 Swordsmanship Contest!
276 The Sword Spirit’s Recognition
277 How Dare You Ignore Me!
278 Looking Down On Me?
279 Grinding an Iron Rod into a Needle!
280 No Such Thing as Free Lunch
281 I’ll Give Them All to You!
282 Hit Me If You Dare!
283 Thwack Thwack Thwack!
284 Remnant of the Sword Spirit’s Soul
285 How Shall I Punish You?
286 Learn To Be Low?
287 Find Fujiwara!
288 The Innocent, Naive & Honest Xu Que
289 Advance to Act Tough King!
290 Fight Me, Xu Que!
291 Chapter 291 – Bite Me!
292 The Fickle Human Hear
293 Is That Still Fujiwara?
294 Be Kind To Women!
295 Scum of the Cultivation World!
296 Brother, You’re A Good Man!
297 My Killer God’s Single Stroke
298 Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
299 Don’t be Afraid, Be Calm!
300 My Name Is Naruto Fujiwara
301 Son of a Bitch! Let’s Try Again!
302 Let's Have A Spar
303 Hoodwinking Techniques
304 Watch Out For My Ultimate Move!
305 Accepting the Sword Spirit as a Sworn Brother!
306 Awesome!
307 The Eight-Star Sword
308 Descendant of the Ancient Magic Dragon
309 The Act Tough King’s Ride
310 Count Me In!
311 Come on! Let’s Get Him!
312 Kid, Lick Him!
313 Anybody Want A Ride?
314 Five Elements Mountain?
315 It Was All of You Who Forced Me to Transform!
316 Come, Come!
317 Dodge All You Like!
318 Nicholas Murong Buttface
319 Look Out! Here Comes the Imperial Tomb Conqueror!
320 Labor Is Most Glorious!
321 I’ll Teach You How to Grill Chicken Wings!
322 Exploding Heavens Faction KFC
323 The Name Rings A Bell!
324 We’ll All Go Together
325 You Have Found the Wrong Person!
326 If It Were Me, I Wouldn’t Tolerate This
327 Get Lost If You’re Not Buying
328 You Want To Test Me?
329 This Guy Must Be Crazy!
330 It’s a Trap!
331 The Elder of Sky Incense Valley
332 This Is Priceless
333 Fairness Is Most Important In Business
334 Fixed Price!
335 A Condition Is a Condition
336 Buttface’s 10,000-Year-Old Collection
337 Master is Smart!
338 I’ll Give You A Chance!
339 Xu Que’s Sob Story
340 Professional Grave Robber
341 Harem Of Three Thousand Beauties
342 You Want To Play The Scheming Game?
343 His Royal Highness Sent Me Here!
344 Thank You So Much, Young Lad!
345 We Have Completed The Task
346 A Bumper Harvest!
347 To The Imperial Tombs
348 Gathering Of The Elites!
349 The Empress Dowager Arrives!
350 Need To Make Some Preparations!
351 Your Majesty, Look! That’s Him!
352 Car Show Model Xu Que
353 Has Anyone Brought Water?
354 Stirring Up Trouble?
355 We Owe Young Hero Xu An Apology!
356 The Comeback Of AE86
357 The Drifting Technique
358 Five Consecutive Curves
359 The Legendary Ditch Drifting!
360 This Brother Is Steady!
361 These Are The Ancient Armored Puppets?
362 Don’t Be Too Arrogant!
363 Not The Same As The Contemptible Wretches
364 This Will Overwhelm The Bumpkins!
365 What Is He Trying To Do?
366 This Fellow Is Too Much of a Cheapskate!
367 Step Aside! Back Off! I’ll Take Them On!
368 Iron Man Suit Up!
369 Open Your Eyes & Have A Good Look
370 Why Am I So Strong!
371 Do Not Discriminate Against The Puppets
372 Line Up! Let’s Go
373 The Formidable Young Hero Xu!
374 Why Can’t I Eat It?
375 Will You Obey Me Or Not?
376 That’s An Offensive Term!
377 Yes, I Killed The Fire Emperor!
378 Earth Nation and Wood Nation Were Robbed?
379 Will You Give Me The Empress Dowager Or The Princess?
380 Xu Que Reforms The Imperial City!
381 The Empress Dowager’s Chamber!
382 Deep Waters Of The Royalty
383 I’ll Wait For You
384 Boy, Help!
385 A Group Of Black Monkeys
386 Domestic Chaos In Water Nation
387 The Young Man & His Dog At The Battlefield
388 I’d Be A Fool If I Didn’t Take Them!
389 A Unilateral Massacre
390 Counterattack!
391 The Immortal Emperor’s Sword Ar
392 More People Were Killed
393 Victory
394 Save Me Some Face
395 It Was a Long Story
396 We were bound to win
397 Are You Going To Do It Or Not?
398 Sneak-attacking the Holy Ground at Nigh
399 Let's Go
400 Soldiers Falling From The Sky
401 Here He Was!
402 It Was Time To Give Them A Real Show
403 Zhuge Repeating Crossbow
404 You Have The Ball To Come Down? Yes! I Do!
405 Utmost Victory
406 Risking Your Life To Eat The Ice?
407 Victory
408 You Are Mine!
409 You Should Have Dreams
410 Sextuple Seal
411 The Real War Had Come
412 You Have All Been Surrounded By The Exploding Heavens Faction
413 I Do Admire Your Courage
414 Kill You All
415 Bomb The Blue Water City
416 We Will Not Take Anything
417 They are Invincible; They Come From Hell!
418 Miracles Can Happen More Than Once!
419 He Is Going To Give People A Great Show Tomorrow
420 Something Is Not Righ
421 The Bedroom of the Water Empress
422 The Ice Queen
423 The True Identity of the Water Empress
424 It's Damn Cheap
425 Magic Inscriptions of Star Rank
426 One turning into Three Pure Ones
427 You Are Going To Die Now!
428 You Have Got More People On Your Side
429 You Are Angry? Well, That's What I Want!
430 "Xu Que", the Devil
431 Bang, Bang, Bang!
432 I am Powerful? Why?
433 What a Good Young Man!!
434 The Water Empress Came Back
435 chapter 435
436 The Water Empress is Going to Hold an Auction?
437 I Promise I Will Not Make Any Trouble
438 Chapter 438
439 I Will Get Everything
440 Is He Really Showing Off His Prosperity Here?
441 No One Can Be Better At Arguing Than Me
442 Who the Hell Are You?
443 Chapter 443
444 If I Choose to be Ruthless, I would Target at Myself
445 This Is Really Embarrassing
446 Xu Que’s Method of Making Money
447 A New Store
448 Is This an Unscrupulous Store?
449 We Promise That If The Products Are Fake or Defective, We Will Compensate You with Ten Times’ the Product’s Original Value
450 My Gosh! This is so Delicious!
451 A Sea of People
452 What a Profiteer He is!
453 I have to buy i
454 Knockoff of My Burger?
455 You will pay for copying our business!
456 The Supreme Member Card
457 Let's run a prize draw
458 Now the Price is Raised!
459 You Are Absolutely Right to Raise the Price
460 Wanda Mall of the Exploding Heavens Faction
461 Long live General Zhuge
462 As an Honest Man, Could I Lie to You?
463 A man and a woman in one room
464 Something Every Man Knows!
465 Xu Que is going to go through another Heavenly Tribulation
466 Attract Thunder Tribulation by Acting Tough
467 Heavenly Thunder of Purple Cloud? Haha, my old pal!
468 Let the Heavenly Tribulation be Fiercer
469 Get down, now!
470 The Ancient Catastrophe
471 Heavenly Trial? It is Just a Piece of Cake to Me!
472 It’s OK, It’s OK!
473 It Will Be fine!
474 If You Are Not a Coward, Don't Just Finish It!
475 Chapter 475
476 Ah! I am Dying!
477 Overseas
478 Left Home Young and Came Back Old
479 I, Xiao Yan of the Exploding Heavens Faction, You Came Back!
480 How Dare You Make Troubles Again?
481 The Elites of the Exploding Heavens Faction Are Coming?
482 Here Come the Sovereigns of the Exploding Heavens Faction
483 Welcome, Leader of the Exploding Heavens Faction
484 Weirdos of the Exploding Heavens Faction
485 I'd Better Do It Myself
486 Long Time No See!
487 A Long Nigh
488 Have More If It Is Delicious
489 Returning to the Mysterious Clan
490 The Largest Crisis of the Mysterious Clan
491 The Head of the Exploding Heavens Faction Came Back
492 Everyone, Keep Shouting!
493 Well, We Shall Make Their "Wishes" Come True
494 Do You Like Spicy Beef?
495 It’s True! I Am Xu Que
496 We Need Harmonious Coexistence
497 Being Deeply Moved
498 Chapter 498
499 Man from the Sea Tribe
500 Do You Want Seafood?
501 Too Big to Fit In a Po
502 Li Bai is Dead!
503 I, Li Bai, Am Back Again!
504 Great Seafood Feas
505 Juicy Beef Balls
506 We Are the Wives of the Faction Leader!
507 Put That Piece of Roast Pork Away
508 Are My Magic Arts Fake?
509 He Might Be Poisoned
510 Great Leap of Strength
511 Being Harshly Bea
512 You Look So Filthy, Pooh!
513 The Patron Saint of the Exploding Heavens Faction
514 They Are in Your Stomach!
515 You Can Feel Free to Kill I
516 Care About the Common People in This World
517 Hard-working Xu Que
518 Buttface Has Lost His Memory!
519 I Am Feeling a Bit…
520 A Man of Honor
521 Heading to the Water Nation
522 Am I Good Enough to Live Up to Her?
523 What on Earth was This?
524 Man Must be Magnanimous!
525 I Have a Question
526 No.1 Organization of the World of Cultivators
527 Chapter 527
528 I Really Hate Those Who Advise Me to be Magnanimous
529 He Doesn't Even Think Before He Speaks
530 I Have an Idea!
531 You Have Broken the Law
532 Bully Him
533 Come Back!
534 Please Keep Spurring Me On!
535 I Need Someone to Bully Me, Otherwise, I’ll Feel Uncomfortable
536 The Ancient Teleportation Device
537 The Helpers from the Gong Family Finally Came
538 I’ve Heard that You’re Looking for Me!
539 I Have Said That I Will Kill You, Then I Will Kill You
540 I will Take Advantage of Your Suppressed Strength
541 I Think I'm Dying
542 General Zhuge, Please Don't Die!
543 Embarking on a New Journey
544 Stepping Onto the East Continen
545 Grass!
546 Chapter 546
547 Don’t Forget Your Original Intention
548 Change Your Name or Die
549 Tell Me Your Number; I Want You to Serve Me Later
550 The Three Sections of the Building
551 Helen of Troy
552 The Water Empress with the Rocky Fate
553 Fine, I Will Tell You Who I Really Am
554 The Rule of No Fighting doesn't Exist!
555 I am Coming Again
556 Just Come Out!
557 Frightening Everyone
558 How Does He Sneak In Again?
559 Young Lady, You Are Really Something!
560 第五百六十章
561 Dragon Soul Elemen
562 An Acquaintance Long Time no See
563 Little Que Que
564 A Destructive Woman
565 What a Lewd Woman
566 Bad Luck!
567 Shut Up!
568 If You Don’t Apologize, I Will Kill You!
569 Anyway, It's Not the First Time for Me to Do So
570 The Smell of Death
571 Can You Stop Looking at Me!
572 The Stone-Cutting Convention!
573 It’s My Own Money, I Can Spend as Much as I Wan
574 I Was Set Up by the System!
575 I Have to Show Them How Wonderful I Am
576 Be Cultured and Polite
577 he really ate i
578 Competition
579 Uncontrollable Situation
580 Is Something Wrong?
581 Peculiar Ancient Stones
582 Anyway, I don't Have a Hobby Like Tha
583 Cutting The Ancient Stones
584 Not Challenging At All
585 Chapter 585
586 Make a bundle!
587 I want them to suffer until they cry
588 An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth
589 This is all you've got?
590 Another grand conspiracy!
591 Come out! Come out!
592 Untitled
593 Directions from a Shoe
594 An Advanced Star Rank Magic Ar
595 The Great Ultimate Derivation Dragon & Elephant Seal
596 So what?
597 Don't You Think It's Rather Strange?
598 Not Challenging
599 The Whereabouts of Jiang Hongyan
600 Convergence of Powerhouses
601 Reconciliation
602 The Carefree Building
603 You Have Met Your Match!
604 Here I Am!
605 Burning the Cultivators to Death
606 This Guy is Insane!
607 Stop it, Otherwise, it will Explode
608 Jiang Hongyan’s Heavenly Tribulation!
609 This is Extremely Terrifying
610 A Million Celestial Soldiers Collect Debt!
611 No One Will Survive This
612 Extremely Powerful!
613 The Inscription of the Immortal Emperor
614 My Storage Rings!
615 Don’t Take My Rings Away
616 Please Don’t Open Them
617 Something Wrong
618 The Heavens are Envious of Hongyan
619 A Sad Ending
620 Come and Punch Me!
621 Rival of the Thunder Tribulation
622 Why Are They So Explosion-proof
623 First One Punched
624 Do You Want to Buy Buttface?
625 The Sudden Change of Desolation City
626 The Ancient Bronze Hall
627 Infighting
628 Does It Look Like a Coffin?
629 Are You Going to Make Trouble?
630 The Startling Change of the Ancient Hall
631 The Empress in the Coffin
632 Wrong Magic Ar
633 Invitation from Han Ying
634 A Method to Regain the Taoist Connotation
635 I will Destroy My Cultivation
636 This Could Work
637 Xu Que’s Ordinary Transformation
638 Don’t Bother Me
639 I Have to Call for Reinforcements
640 Any of Them
641 I, Xu Que, don’t Want a Protector like You!
642 The Sudden Coquettishness!
643 Surprise! Surprise!
644 Acquaintances From the Five Elements Mountain
645 Damn! Xu Que, Halt!
646 You Have the Root of Wisdom
647 A Combination of Weirdoes
648 Waiting for Your Reply
649 A Name-calling Contest between Xu Que and Duan Jiude
650 You are really Handsome
651 The Hair-raising Combination of Xu Que and Duan Jiude
652 Precious Treasure in the Mountain
653 The Awful Flirtation
654 An Amazing Taoist Nun
655 Unacceptable
656 Are You Psycho?
657 Flirting
658 Upflowing Sea Competition
659 He Is Indeed Crazy!
660 Nobody Can Stop Me
661 What a Beautiful Boa
662 Do You Want Some Steak?
663 Tonight, We Can Have Some Beef
664 Aircraft Carrier Exploding Heavens
665 How the Hell Can We Play with Him?
666 This is so Awesome
667 He is Really Ruthless!
668 When I was Young
669 Touch the Sky
670 Touch the Sky
671 Holy Sh*
672 The Hope of Returning to the Earth
673 The Taoist Nun Sunk Asleep
674 Please Insult Me to Your Heart's Conten
675 A Fate Match is Drawn by a Thread
676 Charity Begins at Home
677 An Enjoyable Cooperation
678 He is Totally Lunatic
679 Your Ancestor!
680 You are the Kylin Patriarch
681 Go, Buttface
682 Buttface, You've Changed
683 Just Tremble, Earthians!
684 The Reappearance of the Patriarchs
685 Xu Que Finished His Secluded Cultivation
686 Break It with the Heavenly Tribulation
687 Well, I Shall Not Die!
688 Is Something Wrong?
689 I Got It Wrong!
690 This Is Cheating!
691 The Ultimate Trick Of The Exploding Heavens Faction
692 The Chaotic Period Is Coming
693 I Don't Agree!
694 My Name Is Xu Que!
695 The Clown
696 Your Sincerity Is Really Cheap!
697 Kiss Him, Hug Him, Hold Him High!
698 Raise Him Up!
699 Where Is Your Sense of Integrity?
700 This Is Most Urgent!
701 You Want To Rob Me?
702 The Silver Worm of Thread Shadow
703 You Are Xu Que?
704 Talented Xu Que!
705 I Come From The Exploding Heavens Faction!
706 Welcome the Holy Senior!
707 She Is Mine!
708 Take Back Your Life!
709 I Can Easily Kill You All!
710 Weak! You Are Too Weak!
711 My Heart Is Already Dead!
712 The East Continent Bubbled Up
713 What Are You Going To Do?
714 Is There Only One Room Left?
715 Xu Que, Where Is Your Sense Of Integrity?
716 Identity in the Past Life
717 Chapter 717
718 Xu Que, You Are A Bastard!
719 My Friends Of The Jiang Family, I Am Coming!
720 I Can't Control Myself!
721 You Are Such A Bully!
722 Come Forth, the Exploding Heavens Faction!
723 All The Cultivators From The Other Side Were Killed
724 The Formidable Exploding Heavens Faction!
725 Acting Tough From The Beginning To The End!
726 Take Whatever You Like!
727 Joining The Exploding Heavens Faction
728 Chapter 728
729 Are You All Ready To Fight Against Them Together With Me?
730 Extremely Profitable!
731 The Combination of Que, De, and Dog
732 The War Challenge from Xu Que, Duan Jiude, and Buttface!
733 There’s No Time Like The Present!
734 Returning to the Five Elements Mountain
735 Meet Zixia Fairy Again!
736 My Name Is Joker!
737 I, Joker, Will Fight You To The End!
738 I Have Found Their Weak Point!
739 Are You A Member Of The Exploding Heavens Faction?
740 I Will Do It!
741 I Have Come To Rescue You!
742 Are You Gonna Die Or Not?
743 Turn Around, I Have A Surprise For You!
744 Feeling Very Happy!
745 The Ultimate King of Acting
746 An Eerie Scene
747 A Formidable Spell!
748 The Seven Emotions and The Six Sensory Pleasures!
749 Enter the Spell!
750 It Is A Melodramatic Love Story!
751 I Am Going To Break This Spell!
752 Just Fight by Undervaluing Life and Death!
753 Who Am I? Where Am I?
754 Let's Run Away!
755 Xu Que In Women's Clothes
756 Xu Que’s Identity Is Accidently Revealed!
757 So Happy!
758 Just Let Me Act Tough Already!
759 Surprise! Big Surprise!
760 He Squanders Like A King!
761 I Am Your Daddy!
762 Time Flies By!
763 The Return After Breaking The Spell!
764 Here We Are!
765 Open the Seal!
766 It’s Time For The Real Show!
767 Joker, I Will Wait For You!
768 Who Is It? Who Is It?
769 Surprise After Surprise!
770 We Will Do Business!
771 It Was Your Wife Who Made The First Move!
772 You Could Play It That Way?
773 Stance of a Powerhouse!
774 Sneaky Buttface!
775 There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of!
776 Revenge For My Son!
777 Buttface’s Secrets
778 If You want A Husband, Xu Que Is Your Optimal Choice!
779 I Am Xu Que, From The Exploding Heavens Faction!
780 I Am Freaked Out!
781 He Is From The Exploding Heavens Faction?
782 Here I Am!
783 The City Manager Of The Exploding Heavens Faction
784 The Real Advocates
785 Level Up, Act-Tough Saint!
786 The SIM Card Is Here!
787 Download Is Completed Successfully!
788 I will Surprise You by Updating My WeChat Moments!
789 We Have Seen A Ghost!
790 Has The Signal Been Boosted?
791 A Former Classmate
792 10,000 Years From Now!
793 Xu Que Is About To Shoot A Film!
794 Xu Que Got A Huge Amount Of Acting Tough Points!
795 Something Terrible Has Happened!
796 Jiang Hongyan Came!
797 Sigh! Leave If You Want To!
798 Please Remove Your Filthy Hand!
799 A Cheeky Idea!
800 Disturbance Caused By The Curse Letters!
801 Who The Hell Did This?
802 A Man Should Show Some Initiative!
803 It Is Time To Upgrade With Plug-Ins!
804 Come And Beat Me Up If You Are Not Cowards!
805 This Is Really A Blessing For Us!
806 Come!
807 Come On And Be Merry!
808 Asking For Death!
809 You Guys Are Ugly!
810 So What! We Must See It!
811 The Most Wicked Man Is Always Invincible!
812 What Is He Going To Do?
813 Just Because Of My Invincible Strength!
814 You’ll Die If You Don’t Talk Big!
815 Reaching The Form Synthesis Stage
816 The Only One From Ancient To Modern Times
817 Stay the Crap Away!
818 This Fella Is Insane!
819 I Missed You All So Much!
820 Just Throw All Your Remaining Tribulations At Me!
821 Why Do You Chase It?
822 If You Are Handsome Enough!
823 Opening The Big Gift Bag!
824 You’re The One Who Knows Nothing About Power!
825 There’s Still A Celestial Artifact?
826 Severely Injuring A Great Vehicle Stage Cultivator
827 You Animal!
828 To Kill With A Borrowed Knife
829 This is Real Tieguanyin!
830 It Is Not A Problem Of Colors!
831 The Divine Pill Convention
832 You Know Nothing!
833 Throw Them Out!
834 This Is My Bottom Line!
835 Ahh, What A Huge Waste!
836 Exploding Heavens Faction’s Exclusive Medicated Die
837 We Definitely Must Buy It!
838 This Is Not OK At All!
839 Buddy, Please Listen To Me!
840 Leave For The Imperial Palace!
841 Take Double the Payback!
842 He’s Not An Outsider!
843 Where Is My Imperial Palace?
844 Road of Heavenly Ascension
845 Let’s Make Some Trouble!
846 There’s A Dog Called Buttface!
847 Buttface's Amazing Gift!
848 Extraordinary Kismet!
849 Retrogradation of the Blood in the River
850 A Major Disaster!
851 The Weird Last Words
852 This Is Definitely A Serious Issue!
853 The Young Master of the Saint Palace Is Also Here!
854 Seizing the Treasure!
855 You Can’t Do Anything About Me!
856 This Little Thing Is So Cute
857 I Will Only Say Three Sentences To You!
858 My Fellow Cultivator Is So Skillful!
859 I Am Definitely Going To Become Cannon Fodder!
860 Let Me Kill Him!
861 Are My Words Just Wind Past Your Ears?
862 Let Me Ask You Guys A Question!
863 You Guys Must Forgive Him!
864 You Guys Have Gone Too Far!
865 I Have Been Here Before!
866 Heavenly Human Or Angel?
867 Acquisition Of The God-realization Tree
868 The Restrictive Spell On The Corpse
869 Obtain the Space Breaking Spell
870 The Heavenly Human Trial
871 A Magnificent Feast Awaits You!
872 You Are Not To Steal My Kill!
873 Just What Did It Say?
874 Just Make Preparations!
875 Extraordinary Strength!
876 This Is Outrageous!
877 Who Attacked Me Secretly?
878 Little Angels, Here I Come!
879 My Name Is Xu Que! What’s Up?
880 Opening The Gift Bag Again!
881 The Seal Is Lifted!
882 Xu Que, The Trap
883 The Sacred Place Of The Heavenly Human Tribe
884 It Is A Big Treasure!
885 The Way To The Sacred Place
886 How Do We Even Fight?
887 I Dare You To Hit Me!
888 Suck Them Dry!
889 Don’t Run, You Bunch of Cowards!
890 Turn In All Your Treasures!
891 The Way Back Home!
892 I Want To Go Home!
893 Hello, Earth! Good-bye, Earth?
894 Landing On Earth!
895 Who Are You?
896 These Are The Toys I’ve Been Playing With Since My Childhood
897 Return To My Motherland!
898 Well, This Is Awkward!
899 She’ll Be There Too!
900 He’s Back!
901 Long Time, No See!
902 The Truth of Past Events
903 The Psycho Xu Que!
904 The Rewards Of Opening The Spell
905 The Fairy Maiden Descends To Earth!
906 This Is My Woman!
907 It Turns Out That He Is Also A Celestial!
908 Back To School!
909 Another Half Of The Celestial Artifac
910 Did I Get Out On The Wrong Side Of Bed Today?
911 The Big Devil Xu Que Is Back!
912 It Turns Out He Is Really Not A Psycho!
913 It Is Impossible For Me To Keep A Low Profile!
914 I Can’t Find Her!
915 Search For Information
916 I Have Some Questions To Ask You
917 Xu Feifei’s Business Card
918 Are You Softhearted?
919 An Enormous Force!
920 The Plan Is Just One Word – Attack!
921 It Is The Time For Plunder!
922 Powerhouses Won't Eat Their Words!
923 Xu Que, You Are A Bastard!
924 How Can I Eat My Words?
925 Just Compensate Him With Money Then!
926 To Deal With Xu Que!
927 An Evil Plot Unfolds!
928 Angels Are Going To Kill You!
929 The Arrival of the Angels
930 Everyone Feels Insecure!
931 Let Me Go Alone!
932 He’s On Holiday?!
933 That’s Right! That’s Right!
934 Oh, No! Oh, No!
935 So Is He Going Or Not?
936 I’m Gonna Leave If You’re Not Coming Out!
937 Buttface Has Become A Celebrity!
938 I Will Return Flying A Plane By Myself!
939 The First Well-known Unique Skill
940 Correct The Mistake Immediately!
941 Control the Spell Cores
942 The Illusory Spell Of Mount Kunlun
943 I’m The Master Of Kunlun!
944 Look Into My Eyes!
945 You Can’t!
946 Plea!
947 What Are You Doing?
948 Farewell Before Departure
949 Leaving Earth!
950 What The Hell Is That?
951 A Weird World!
952 Look Up And Worship Me With Respect!
953 The One Against 100!
954 Making A Space-Breaking Spell
955 Where Is My Bucket?
956 It’s Time To Make A Fortune Again!
957 It Is None Of My Business!
958 I Am Not That Kind Of Person
959 What An Honest Man!
960 Nobody Can Stop Me From Acting Tough!
961 Which One Should I Choose?
962 All Of You Are Useless!
963 Miss Dong for Miss Dong
964 I Am Wang Dachui Of The Exploding Heavens Faction!
965 I Am Quite Expensive!
966 Have A Look At My Treasure!
967 Master Wang Is Awesome!
968 Do You Believe It?
969 This Is So Horrible!
970 Follow Me, Miss Dong!
971 I’m Not Going In, Good-bye!
972 Accept My Two Terrifying Conditions!
973 Just Don’t Regret It!
974 He Has A Narrow Escape!
975 Where Do You Get Your Confidence?
976 Give Me Your Spirit, Not Your Crap!
977 Show Me Your Sincerity!
978 Hot Potatoes!
979 I Can't Help But Commit A Crime!
980 How Could They Disappear?
981 Just Guess Whether I Will Kill You?
982 Ghost King Blood Sea!
983 Chapter 983 - You’d Even Want That?
984 I'll Kill One For You To See
985 Try My New Magic Art!
986 Just Take It Easy!
987 Why Are You Always So Rude?
988 Ruinous Son!
989 It's Not Pure Enough
990 Don't Move, It's Dangerous!
991 The Red Light!
992 Leave The Manual And Menial Work To Me!
993 Go! Go! Go!
994 It's a Giveaway Question!
995 It's Them!
996 I'm Gonna Charge!
997 Traditional Ambush Of The Exploding Heavens Faction
998 I Want To Convince Them!
999 You Are Lying!
1000 I Am Tang Xuanzang of the Exploding Heavens Faction!
1001 Sign the IOU!
1002 Remnant Soul Restrictive Spell
1003 Who Told You I’ve Done My Best?
1004 I Will Convince Them With My Sincerity
1005 Screw You! Stop!
1006 Fortune Favors the Bold!
1007 I've Never Promised Not to Kill You
1008 The Ice Valley Entrance
1009 Hospitality From Powerhouses
1010 Oh? Really?
1011 Do Something Evil!
1012 Why Is It So Difficult to Commit Bad Deeds?
1013 Why Did My Good Points Shoot Up Again?
1014 Forget It! Let’s Do Something Good!
1015 Finally, Here We Are!
1016 Havoc In Prison Part I
1017 Havoc in Prison Part II
1018 Havoc in Prison Part III
1019 Havoc in Prison Part IV
1020 Havoc In Prison Part V
1021 Havoc In Prison Part VII
1022 Havoc In Prison Part VIII
1023 Are Inferior Celestial Artifacts Still Celestial Artifacts?
1024 Is the Warden a Girl?
1025 Come to My Nest Now!
1026 It’s Really Nice!
1027 A Startling Discovery!
1028 Finally, We Can Go Back!
1029 Swipe Your Card Before Boarding the Bus!
1030 Sit Tight!
1031 Savage!
1032 Watch My Mighty Power!
1033 Just Wait!
1034 This Guy Is Going To Make Trouble Again!
1035 Stay Away from Us!
1036 Is This Guy Always So Horrible?
1037 This Is Absolutely a Misunderstanding!
1038 TheHeavenly Tribulations Were Not As Powerful As Before!
1039 We Can Really Go Back!
1040 How Dare You!
1041 His Resurgence
1042 Yes! Yes! Yes!
1043 Let Me Have My First Attempt!
1044 Just Gamble To Replace Your Bicycle With A Motorcycle!
1045 Awakening Of The Sword Spirit!
1046 I’ll Kill Them All!
1047 The Bad Guys Always Die Because of Being Too Talkative!
1048 I Might Be Killed If I Am Not Careful Enough!
1049 You Are Too Short!
1050 It’s Our Turn To Make Trouble!
1051 How Could Be Such A Weirdo?
1052 Let’s Go To The Celestial Burial Valley!
1053 The Reunion of the Combination of Que, De, and Dog!
1054 A Swift and Ruthless Ac
1055 Lord Voldemort-Buttface
1056 The One Who Rose to Immortality
1057 We’ve Been Targeted!
1058 A Despicable Man
1059 We Should Trust Each Other!
1060 An Acquaintance in the Celestial Burial Valley!
1061 Close the Door and Unleash the Dog!
1062 None of Them Will Escape!
1063 This Guy Is More Horrible!
1064 I Can Be More Presumptuous!
1065 Exchange It for Some Treasures!
1066 Boss Xu Is Awesome!
1067 The Start of a New Misfortune
1068 This Is Not For Sale! Get Lost!
1069 I Will Be Struck By Lightning If I Cheat You!
1070 Is This Guy Always So Headstrong?
1071 We Are Doomed!
1072 Just Spray Her!
1073 Now, You Are Opposing Me!
1074 Master, Why Bother Doing That?
1075 Dirty Tricks to Honor His Master
1076 Now, I Am Really Doomed!
1077 Seven Ins and Seven Outs
1078 Listen to Me Explain!
1079 The Frightening Existence
1080 I’ll Leave Her A Big Surprise