Everyone turned shocked to hear the cold voice.

"Humph.... Now she'll experience what Mr Kim does to stalkers". One of the woman said happily. She cannot wait to see as Mr Kim deals with this stupid bitch.

"Mr Kim, I'm sorry for disturbing you everything is already under control". The receptionist quickly apologise and signaled the security to continue their job. The burly men where about to drag her when Jiseok angrily yelled.
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"Lay your fingers on her and see what I will do". He challenged emitting a murderous aura as he stared at the men with killing intent. Everyone received another joke as the burly men immediately stepped away from her. Secretary Chan who witnessed all this was so speechless.

"Are you waiting for an invitation?" Jiseok said coldly to secretary Chan. He immediately regained his senses and hurried to the receptionist, noting her name from her name tag, he looked at her expressionless.

"Yana Park, you are fired, leave immediately". He turned to the two burly men who were already shaking in fear, "You two are fired, or and you". He said pointing to the one who grabbed her, "You will have to lose those fingers for touching her". After his words, two bodyguards dressed in black walked inside, one grabbed the man hand and was about to cut it off

"Stop!" Taner said calmly. She has to admit she was in shock witnessing everything. She walked calmly to Jiseok and held his arms, she looked intently at his mesmerising ocean deep blue eyes, "Don't cut off his finger..... Please...for my sake". She pleaded. Jiseok stared at her and his cold eyes turned soft a bit.

"For you". He said signalling the bodyguards to let the man go.

"Thank you so much miss.... Thank you". Immediately, the man knelt down thanking Taner.

"Get out of my sight before I change my mind". Taner smiled coldly. But those smile send chill down the spine of the two men as they ran away.

"Miss please forgive me.... I didn't know". The receptionist quickly knelt down and pleaded with Taner . Taner looked at her smiling coldly, "Just because I stopped that doesn't mean I'm an angel". She walked closer to the girl and slapped her hard.



"That's for calling me a stalker". She said smiling charmingly. "I hate bullies". She said firmly before turning to Jiseok. At this moment, everyone present made a mental note to never cross her path or be on her bad mood. The women saying bad things were shaking in fear as she stared at them.

"Mr Kim I'm really sorry for what she did!" the manager quickly ran down and apologise.

"You are apologising to the wrong person, apologise to my girlfriend". Jiseok said expressionless holding her hands.


They all received another shock hearing this news.

"I'm sorry miss". The manager quickly apologise.

"No need, the damage is already done". She said coldly. At that moment, secretary Chan returned and whispered something to Jiseok. He nodded turning to Taner.

"Let's go". She nodded and with that they left the restaurant with people gapping at them.

"Oh yes, manager Kong, tend in your resignation first thing tomorrow". Jiseok stopped at the entrance and said coldly before walking away, with his hand in Taner's back.

"Hope you will obey". Secretary Chan said handing him a file before leaving with the bodyguards. Opening the file, he collapsed on the floor lifeless with pale face, his eyes filled with shock and fear.

Jiseok calmly opened the door of his gold colooured Rolls Royce Sweptail for Taner, before calmly entering the driver seat and driving off.

"Why did you fire the manager? He's innocent". Taner inquired.

"Is he?" he smirked coldly remembering the disgusting things that the manager did.

"What do you mean?" she asked confused. He took out a file and give it to her."Read it". She opened it and was shocked on what she was seeing. The manager was guilty of rapping, harassing, stealing money and many other crimes.

"He should be sent to jail!" she said angrily.

"Don't worry about that, he will, trust me". He smiled.

Taner stared at his side profile. His hair was neatly combed and styled as tapered fade comb over. She looked at his prominent straight pointed nose, his straight arched eyebrow, his mesmerising phoenix deep ocean blue eyes that seems to draw her in, his sharp prominent chin cleanly shaved that can cut through paper, finally his sexy kissable pink lips that seem to be calling her to taste.

"Are you through raping me with your eyes?" Jiseok smirked. Taner was flustered being got red-handed, 'wait did he just say eye raping?'

"I didn't **** you with my eyes I was just checking you out so what?" she challenged. What's the use in lying when she was caught red-handed.

"If you keep doing that I'm afraid I won't be able to hold back anymore". Jiseok smiled musing at her reaction as he stares at her sideways.

Taner decided to tease him a little, "Who's stopping you then?" Jiseok smirked already reading her mind. He smiled slyly and suddenly parked the car.

"Hey... What are you....."

Before she could complete her sentence, she felt the touch of his burning lips on hers. Just that touch was enough to send bolt of electricity in her whole body. She tried speaking but he used that opportunity to insert his tongue inside her mouth. She was becoming breathless as he continued sucking her lips. When he felt her relaxing, he finally broke the kiss.

"That was fun". He smiled seductively as he pulled away and started driving. Taner quickly turned her face away from him as she felt her blood rush up to her neck and face.

"We are here". Jiseok announced calmly as he parked in the underground parking spot reserved for him alone. Taner only felt someone holding her hand before she snapped back to reality.

"Come on wife, glad to have you back with me". He said smiling deeply as he led her to inside the five star restaurant.

"Welcome Mr Kim and miss Lu, please this way". The manager quickly greeted them with a waiter and escorted them to their reserve table. After making sure they are settled, the manager instructed the staff before leaving them.

"I'll quickly get everything". The staff said after receiving a signal from Jiseok and left quickly.

"Sorry, I already made an order for us, though I'm sure you will love it".


"You look beautiful". Jiseok smiled staring intently at Taner. Taner blushed a little after hearing the compliment.

"Thanks for the gift". Jiseok was mesmerised by her beauty as he found himself lost staring at her beautiful face that was slightly red due to her blushing. She looked more alluring. She finally looked at the interior decoration around them, there was red candles surrounding them and roses scattered around the table and also surrounding them, it seemed so romantic as she kept on looking.

"Bon appetite". The waiter said after serving their food and wine. The table was immediately filled with so many delicacies; lamb chops, steak, samgyeopsal, bibimbap, samgyetang, galbi, sundae, sushi and lasagna. Then for the wine, they were served chardonnay.

"Thanks". Taner said to the waiter and started eating. "Hmm! Oh my gosh this is so delicious". She smiled brightly as she tasted the lamb chops.

"Glad you like it, try the rest". Jiseok smiled satisfied and happy she likes what he chooses.

"Like it? I love it!" Taner said happily. "Why aren't you eating?" she asked noticing that Jiseok hasn't touched his food.

"I'm already having my fill just staring at you". He said winking.

"Stop flirting and eat, here have this". Taner unknowingly picked took a spoonful of the bibimbap to feed him, urging him to open up. He was taken aback by her action before eating it.

"It tastes delicious especially eating it from you". Jiseok smiled brightly. Taner flushed red and decided to ignore. They continue eating their food in harmony.

After eating, suddenly the light became dim and only one bight light shone on Taner.

"Look outside". Jiseok said calmly. Taner could not believe her eyes, outside on the bill board written boldly.


Taner was speechless as she turned and stared at Jiseok who was already on his knees. "Look straight". She listened to him and was once again dumbstruck.


She was awestruck and could feel hot tears already threatening to spill out. Everyone in the restaurant staring intently at them.

"Lu Taner Val, the girl I'm madly in love with, I know it sounds crazy but I've been in love with you for a very long time. I tried to stop it but I couldn't. You are the shining star in my dark life shining brightly and saving me from darkness, I tried living without you but I can't. You make me feel alive and without you I'm as good as dead. I can't express how much I love you nor can I promise you a live of constant happiness but all I know is right here, right now, in front of everyone, will you make me the happiest man alive? will you marry me?"