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Author :_shuly_
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'We all have wound that can always heal

But the scar left behind is what hunts us

We all want to live without scars

But we can't

We all have our scars to battle with

But we should never allow it ruin our present

We must all live with it'.

"Good morning sleepy head". Mia smiled waking up and greeted. "You are up L early, what's the occasion?" she sat up straight as she stared at her holding three boxes. "Oh my gosh! You bought me gifts to share me up! Thanks!" Mia excitedly ran to her hugging her tightly.

"Will you let me speak now?"

"Umm... Yeah sorry".mia smiled sheepishly.
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"Umm...these are for me". Taner said shyly.

"No problem, let me just see what's inside". Mia happily opened the biggest box. "OMG!!" She exclaimed shocked. Inside the box was a long beautiful red off shoulder overlapping Cape sheath gown with slit.

"Oh my gosh! This is the design of the famous Helen Moon collection which is the only one of its kind! My gosh! The fabric is so soft and smooth!" Mia squealed excitedly. She quickly opened the second box that is smaller than the first. "Oh my freaking gosh! TANER! you are gonna kill me with all these surprises!" Inside the box was a pair of 5 inches gold platform heels glittering, matched with a gold metallic clutch, made by the famous Crystal, it is also a limited edition available for only one. Mia was so excited and hurriedly opened the last box which was the smallest.

"OMG! I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE MY EYES!! Inside the last box was a smaller box. Mia quickly opened the box to see a gold necklace with a Swan pendant and a pair of gold Swan earrings. It was made by the famous jeweler, Diamond. It was the only collection of its kind yet to be showcased to the public. Taner looked inside the box and picked a letter out.

{Can't wait to see you wearing this (^_^)

Your one and only


Taner almost vomited blood after seeing the heart emoji. Mia took the letter from her in her state of shock and read it.

"OMG!" Mia exclaimed jumping excitedly. "You never told me you have a boyfriend! I'm so angry". She said pretending to be angry.

"I'm sorry, it's just.... New to me". Taner stammer scratching her hair. "Never mind ill just return all these back to him". She started picking up everything intending to put it back inside the box.

"You must be joking!"

"I'm not,..... I.... I can't just accept all these, they are too expensive and I don't want to own anyone". Taner argued back.

"I doubt he would take it back. Taner just accept it, I know that life never treated you fairly but now it is, not everyone want something from you in return for their gift, if I were you I'll happily enjoy this moment while it last". Mia advised and gave up.

"You know me too much". Taner sighed deciding to keep the things.

"So mind telling me what's going on?" Mia finally asked the question bothering her.

"Thought you will never ask". She smiled before explaining everything and telling her the details.

"I.... I don't know what to say, Taner, are you finally letting go of your love? You know you can't turn back now and you can't leave Jiseok if your first love returns". Mia asked looking at her worried. She knew how much Taner have been waiting for him and all her efforts.

Taner was quiet for a while, she closed her eyes for some minutes before opening them filled with determination, "It's finally time for me to move on, God knows I did all my best but guess fate has a different plan for me, I have finally accepted we are not meant to be, I wish him all the happiness he deserves wherever he is. Even though I don't know what I feel for Jiseok, I'm sure I'll fall in love with him the more I spend more time with him". She said firmly. Mia stood up hugging her tightly.

"You know I'm always here and will support you no matter what you do". Taner smiled hugging her back.

"Alright enough of this melodrama, it's time to get you ready for your date! I'm so excited I get to do it again!"

Taner could already feel an headache raising as she looks at the mischievous smile on her face. 'What have I gotten myself into?' she thought deeply.


Taner looked at the tall building in front of her. She could see many elites walking gracefully inside. Taking a deep breath, she calmly walked forward. As she entered the five star restaurant, everyone eyes was immediately on her as they marveled at her beauty. The long red off shoulder overlapping cape sheath gown with slit, exposed her cleavage, snow white neck and hugged her body tightly showing her big bust, slim waist and perfectly hour glass figure. The gold necklace glittering and glowing on her neck. Her hair was packed in a braided messy bun, with her bangs combed to the side. Her makeup was simple and made her more beautiful and angelic.

"Who's that lady?"

"She looks like an international model!" someone exclaimed.

"I would kill for that beauty and figure".

"OMG! Is that Helen Moon damsel piece, I heard its only one in the whole world!"

"It must be a lookalike". Another woman scorned.

"Wait a second, that's the only piece of the famous Crystal and Diamond collection... My boyfriend tried buying it for me but they refused to sell saying its priceless and not made for anyone, they said it was a personal project".

"They must all be knockoffs! The audacity of that woman!" the same woman snarled.

"I doubt it is".

Taner could hear all their murmuring but choose to ignore them. 'Yeah that's where they belong..... Behind me'. She mused smiling at her thought. She walked calmly to the receptionist. "Hi, I have a reservation with Mr Kim Rodriguez". Everyone immediately turned to her, disbelief written all over their faces.

"Tch.. As beautiful as she is, she is still trying to get close to Mr Kim". One of the woman snarled disgusted.

"I thought she was different but turns out she's like all those gold diggers". Another woman snarled.

"I'm sorry miss, but there's no mention of anyone having a reservation with Mr Kim". The receptionist looked at her calmly. "Miss, you should stop stalking Mr Kim, it's disgusting, Mr Kim never meets with any woman as a matter of fact, please leave before I call security". The receptionist said with obvious disgust. Taner was shocked and couldn't believe her ears.

"Please check again, I'll try calling him".

"Miss please leave or I'll be forced to call security to throw you out". The receptionist said angry, already signaling for the guards to come. Two burly guards quickly made their way towards them.

"Please mam, come with us calmly or we will drag you out". One of the burly men said already reaching to hold her hand.


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