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Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord


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Yuan Xuelan was a plague upon all three Realms, a tyrant to the core. \n\nHumans, he subjugated and turned into his slaves while named himself their Emperor.\n\nDemons he slaughtered till they could only cower and worship him like a god.\n\nCultivators, he destroyed and crippled until only his own sect remained standing. \n\nAnd the Heavens could only look down in horror because even their divine...
《Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord》 Auxiliary Volume
-2 Foreword and WARNINGS! *please read before you proceed*
-1 Glossary of Things I Really Should Have Added From the Beginning. But Didn't.
《Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord》 Text
1 Prologue
2 The first meeting - a second time
3 Doubts
4 Creepy Sumeng
5 Different but same
6 Going on a trip
7 Sleeping under the stars
8 Zu Village
9 Don't bring trouble
10 Sumeng is too...
11 Who?
12 A dense fog
13 The thing in the Lake
14 Cabin in the woods
15 What I wanted to say was...!
16 Undoing
17 Please have more realistic expectations
18 Summoning
19 Battle at the lake
20 I'd still love you
21 Days living like a dog
22 Return
23 Don't you want to see him?
24 Determination
25 A stroll
26 Below the mountain
27 A difficult case
28 A difficult case 2 !?
29 Not running away!
30 The story of Cao Sancui
31 The story of Cao...!?
32 What had changed
33 After all
34 This is more importan
35 The Hidden Sec
36 A bad time
37 Three days
38 Shouldn't be too difficul
39 Praise me more
40 Phoenix
41 For he was cruel
42 Friend not food
43 A formidable foe
44 In the safety of secrecy and solitude
45 The Organ Eating Dagger
46 Don't you know about personal space!?
47 Like an idiot, los
48 Sadness can be defeated
49 Don't worry, Little Crane
50 Greetings
51 Winter Picnic
52 Fate was fickle, playful, and cruel
53 Show me
54 I know...
55 On the matter of war
56 Would he be taller?
57 The most deplorable baby
58 She had gigantic...!
59 I suppose this one is the pures
60 A sweet date
61 The story of Qun Tao
62 Home sweet home
63 An interesting thing
64 Xiaoxiao
65 In the summer months
66 Bringing news
67 The cracking of thunder
68 A cloud of resentmen
69 Not even a year ago...
70 I’m not going to rate him!
71 Could it be jealousy?
72 Returning to the mis
73 Piles and piles
74 Cries for help
75 This time
76 What is that thing!?
77 A rain of death
78 Hui Ziwang shows his face
79 The willow tree
80 Forgive
81 Chaos on the battlefield
82 The black city
83 He realized with clarity
84 Heart in chaos
85 Even the way he ate was beautiful
86 Quick, think!
87 He felt disgusting
88 Winding canyons
89 The second tragedy
90 The Temple
91 A suspicious person
92 Up the stairs
93 Senseless cruelty
94 Fighting like cats
95 Of course I’m the one who should go
96 We will stop him
97 The watchtower
98 Don’t get cold fee
99 Just get it out of my sigh
100 I see him
101 That's good then
102 Fast growing cold
103 The wine supply
104 The trail left by a blind man
105 What really happened
106 Dark clouds
107 Parting the Heavens
108 Is this your great plan
109 Marking the end of another day
110 Going nowhere
111 Forgiveness was bitterswee
112 What wife?
113 Death and killing were inevitable
114 It’s not a lover’s spa
115 Fingers pried open the earth
116 His worst moods were always the quiet ones
117 He thought he heard wrong
118 Unconcerned and tranquil
119 Can I...?
120 If you keep doing that...!
121 Between Brother and Sister
122 They parted ways
123 The chance would come
124 Bring it on
125 Do what you have to
126 Unfortunately unremarkable
127 No one budged an inch
128 Please sit tigh
129 The last feeling he felt was dread
130 The problem with possession
131 Oh, Father!
132 She knew that voice
133 A bad feeling
134 If only karma was so simple
135 No words were said between them