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True Love: Two Souls, One Heart Only
Author :Cutebunnyxi
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8 Reunion.

Jay reserve a table in the New York Four Seasons Hotel, it's a place where they've used to stay and eat while on holidays at NY. He just came back from a flight though it's actually a tiring day he seems to not mind. He texted his mom in CA telling her he safely got back from Malaysia and he will be staying for in Four Seasons for 3days and 2nights before seeing his parents. He also mentioned that he is having dinner with Xiao Mei.

Seeing his son SMS, Karen France was relieved that Jay got back safely from his trip after her ex-husband James Richmond went missing for the last 13years. The traumatic experience of the event to her son especially after the airline company of Capt. Richmond put all the blame of the accident on him. The media made a lot of commotions and really did some bad stuff on his son while growing up. Karen snapped from remembering the past when she heard her husband calling her. Shaun France was coming out of the bathroom and he was dripping wet, naked and it seems Karen was supposed to bring him fresh towels when she didn't get back after going in their basement which is their laundry area seeing her husband blushing a little she was glad she married this wonderful man who loves her and treating her son like his own.

At the administration building of the Harvard University Mei has just finished all her school documents needed for this school year and her moving to the dorms. Mei looked at her phone she saw Jay has send her a message from the airport that his in New York now and heading to four seasons and will meet her at 7pm for their dinner. Mei looked at her phone and check the time it's almost 5pm already and she wants to freshen up first beforehand so she went to her car and drove back to the apartment.

Jay was nervous as hell thinking about Mei it's been 3 years and he miss her. It's 5:40pm and he just check in the hotel. There's still some time before the dinner time they arranged no he quickly took a shower and check his computer when he received an anonymous email he saw the weirdest caption on the subject: Demons and Demoness goes well together he was distracted before he could check the email when the reception remind him confirming his reservations time as he instructed when he check in to the hotel.

Jay closed his laptop and wore his shirt and coat it's 6:30pm and he wants to be there to greet her. He went to get the bouquet of flowers he got for her on the way to four seasons and he then search for a blue velvet box on his coat pocket. He smile as he open the box "I hope she will like it", he closed the box and put back the box back in his pocket. He went to the restaurant and the waiter brought him to the nice spot by the windows.

He can see the beautiful lights outside and feeling nervous about the reunion with the woman he loves can make him happy and scared at the same time.

A nice red sports car parked in front of the hotel and a beautiful woman dress in the same color her long beautiful legs exit as she gracefully exit her car. Like a goddess decent from the heavens and stole all the men hearts as they laid eyes on her.

She handed the keys to her car to the attendant who was in charge of parking of guest and visitors of the hotel.

The attendant was in awe and almost stutter from answering the lady in front of him. He felt electric currents as his fingers brushed slightly as she handed her the keys.

The woman smiled and started walking in the hotel lobby when an old attendant of the hotel noticed her he approached her and smiled.

"Miss France how are you? Welcome to the Four Seasons Hotel it's been awhile since I have seen you. I'm glad to seeing you again. Ah Sir France is already in the 4th floor it's the French/Italian Restaurant."

Old man Lee it's good to see you it's been awhile! I'm good thank you for asking! So Jay is here is been 3 years since we saw each other it's quite a siblings reunion!". Mei smiled at the old man and got on to the elevator and press the floor of restaurant when her phone vibrates and a familiar ringtone begun to sound.
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