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370 Don“t be Like This

Chapter 370: Don't be Like This

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The next day was the day that Tang Xuan had arranged to apologize to Tangning. It was also Tangning's second day on set at 'Hidden Expert'.

"Send a photo of my mother and father to the media and provide evidence that that woman was a mistress. The more the situation gets out of hand, the better. The best outcome is for the Mo Family to find out how disgusting Tangning and her mother are..." Before Tang Xuan could continue, her phone was pulled out of her hand. Tang Xuan immediately turned around. Upon realizing it was her younger brother, she breathed a sigh of relief, "Jingxuan, give me back my phone."

Tang Jingxuan did not respond. He simply took advantage of his height and placed the phone to his ear, "The plan is canceled."

"What are you doing?"

"Tang Xuan, I can't believe how cruel you are. Were you born this evil?" Tang Jingxuan sneered as he threw the phone back to her. "I have no control over who you want to plot against and what you want to do. Just don't let me hear about it."

"Jingxuan, I am doing this for the sake of the family."

"I don't feel that Tangning is a hindrance to me at all," Tang Jingxuan ruffled his hair and sneered as he returned to his room. "Oh, by the way, since you are in charge of the Tang Family now, I'm sure you have no opinion against me joining the entertainment industry, right?"

"Are you joking? You are the fourth young master of the Tang Family..."

"I'll take that as a yes..." Tang Jingxuan's tall figure quickly disappeared out of sight.

Not long after, Mother Tang returned to find Tang Xuan sitting angrily on the living room sofa.

Tang Xuan sneered and stood up, "If you don't want to stay in this family, you are welcome to leave at any time. Of course, if you want to continue being treated like a slave, you are welcome to do that too."

Mother Tang did not respond as she headed to her bedroom. However, Tang Xuan deliberately revealed, "I've passed on the evidence of you being a mistress to the media. Last time, it only caused a small stir before Mo Ting settled it. But this time, I have solid evidence! I will let everyone know how you seduced my father...and caused the death of my mother!"

"I tolerated you in the past for the sake of your father's pride. But, I no longer care about that. So, Tang Xuan, let me warn you now...you are going to regret everything you've done."

As Mother Tang said these words, she no longer had the usual anger in her eyes. Instead, it appeared like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Tang Xuan was surprised by her response. But, before she could refute, Mother Tang had already returned to her room.

"Stop where you are..."

Rather than being tortured everyday, Mother Tang decided to put an end to everything in one go.

If Tang Xuan dared to hurt her daughter again, she was going to make her pay.


That evening.

Tangning was packing her luggage because she needed to go film 'Hidden Expert'.

Mo Ting called Han Xiner over to provide some assistance while he pulled Tangning into the bedroom. Before Tangning could stand up straight, he had already wrapped her in a tight hug, "This time, I have no way of coming with you."

"I know," Tangning nodded. 'Hidden Expert' was to be filmed in multiple locations, so Tangning understood it would be impossible for Mo Ting to follow by her side the entire time.

"3 months...If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have accepted this script for you."

"Manager Mo. Even if you avoided it this time, you wouldn't be able to avoid it forever," Tangning laughed as she wrapped her arm around Mo Ting's waist. "Don't worry, no matter where I am, I will take good care of myself and will get Xiner to update you on my status. As for Long Jie, when she gets back, let her consider finding a position in Hai Rui. Since she is married now, she should stop running around with me."

"I will check on you every day..."

After speaking, Mo Ting grabbed Tangning's cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss. His kiss was a little less violent but a little more sentimental than usual.

Tangning returned his affection. Only when her cheeks were completely red did they separate.

"Don't be like this..." Tangning requested.

However, Mo Ting sat down on the bed and pulled Tangning onto his lap.

Afterwards...another kiss arrived. Tangning couldn't quite handle his force as she let out a sound, but Mo Ting quickly drowned out her voice, "After being married for so long, this is the first time we will be separated for so long."

"I feel like I cling to you more than you cling to me..."

"Mrs. Mo, I suddenly feel like I got the shorter end of the stick..."

"Is it true that the person to invest more love, would always be the one that misses the other more?"

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Tangning was a little surprised. Although she usually kept her feelings to herself, it didn't mean she didn't miss Mo Ting...

"You accepted this script for me, so I will do my best to complete it. I want to be the best wife for you. That way I will have a sense of security."

Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly like he wanted to fuse her with his own flesh and blood...Although, he didn't want to let her go...

...this was the Tangning that attracted him the most; the Tangning that worked hard to create a life of her own. The Tangning at this time was the most dazzling.

"Tonight, you better make up for the upcoming 3 months..."

Tangning leaned forward and nibbled Mo Ting's ear, "Like this?"

Mo Ting flipped over and pressed her under his body as he tore off her clothes, "No, you will start making up for it starting from now..."

A moment later, Han Xiner finished packing Tangning's luggage. She originally wanted to notify the couple, but as she approached the bedroom she heard some slight noises coming from inside. Her cheeks burned red as she took a few steps back.

It was still the middle of the day...

...yet the couple couldn't resist? But, when Han Xiner thought about the long period of time that they'd be apart, she understandably turned around and returned to her apartment.

However, before Tangning was to appear on set, she had to first see Tang Xuan.

The weather in March was pleasantly warm.

Han Xiner arrived promptly at Hyatt Regency to take Tangning to her meeting with Tang Xuan at the hotel. However, Tangning had not woken up.

That morning, not only Tangning, but also Mo Ting was so exhausted from their intimate activity that he was late for work...

"Ting... I'm supposed to meet with Tang Xuan at 10am. I'm going to be late."

Hearing Tangning's words, Mo Ting sat up and lifted her in his arms; carrying her all the way into the bathroom for a bath.

"Don't be like this... When you do stuff like this, it gives me the urge to give up on everything and simply stay by your side."

Mo Ting wrapped her in a towel. As he noticed the marks he left on her body, he felt a little regretful. Apart from last time when she was filming, this was the second time he had done this.

"Does it hurt?"

Tangning smiled and shook her head.

"I've already caused you to give up on the title of supermodel. How could I let you give up on becoming a top actress? How could I bear to do something like that?" After Mo Ting spoke, he released her from his arms.

Tangning hugged Mo Ting from behind and said in a soft voice, "You are the person that motivates me to become stronger."

"I can give up on becoming a supermodel because of you, but I can also become a top actress because of you."