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91 I“m Already Married

Chapter 91: I'm Already Married

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Tangning looked at Mo Ting as a sense of sorrow swept through her body. Someone like Mo Ting could have found a smart and beautiful wife; someone that didn't cause him trouble, make him worried or force him to clash with the other people at Hai Rui.

However, since they were destined to meet, she was never going to let him go. So, she lowered her head and looked at Mo Ting's right-hand before slipping her fingers between his and enjoying his warmth.

"When a person is in a difficult situation, they become extra vulnerable. If there is something I can do for you, I will do it. And even if I can't, I wouldn't easily give up."

After hearing these words, Tangning cried and smiled at the same time; her tears forced their way out of her eyes. Because in this entire world, only she knew, how good Mo Ting treated her.

Mo Ting was afraid of seeing her cry, but it just so happened this woman of his enjoyed crying, so all he could do was gently pat the back of her head; it was his way of showing comfort and support...

Seeing the scene in front of her, Long Jie didn't want to break up the happy atmosphere, but, Han Yufan had already repeatedly rung over ten times. Long Jie hesitated before handing the phone to Tangning.

Tangning adjusted her mood. After she calmed down, she picked up the phone, "What do you want?"

However, all she heard was silence on the other side of the phone. Tangning got impatient. Just as she was about to hang up, Han Yufan finally spoke, "Tangning...I've been kicked out of the board of directors."

"That's how it should be," Tangning replied calmly.

"The company will be faced with bankruptcy soon and the court will seize my house and car. I have nowhere to turn now, that's why I've decided to go overseas; I want to take you with me. I've already seen your statement, but it won't do anything, it's just a useless attempt. You won't be able to clear your name!" Han Yufan quickly blurted out. It seemed he had truly lost everything without the slightest chance of recovery.

"Tangning, as long as you come with me, I won't mind what you've done with Mr. Li. We can go back to how we used to be; we will be happy."

"I know you still love me, or else you wouldn't continue staying in Tianyi. Come back to me..."

Hearing this, Tangning revealed an expression of ridicule and mockery. She wanted to know how Han Yufan still had the audacity to say such words.

After a few seconds of silence, she responded with a cold voice, "I remained in Tianyi, not because I love you, but because I wanted to see you suffer."

"It's just that I never expected Mo Yurou would be so ruthless that she'd sacrifice herself in order to destroy you."

"Han Yufan, you go to hell by yourself, I won't be going with you; no one will be going with you..."

As soon as Tangning's words left her mouth, Han Yufan wanted to respond, but at that moment...Mo Ting spoke beside Tangning's ear, "I will be going to the study room to handle some things."

Tangning was stunned for a moment before understanding Mo Ting's intention; he no longer wanted to hide in front of Han Yufan. So, she gently nodded her head and replied to Mo Ting, "Don't turn the air conditioner on too high."

"OK," Mo Ting nodded. Although Mo Ting felt quite rest assured to enter the study, he still gave Lu Che a phone call, "Send someone to keep an eye on Han Yufan. Don't let him go anywhere he shouldn't and don't let him go near the media."

"Yes, President."

After putting down his phone, Mo Ting flipped open the documents beside him like nothing had happened. Did Han Yufan think he could just run off like that after hurting Tangning so many times?

Over the phone, Han Yufan heard the voice of a man coming from Tangning's end and heard their affectionate tone of speaking. His voice suddenly turned cold, similar to when he caught Mo Yurou cheating, "Who was the man just then?"

"It's none of your business," Tanging replied calmly.

"Tangning!" Han Yufan yelled angrily, "Tell me, did you really sleep with Li Yu? And are you cohabiting with another man now? How could you be so shameless?"

"Han Yufan, don't forget, our relationship ended a long time ago. You have no right questioning who I'm with."

"We were once engaged..."

"I'm already married," Tangning suddenly cut him off mid-sentence. By using this explosive piece of news, she made Han Yufan completely speechless, "From now on, my business really has nothing to do with you."

"Married? Tangning are you lying? You? Getting married? You think with your current state someone would marry you?" Han Yufan exclaimed hysterically. Rather than saying he didn't believe a word, in actual fact, he was just lying to himself.

On the other side of the phone, the response was complete silence...

"So you're really married?" Han Yufan brushed his hand across his head; he suddenly felt like a knife had stabbed through his heart. The pain made it hard for him to breathe.

This wasn't right, he shouldn't feel this way. He had loved Mo Yurou all along and never had feelings towards Tangning...

However, suddenly hearing Tangning had married someone else, Han Yufan felt like his soul had been pulled out of his body and all that was left was an empty shell.

No, this can't be, how could this be happening? The Tangning that had followed him around and done everything for him, how could she now belong to someone else?

In Han Yufan's heart, he had always been dreaming; a dream that no matter how badly he treated Tangning and how much he hurt her, as long as he waved a finger, she would come running back to him; a dream that all along she only argued with him for the sake of it.

However, just a moment ago, Tangning had actually announced she got married...

Han Yufan suddenly exploded in laughter as tears sneaked its way out of the corners of his eyes, "Tangning, would you rather marry an old man than to reconcile with me?"

"Don't tell me you don't know you are disgusting," Tangning's voice got colder.

She realized, in Han Yufan's heart, no matter what she did, he would assume she'd done something wrong. He had always been domineering without even the slightest bit of trust or respect for her.

"Then tell me, who did you marry?"

Although Mo Ting had already decided to reveal himself in front of Han Yufan, Tangning didn't want to make her own decisions without consulting him. So she pushed open the study room door, covered the phone and asked Mo Ting, "Han Yufan wants to know who you are..."

Mo Ting glanced at Tangning's phone. His chestnut-colored eyes looked deeply as he waved Tangning over to sit on his lap. After a little while, he finally responded, "Let's meet him then..."

"I will send someone to get him so he can meet me."

With Mo Ting's identity, he wasn't someone Han Yufan could just rock up casually and see. Han Yufan wasn't worthy!