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878 I Am A Major General In The Air Force


"I am a major general in the Air Force," Li Jin replied. "The area where the plane crashed was not far from our base."

The conversation suddenly became too serious, so Lin Qian did not know how to reply. But, at least, she and Li Jin had a common topic of discussion.

"I have high expectations for the actors."


"If I don't like their acting, I may walk out halfway."

"Ning Jie's films never disappoint," Tangning's acting was so good that Lin Qian was able to speak confidently about it.

Lin Qian originally thought that Li Jin would argue back, but he instead turned his head and focused on the road in front of him. Obviously, he could sense the level of respect that Lin Qian had for Tangning.

"I was a little delayed when carrying out my mission."

In other words, he wasn't deliberately late.

"I understand that you were a little delayed. But, what if you don't return one day?" Lin Qian turned and asked Li Jin.

Li Jin suddenly fell silent.

This was a problem that would forever exist between them. No matter how brave Lin Qian was, it would be impossible for her to accept that her other half lived his life on the edge everyday.


Tonight was the premiere night of 'Survivor'. Although it wasn't a public screening, there were plenty of celebrities present to show their support.

In fact, Mo Ting did not give his artists any instructions, yet they naturally attended the premiere on their own because they all wanted to witness Tangning's acting once again.

As a result, plenty of Beijing's media outlets, film critics, experienced filmmakers and other special personalities attended the premiere. Meanwhile, in the front row of the theater, the director still insisted on reserving a seat for Tangning; he was sure she'd turn up.

Every seat filled and the film began to play. But, everytime Tangning created a climax in the film, everyone would subconsciously look towards the empty seat at the front. It was a shame...Tangning was not there...

The film lasted for 136 minutes. During the screening, not a single person popped out to the bathroom, nor did anyone discuss the plot amongst themselves.

They were simply consumed in the emotions...especially as the film came to an end.

Tangning was a genius. No matter what role she played, she always left a deep impression.

Even Li Jin, who had high expectations, did not leave halfway. In fact, he waited until the entire film finished before he said to Lin Qian, "I couldn't differentiate her from the real survivor I met all those years ago."

Li Jin's words held the most weight because he was there during the rescue mission. So, the fact that these words came from his mouth meant that 'Survivor' was truly a success.

After the premiere was completed, various reviews began to pop up online.

Of course, while fans were emotional about the unpredictable nature of life, they also felt it was a shame that a talented actress ended her acting career with 'Survivor'.

Especially since Tangning had filmed 'Survivor' under such harsh conditions.

"Can anyone convince Tangning to come back..."

"Please Tangning, please forgive us for being temporarily blind."

"Tangning's too precious. With her level of acting, even if she actually killed someone, I would still forgive her."

"The fact that Tangning didn't appear at the premiere shows how determined she is to distance herself from being an actress."

In the end, Tangning did not appear at the premiere...

It was almost like the film had nothing to do with her.


"The film was amazing. It's a shame that Ning Jie didn't get to watch it herself," Lin Qian sighed on the way home. "Although Ning Jie is still a part of the film industry, it's still a huge difference from actually partaking in a film. It feels like something's missing to not see Tangning on screen anymore."

"Everyone has their own choices in life."

Although Li Jin didn't know how to comfort people, this was the undeniable truth.

"By the way, my parents already know of your existence."

"!" Lin Qian was a little shocked.

Li Jin understood that Lin Qian still needed a long time to heal her previous wounds, so he assured, "They are willing to wait for now."

"But, I don't understand why you are so against meeting them."

"I'm not ready yet. For a woman, meeting someone's parents has an extra layer of meaning," Lin Qian replied. "Plus, I don't think we are at that stage yet. I know nothing about you. For example, you told me you'd be back in three days, but I had no idea where you went. Apart from waiting helplessly, there was nothing else I could do."

The problem that Lin Qian raised was very realistic. So, she expected Li Jin to back away. But, instead he replied, "From now on, I will find people to keep you updated."

Lin Qian nodded her head without another word.

She had always thought that Li Jin was inflexible and boring, just like how Xing Lan described him as a complete hermit.

But, Li Jin proved her wrong, time and time again.

Li Jin actually lived his life with passion. In fact, judging by the way he had high expectations for the films he watched, it was clear to see that he wasn't just a rough and bulky man. He was actually someone that preferred quality in every aspect of his life.

Actually, the thing that reassured Lin Qian the most was the fact that Li Jin appeared to be a resolute person who didn't easily give up.

Otherwise, when he realized their differences, he would have already given up, rather than slowly change and get closer to her.

Actually, it wasn't bad​. Being with this man wasn't tiring at all.


Soon, 'Survivor' was officially released to the public. The theaters promoted it as Tangning's last film and the results at the box office were shocking. After its first day, ticket sales already exceeded $300 million. Although everyone expected this film to be a hit, they never expected it to do this well.

Fans even declared Tangning's​ acting as godlike.

But even so, Tangning was still nowhere to be seen. She did not show her face even once. Almost like she was using her silence to mock those that had once looked down on her.

"Aiya, Tangning will make a comeback sooner or later. You guys just wait and see. If she doesn't return while her film is doing well, when else will she return?"

"Tangning may have moved behind-the-scenes and created Superstar Media, but I don't think her ambition stops here."

"I hope to see Tangning announce her comeback when I wake up tomorrow. Or at least receive news that she'll be attending an event."

Unfortunately, the next day when they woke up, they didn't receive any news at all.

These days, Tangning stayed at home most of the time and barely left the house, so even the paparazzi couldn't get many pictures of her.

"There aren't any good films this year, except for 'Survivor'. Tangning's definitely winning Best Actress again. When that time comes, will she still be in hiding? I doubt it."

Tangning was aware of the public's reactions. But, she was no longer the actress Tangning.

Meanwhile, Qiao Sen took the opportunity to go watch 'Survivor'. After watching it, he was even more certain that he wanted Tangning in his film.

But, Tangning was more stubborn than him. So, what could he do?

Worst of all, he couldn't do anything on his own.