Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
869 Put Away Your Pity Act, We Don“t Buy I
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Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
Author :Passion Honey
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869 Put Away Your Pity Act, We Don“t Buy I

Li Jin was especially tall, strong and muscular. Unlike Mo Ting, he didn't have the presence of a king; he didn't have the same majesty and dominance. Instead, he was so cold that he made it hard for people to breathe and made them too afraid to say a word.

The name Li Jin sounded like it belonged to a prince from the ancient dynasties. But, the real person still fit the name well.

Lin Qian was sitting in Li Jin's car, but even at this point, she had no idea where she found the courage to board it.

"I...I don't want to waste too much of your time. Let's just chat in the car," Lin Qian said in a slightly reserved manner. She was cautious; if Li Jin stretched out his hand, he could easily snap her neck.

"I don't like it when people talk business in my car. It's too distracting," Li Jin refused.

Lin Qian froze and did not say another word.

The vibe in the car was suddenly icy cold. Lin Qian cleared her throat and tried to find a topic of conversation, but quickly realized that Li Jin had no desire to talk to her.

This was the second man that had ever made her too afraid to even take a deep breath. The first one was Mo Ting.

Of course, compared to Li Jin, Mo Ting was a lot more dangerous. Perhaps, because of Li Jin's occupation, Lin Qian felt a lot more safe around him.

Not long after, the two arrived at a restaurant. As soon as they sat down, Lin Qian asked, "Can I speak now?"

Li Jin sat down opposite Lin Qian, and straightened his shirt, "Go ahead."

"I feel like you know something else that you haven't told me..."

"The surveillance footage I gave you is everything that's related to the incident," Li Jin replied, "I'm sorry."

Lin Qian was extremely embarrassed. Couldn't this man be more gentle with his words? Must he talk to a woman like he was training someone in the army?

"However, I zoomed into the footage and noticed that Luo Sheng's black Porsche was almost out of gas. It shouldn't have more than 30km left on it. Also, the culprit had no choice but to drive outside of the city to avoid surveillance cameras. So, if my prediction is right, the culprit definitely stopped at a service station near Black Water Bend. If not, the car would have been abandoned around there."

After hearing this, Lin Qian immediately nodded her head, "The police thought that way too, but they didn't find anything."

"If the culprit didn't abandon the car nor stop at a service station, there's one more possibility. The culprit drove the car back to his home or to a familiar place. Check if anyone from the entertainment industry lives in the area. I'm sure you'll discover something."

The police had not considered this possibility.

So, Lin Qian couldn't help but sigh. People from the military were indeed different.

Just as Lin Qian was about to thank Li Jin, his phone began to ring..

Li Jin grabbed his phone and stepped outside to answer it. After he returned, he said to Lin Qian, "I'm sorry, something suddenly came up. I'll take you home first."

"It's fine. I can leave on my own," Lin Qian shook her hands.

"No, I'll take you," Li Jin insisted.

So, Lin Qian had no choice but to say, "Fine, if you must, then take me to my agency. It's not too far from here."

Lin Qian understood that Li Jin had a special identity and needed to leave. Either way, she didn't know how she was to converse with him for an entire meal anyway; she would have frozen to death from his coldness.

Afterwards, Li Jin didn't say another word until they were back on the road and almost at Lin Qian's agency, "My mother showed me your photo before..."

Lin Qian: "..."

"When you have time, let's have another dinner together..."

Lin Qian wanted to explain that she had no intention to partake in matchmaking.

But, as soon as Li Jin dropped her off, he immediately turned around and left...

In the end, all Lin Qian could do was pass on Li Jin's words to the police. In response, the police immediately launched a new investigation. Meanwhile, after hearing this, Tangning simply reacted with, "The actor that replaced Luo Sheng in 'Red Flame' is quite a character."

In other words, Tangning was telling them to look into this man.

She actually had her suspicions already, but she had to find evidence to support her claims.

After all, she couldn't let Luo Sheng suffer on his own. She was determined to pay back the culprit a hundred-fold. This was her promise to Luo Sheng.

Soon, Long Jie discovered from her small channel contacts, the name of an artist that had a property in Black Water Bend. But, she did not cause a commotion and scare away the culprit, instead she passed the information straight to the police and asked them to monitor the household. Finally, after two days, the police spotted someone from the household drive out in a black Porsche.

The man wanted to burn the car in the middle of the night, but was caught by the police.

The case made a breakthrough discovery, giving the police enough evidence to lock down on a possible culprit. So, after further investigations, the police received an arrest warrant to arrest the uncle of the actor that had replaced Luo Sheng, a man with the surname Zheng.

In order to help his nephew advance in his career, he decided to put himself at risk. He thought by destroying the car, no one would ever find out what he had done. But, what a shame.

No one should ever treat the police like idiots and think they could outsmart them.

Soon, the police announced that Luo Sheng's case had been solved and the culprit admitted to his crimes.

The culprit was the uncle of actor, Zheng Weiran. And because of this, this actor became the male lead of 'Red Flame'. What did this mean? It meant that Uncle Zheng had deliberately injured Luo Sheng and stole his job.

Inside the interrogation room, Uncle Zheng admitted that he was responsible for everything and the entire incident had nothing to do with his nephew; his nephew was innocent.

Since the police only had evidence against this man, they could only arrest him in the end.

Zheng Weiran was smart. As soon as he found out that his uncle had been arrested, he immediately gave Luo Sheng a public apology and offered to return his role to him if he was willing to let his uncle go.

He completely threw the blame away from himself.

But, Tangning didn't let him have his way as she replied, "Luo Sheng is about to partake in 'Derivative', so you can keep 'Red Flame' all to yourself. You claimed that you were unaware of this entire incident, but during one of your conversations with Luo Sheng, you clearly knew that his car had been stolen even though the police never revealed this information to the public. Unless you were involved, how would you have known?"

"You may be able to escape the law because your uncle is willing to take the blame. But, you can never escape what is morally accepted."

"For the sake of securing the male lead, you hurt Luo Sheng and almost made him blind. Superstar Media will never forgive you, nor will Luo Sheng."

"Stop with your disgusting show and put away your pity act. We don't buy it."

Tangning made a simple announcement, but she was clearly telling everyone that the other party knew what was happening and was even involved. She reminded them not to be fooled before she revealed Luo Sheng's medical report so they could see the extent of his injuries. She had to shock everyone so they'd learn to hate the attacker.

As expected, as soon as Superstar Media's announcement was released, no one could reverse its effect. In the end, 'Red Flame' received such an impact that they had no choice but to stop filming.

After all, they were liars and they had an attacker amongst them. With so many scandals revolving around them, who would want to watch their drama?
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