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832 Threatening Xing Lan To Withdraw From The Competition

"Second Miss..." the housekeeper followed behind Lin Qian and heard her ruthless words.

As she looked at Quan Ziye's shocked and hurt gaze, Lin Qian's heart also hurt. After all, ever since she was small, she had always depended on her older brother. However, the things that Mother Quan did in the past had already broken her heart.

"Housekeeper, take good care of him," Lin Qian said before she turned and left.

Quan Ziye watched her leave without even looking back and almost let out a laugh, "Look at how heartless she can be..."

"Young Master, if what the Second Miss said is true, what are you going to do?" the housekeeper asked helplessly. "If the Madam really did what she said, then..."

"This sounds like something she would do," Quan Ziye threw his arms back. Although he looked indifferent, deep down he actually couldn't accept that his relationship with Lin Qian had drifted further and further apart. "But, what else can I do? If Lin Qian refuses to marry me, then I guess I'll remain single for the rest of my life."

"That won't do."

Quan Ziye laughed and did not say another word.

There were some things that were better left unknown. If he had known how much it would hurt him earlier, he would not have pressured Lin Qian so much.


The next day, due to Lin Qian's revelation, the media's attention was diverted towards her, hence ceasing the focus on Xing Lan.

Lin Qian was Quan Ziye's sister and an adopted daughter of the Quan Family. She even had a photo as proof. So Lin Qian's identity was without a doubt true.

However, after returning home, Lin Qian lay in bed and cried all night. Because, when other people were around, she never revealed the weak side of herself.

With the addition of Hai Rui's control, the matter did not reach the point of no return.

Unfortunately, Li Can had already discovered that the so-called 'Xing Lan' in the news, was actually her sister.

They were twins. So, even though Xing Lan changed her appearance and outsiders didn't notice a thing, she was still Li Can's sister.

Even if it was just a small glimpse, Li Can could still identify that it was her sister. Actually, even if she was burnt down to ash, she would still be able to recognize her.

But, she did not say anything at first. Instead, she personally paid the music school a visit.

"My dear sister, you don't know how to give up, do you?"

"Li Can, what should we do now?" her manager asked.

"What else can we do? Of course we need to teach her a lesson so she won't overestimate herself again." After speaking, Li Can put on her sunglasses and gestured for the driver to hurry and start the car.

Xing Lan's apartment appeared on the news. Although the media didn't take much notice of it, it made it extremely easy for Li Can to find her.

Li Can's manager bribed the building's security guard and discovered Xing Lan's apartment number. So, the two women rushed into the lift, and within a few moments, they were ringing on Xing Lan's doorbell.

Xing Lan thought it was Lin Qian. But, when she opened her door and saw Li Can, she froze.

"What is it, sis? From the looks of it, I'm not very welcome here," Li Can pushed Xing Lan aside and entered the apartment. "Look at you. You're about to debut, yet you haven't got yourself a big house to live in. By the way, mom and dad have given me money to buy a villa, but they have no plans for you."

"If there's something you want to say, then say it. If not, then leave," Xing Lan turned around and tried her best to control her emotions.

"My dear sister, did you really think that you could win this competition?" Li Can walked over to Xing Lan and rubbed her hand against her cheek. Her nails dug deep into Xing Lan's skin, almost leaving a cut on her face. "Who gave you the confidence to do this?"

"If this is all you've come here to say, then go home," Xing Lan ordered.

Li Can turned around and looked at her manager as she lifted her chin suggestively.

The manager understood what was happening. So, she immediately grabbed Xing Lan by the hair and slammed her against the wall.

She was a black belt in Taekwondo...

How could Xing Lan ever fight back?

"You must have forgotten that you are still viewed as a thief. How dare you sign up for a competition behind my back? Li Xin, have you forgotten that I could reveal the truth to the media?"

Xing Lan's real name was Li Xin. Tangning wanted to make things comfortable for her, but she ended up being discovered by the media.

"It's amazing that you have made it into the top 300. But, let me tell you, if you don't announce your withdrawl from the competition before the next round, I will reveal your secret to the public."

"Remember that you only have a few days to think it over." After speaking, Li Can left with her manager. At this time, Lin Qian noticed the two women walking out of Xing Lan's apartment. At first, she did not notice who it was. But, as soon as she noticed blood on Xing Lan's head, she immediately ran over and stopped Li Can outside the building.

"Wait a minute."

"How dare you stand in my way?" Li Can growled. "Do you know who I am?"

"Li Can, this is your sister's manager," Li Can's manager reminded.

"That's her?" Li Can scanned Lin Qian from head to toe. "I would suggest that you don't waste your time on that b*tch because she is about to withdraw from the competition."

"Who hit Xing Lan earlier?" Lin Qian was focused on this incident as her eyes gave a sharp twinkle.

"Didn't she accidentally run into something herself?" Li Can laughed. "That's enough, stop putting on an act around me. Even if you're Quan Ziye's sister, I don't think your relationship is very good. Plus, I have no reason to be afraid of Quan Ziye."

Lin Qian wanted to control herself, but...

...her heart was telling her to tear this woman apart or she'd regret it in the future.

"Do want to hit me? Let me remind you that the person behind me has a black belt in Taekwondo."

Lin Qian wanted to be straightforward with the two women, but Xing Lan suddenly ran out with her injuries, "Lin Qian...let them go..."

However, Lin Qian refused to let them go as she closed the front door and blocked it with her body. She then gave Long Jie a phone call, "Long Jie, I have a problem that I can't seem to resolve, so I need your help."

"Oh, you're calling for help? Fine. I'll wait," Li Can refused to believe that Lin Qian could recruit any help. "You're not looking for your brother's​ help, are you? He has never acknowledged you though."

"Lin Qian..."

Lin Qian was a hot-tempered person. This was something that she never denied. She had always felt that there were some cases of vengeance that needed to be resolved on the spot. Regardless of the means, as long as it made her satisfied and the people she cared about satisfied, then life was worth living.

Meanwhile, Li Can wasn't afraid at all as she waited for Lin Qian to call for help.

Initially, she thought Lin Qian would call Quan Ziye or some people that could fight...

But, just one woman arrived.

This person was Tangning's one-time manager, Long Jie. The woman who's husband held an important role in Hai Rui.

"What's wrong?" Long Jie asked Lin Qian as she entered the apartment.

"Xing Lan's sister hit her and threatened her to withdraw from the competition," Lin Qian summarized.