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643 Who Gave You The Confidence?

"Don't you feel embarrassed after causing a scene in front of everyone?"

"I can't believe you were shameless enough to invite me here to be a judge. If I was someone that couldn't differentiate between right and wrong, what would you have done to Tangning?" Elder Mo said as he approached the couple. "Neither of you have ever upheld the responsibility of a parent, yet you expect Mo Ting to do what you ask of him. Who gave you the confidence to expect this?"

"Hua Wenfeng, stop causing trouble. From the moment that you changed your name and refused to acknowledge your ancestors, I already dismissed you as my daughter-in-law. I even wanted to dismiss my useless son as well. You are both ridiculous. Just because you did a bit of research on so-called 'advanced technology', you have no regard for anyone else. If not for your age, I would have slapped you both in the face a long time ago."

Father Mo and Hua Wenfeng's face turned green and then pale. They were completely speechless.

"Who are you planning to kick out? This is Mo Ting's home. Even the luxurious villa that you are currently staying in was purchased by him. How dare you try and kick someone out?"


"Don't call me father," Elder Mo warned. "From now on, Mo Ting will no longer call you father. Since you are so arrogant as to look down on your son, daughter-in-law and father, you might as well follow Hua Wenfeng and change your surname to Hua. You've already been spellbound by this temptress for too many years."

After hearing Elder Mo's words, both Father Mo and Hua Wenfeng were stunned as they fell into a panic.

After all, Elder Mo's authority could not be challenged. Even someone like Hua Wenfeng, who was ruthless, still had to bow down in front of the old man.

Above all, Hua Wenfeng never imagined that Elder Mo's relationship with Tangning was so strong and good.

"Tangning, if these two come and make a scene again, don't go easy on them. Let the bodyguards do what they need to do. Whether they get beaten to death or paralyzed, they deserve it. These are grandfather's words. Whatever happens, I will take responsibilty." Elder Mo did not feel like he had stuck up for Tangning enough, so he took things a step further.

"Don't think that just because others are going easy on you, they are afraid of you."

"Mo Shaoyuan, after we return home, you better give me a viable reason for why Hua Wenfeng created a fake report. If you can't, then I want you to immediately get divorced. Non negotiable."

Father Mo came today with the intention to deal with Tangning, but unexpectedly, he ended up being taught a lesson by Elder Mo. In fact, he was taught a lesson in front of so many people and was left with no pride.

Hua Wenfeng was angry, but she was too afraid to say anything. Her eyes filled with tears but she could not make a sound because Elder Mo was like a symbol of justice standing right opposite them.

"Father...what father in the world would force their son to get a divorce?"

"Then why are you here and what did you come here to do?"

Hearing this, Father Mo did not say a word; he had completely slapped himself in the face.

"Father, you can say whatever you want, but I definitely didn't tamper with the results," Hua Wenfeng stuck to her guns. "If you don't believe me, I can swear on my life."

"Stop talking about life and death in front of me. You can't scare me. If you were to die, it would merely be a case of suicide. It has nothing to do with anyone here. I'm sure you know better than all of us if it is worth it."

Hua Wenfeng was furious, but she could not fight back, because Elder Mo had completely dismissed the act she was trying to put on.

After all, he had acted for many years...

The trick that Hua Wenfeng was trying to play was a typical trick used by characters in films.

"If there's nothing else, then get lost. The sight of both of you makes me angry."

Father Mo felt insulted, but there was nothing he could do. He could only glare at Tangning as he helped Hua Wenfeng up and led her out of the villa.

Meanwhile, everyone else laughed inside as they watched them leave.

The couple had perfectly displayed what it meant to shoot oneself in the foot!

"Grandfather, you didn't need to anger yourself over this," Tangning helped Elder Mo over to the sofa after the couple left, "After all, I was also wrong."

"Don't lie, I've seen people like this on TV plenty of times. I refuse to acknowledge him as my son; it's embarrassing," Elder Mo complained, "If these two come and cause trouble again, don't hold back. If they get destroyed in the process, I'll take responsibility."


"I am honestly angry," Elder Mo took a deep breath in disappointment. "When did that piece of trash stop recognizing what's right and what's wrong?"


"If I didn't do something, do you think Mo Ting would have stayed in the study room and not shown himself?" Elder Mo was well aware of how much Mo Ting cared about Tangning. Of course, as her grandfather-in-law, he also adored her very much.

Tangning smiled without saying another word. She knew that Elder Mo had always been firm and unyielding.

Meanwhile, during the entire incident, Bai Lihua remained in a hidden position and did not make an appearance.

She even watched from her bedroom window as Father Mo dragged Hua Wenfeng out of the villa while she struggled and cried, "I didn't do it. The DNA results are real!"

"Old Mo, trust me, I didn't tamper with anything."

This was the first time Bai Lihua felt that Hua Wenfeng's expression was sincere. It was hard for people not to trust the words that came from her mouth.

However, today was just a small test...

There were much more spectacular days ahead for Hua Wenfeng and Mo Shaoyuan.


Over in another part of town, An Zihao received a final confirmation from the producers of 'The Savage Wars'. A contract was directly sent to him and the result was apparent: Chen Xingyan had secured the role.

That night, inside the apartment's living room, An Zihao sat down on the sofa as he looked at the two women. His expression was serious as he handed the contract to Chen Xingyan.

"I told you. I have no influence towards the producers' decision. They decided to pick Chen Xingyan in the end, so Annie, you will just have to accept it."

Although Annie was upset by the result, An Zihao had already used the producers as a shield, so there was nothing she could say. She simply returned to her room, teary-eyed.

Chen Xingyan picked up the contract and casually flipped through it. She didn't actually care about the content too much.

"Happy?" An Zihao had always favored Chen Xingyan, but he couldn't possibly let her know.

"All I can say is, I am much too capable," Chen Xingyan said proudly as she held onto the contract. "Haiz, by giving me the contract this time, isn't your little sweetheart going to be furious?"

"You've already benefited, so why act nice now?"

"I'm simply worried about you," Chen Xingyan said before she placed a kiss on the contract and walked away with it.

However, not long after, Annie received a phone call from her cousin, "My little cousin, from what I heard, Director Matt had only sent Chen Xingyan an offer from the start. They've never heard of your name before!"