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510 Am I Just an Entertainer?

Of course, Tang Corps did eventually release a PR statement. But, it wasn't to explain anything, it was to reflect on the incident, give a formal apology and to promise a proper investigation; taking a step further to protect the information of their customers.

Tangning professionally displayed the seriousness of Tang Corps and once again received praise from its VIPs...

She pleased 20 people in exchange for the recovery of Tang Corps.

And, all it took, was one night!

So, it no longer mattered whether a VIP list ever existed because Tangning's flawless approach had stunned everyone.

In fact, many people were in awe as their eyes were opened to an alternative way of solving the problem, which they had never thought of...

"F*ck, my Ning's EQ is amazing..."

"When it comes to solving a crisis, it's rare to see someone put in so much effort. I really need to applaud Tangning."

"No wonder the chairman of Tang Corps keeps insisting for Tangning to get involved. As soon as she makes a move, we immediately see results."

"I have no other wish in this life but to have a smart brain like Tangning's..."

"I give 10/10 for Tang Corps' crisis management. Mainly because Tangning's​ method was too good."

The entire internet was covered in praise for Tangning's crisis management. Of course, many of these praises also came from internal staff at Tang Corps.

"She managed it too well! The Third Miss has well and truly disintegrated the Big Miss' efforts over the years with one big faceslap. 'Someone' spent so long in Tang Corps without producing even one meaningful result."

"Fast, firm and accurate; she is indeed the Third Miss! Yes! Tang Corps has hope now..."

Tangning's crisis management this time, not only slapped Tang Xuan across the face, but also slapped those that had underestimated her as well...

So what if she was an entertainer?

Apart from fighting, could they resolve the issue the way that this entertainer did?

Yet, this was just the first part of Tangning's plan. Following on, every single one of Tang Corps' VIPs received a personal handwritten greeting letter and the paper used was sprayed with the newest perfume that was to be launched. Not only did this please a lot of the VIPs, it also created a lot of hype around the Annual Product Launch that was about to be hosted.

The fragrance on the letters made everyone forget their anger and focus on the upcoming event instead.

The fragrance was indeed special...

In just two days, Tang Corps' reputation was completely recovered by Tangning. In fact, it even increased its influence in the national market.

This was the perfect example of a crisis transformation.

So, at the next board meeting, the atmosphere in the room was extremely awkward.

In other words, plenty of them were too ashamed to face Tangning.

Of course, Tangning didn't care, "I have already satisfied your request. Does anyone still have any objections towards me being the Acting CEO?"

The room was filled with silence...

"Good, I assume you all admit defeat. Time to clarify​ some other issues. As most of you know, I like to make people pay for what they've done."

Tangning scanned her eyes across everyone in the room and brought up the first issue, "Who was the one that leaked the VIP list to the public?"

Everyone was stunned. Was this something that could still be found out?

"Don't look at me. This list did actually exist, but it was never revealed to any of the departments yet, so how did this person get their hands on it?" Tangning retrieved her outstretched hands from the table and crossed them in front of her chest with a calm smile, "I bet this person is here amongst us."

All of a sudden, everyone seated was in danger of being suspected. They didn't understand, Tangning was obviously younger than them, but she somehow had an intimidating presence similar to Elder Tang.

"Originally, leaked information could be immediately blocked from circulation, but who escalated the issue and pushed it to a point of no return?"

Everyone looked at each other suspiciously. Only those that had nothing to hide remained calm.

"Fine, let's put this issue aside for now. As I'm aware, many of you still feel that my identity is an embarrassment to Tang Corps and that Tang Xuan should be put in charge instead. So, why don't we hand the remaining problems as well as the Annual Product Launch over to Tang Xuan. Any opinions?"

The meeting room suddenly fell into complete silence.

"What? Now that the crisis is over, you should all be more than willing to do this. After all, I'm just a mere entertainer..."

By this point, not only everyone in Tang Corps, but even the entire outside world were aware that Tangning had saved Tang Corps in one fell swoop. On top of that, the Switzerland contract was also thanks to Tangning's efforts.

So, how could anyone be shameful enough to still refer to Tangning as an entertainer that only slept with men and entertained them?

"Since I am just temporary, you are free to recommend someone else."

Tangning stopped and waited for a response.

"The Third Miss indeed has effective methods. But as shareholders, for the sake of our own interests, it was normal for us to doubt your abilities. As for resolving the company's crisis, that was something you should have done to begin with," Lin Shaoyuan said calmly.

"Although the Big Miss is limited in her abilities, she is still your older sister. To slap her in front of everyone isn't an action suited to your identity."

Tangning stared at Lin Shaoyuan as a slight smile appeared on her face, "It appears Director Lin wants to lay all the cards on the table."

"What should I be afraid of?" Lin Shaoyuan asked.

"Fine. From now on, you can all handle any matters yourselves. I never wanted the position of CEO anyway." After speaking, Tangning stood up to leave, but the remaining shareholders began to express their opinions.

"Third Miss, things have already gotten to this point. Tang Corps can't do without you."

"Tangning, don't act recklessly. This is a matter of all our interests..."

Hearing this, Tangning suddenly started laughing, "As you've said, this is a matter of YOUR interests. What has it got to do with me? I don't care whether or not I sit in this position. I made a move not because it was an obligation like Director Lin made it out to be."

"Did you think I care about this little bit of power?"

"If you don't give me the respect I deserve, why should I run around working so hard for you? You don't think I have better things to do with my time?"

"If everyone thinks that Tang Xuan can help them achieve higher profits, then go ahead and look for her. I have no emotional attachment to this position. But, if you want me to continue on as the Acting CEO, then please don't tell me how I should be treating Tang Xuan from now on!"

"You are not in my position and Tang Xuan has not achieved what I have already achieved!"