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483 Problem at The Talk Show

"Are you OK?" Mo Ting asked Tangning after they entered the television station.

Tangning nodded her head with a slight smile, trying her best to reassure Mo Ting.

"In future, deal with these problems immediately. Don't let it drag on," Mo Ting's tone was a little cold. When it came to Tangning's safety, he never allowed anything to go wrong. So, today's scene was a good lesson for him.

"It won't happen ever again," Tangning replied in seriousness.

Because of Tangning's status and the fact that Mo Ting was her manager, the staff in the television station greeted them with a warm smile.

After entering the recording studio, Tangning sat down in the guest's seat. Sitting opposite her was the long-haired female host. Meanwhile, Mo Ting stood behind-the-scenes observing the entire broadcast.

Below the stage sat Tangning's fans, holding handmade signs with Tangning's name on them. Looking around, the fan-shaped audience area was densely seated.

Apart from showing admiration towards Tangning, Mo Ting's presence made everyone view Tangning with an extra layer of awe. After all, the existence of this king-like man was like the best guardian angel for Tangning.

Not long after, the director gave the host an 'OK' hand signal. The host immediately sat up straight as a dazzling smile appeared on her face.

As 'Superstar Talk' aired during prime time and had a longstanding popularity, the programme received a lot of attention from film fans. With the addition of Tangning, the viewership ratings surpassed all other programmes of the same time slot...

"August last year, a model announced her comeback and made a succession of miracles with her own efforts. The Oriental Trend was one of the miracles that became a hit in the US. As a result, she received The Special Contribution Award at the Annual Model Awards Ceremony."

"Her every step after that was difficult but steady. However, just as she was one step away from becoming an international supermodel, she made a shocking move. She suddenly changed from being a model to an actress."

"I must say that hard work pays off because God always rewards hard workers. So, as an actress, she was also very successful..."

"The person I am speaking about, is also our guest for today, Tangning!"

The hosts words appeared extra sincere. It was obvious that she had done her homework.

Afterwards, she placed her focus on Tangning and asked gently, "How does it feel to be an actress? Do you think it's better to be a model or an actress?"

"Actually, these two professions cannot be completely compared, yet they also have their similarities; both professions aim to create a comfortable viewing experience. As for how I feel about being an actress...all I can say is, I enjoy a challenge and making breakthroughs," Tangning replied seriously.

"Everyone is aware that you've filmed three films in succession this year. In fact, the last two are the main highlights. So, which character was your favorite?"

"My favorite was the actress in 'Stupid' because I'm a huge fan of the screenwriter."

"But, the screenwriter for 'Stupid' is anonymous. Does that mean you know who it is?" the host latched onto the main point and asked. "If it's convenient, could you reveal a little about the screenwriter's identity?"

Tangning glanced at Mo Ting, gesturing that she may not be able to hold onto the secret for much longer, and Mo Ting looked back at her nonchalantly; she could do whatever she pleased.

Hence, Tangning smiled and said, "His name will appear at the end of future films."

"Or, you guys can give it a guess..."

The fans below the stage became consumed in discussions. Even the host fell into deep thought... At present, it was hard to find a screenwriter in China that could create something of this quality. As for the best known ones, they each had their own unique style, and 'Stupid' was definitely not consistent with any of them.

In the end, the host gave up guessing and pleaded, "Tangning, can you just tell us and satisfy our curiosity?"

"It's actually quite easy to guess..." Tangning smiled with a deeper meaning. At this time, the fans below the stage finally came to a realization and yelled at the stage, "It's President Mo...Tangning, it's President Mo isn't it?"

As soon as the host heard this, she covered her mouth in shock. After taking it in for a second, she asked, "Really? Is it really President Mo?"

Tangning looked at the host, then looked at the fans. Eventually, she nodded her head.

"Oh my God..." the host gasped. "This is big news. President Mo is actually the screenwriter of 'Stupid'? He wrote it much too well!"

"Uh huh, that's why I am a huge fan of his," Tangning was on a husband-bragging spree. It was almost like she wanted the whole world to know that her husband was capable of anything. Even though, everyone was already aware...

With the revelation of 'Stupid's' screenwriter, the atmosphere in the recording studio was filled with excitement. However, at this time...

...so called 'evidence' of Tangning being two-faced was revealed online. It was a photo of her meeting with the American director. And there weren't many people that weren't familiar with this American director.

The photo seemed to have come from the hotel's surveillance, but the photo did indeed make it appear like Tangning was enjoying her chat with the director...

"There is no limit to her hype-creating methods. She is shameless and has no bottom line. Didn't she say that she doesn't look highly on foreign directors?"

"Is this the morally intact Tangning that you all speak of? It turns out, her morals crumble at the feet of US Dollars."

"She did everything to create hype and to help promote her new film. But, her methods were too hypocritical and shameful."

"This Tangning, who appears to be aloof from the world, is she about to fall apart?"

"Just wait and see. It's not going to be long before the Americans announce that they will be working with Tangning."

"If that's the case, then there's no point watching any of Tangning's future films. I hate people like that!"

"Let's make a bet: if the Americans don't announce that they will be working with Tangning, I'll strip naked and streak across the streets."

The discussion that sounded like something typical of fans was actually a discussion amongst relatively famous celebrities. As they were quite charismatic, they naturally attracted attention. With the added fact that it was rare to see a large number of celebrities gather together to slander an individual, the news of Tangning developing a stinky reputation in the industry ended up on the top trending lists of social media.

The related keywords included, 'hype', 'hypocrite' and 'dirty wh*re'. As a result, a few of the celebrities involved in the discussions, waited to see Tangning receive a faceslap.

Was Tangning really going to take on an American film after what she said?

This was not a small matter. In an industry where even bearing another country's flag would cause controversy, if Tangning actually did what they said, she would definitely be thrown into the depths of the abyss...

Especially since the people that were attacking her this time, were a bunch of celebrities...