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470 I“m Not Easy to Scare

After entering her old office, Tang Xuan naturally placed her handbag on the office desk and headed for her old office chair. However, Xia Yuling's secretary suddenly said, "Sorry, Miss Tang, your seat is over here."

Tang Xuan looked over at the small desk on the side and her expression changed. No one knew better than she did, how she used to treat the people sitting in that desk.

"What is this all about? Didn't grandfather bring me back to take on my old role?"

"Miss Tang, President Xia is in charge of Tang Corps. now, so Chairman Tang has put President Tang in charge of your return - this is indeed your seat. The President has taken the fact that you are pregnant into account and is aware that you can't be overworked. Plus, she can't afford to have anything happen to you," the secretary used both Elder Tang and her pregnancy to suppress her.

If she could use her child as an excuse, so could Xia Yuling.

Tang Xuan held back her anger as she grabbed her handbag and sat down on the secretary's seat. Her hands began to tremble in anger, but she had no way of arguing back.

"I wish Miss Tang the best of luck in her new role," Xia Yuling's secretary sneered behind Tang Xuan's back. She then turned and left the office. However, the worst was yet to come because she had not yet met her boss. It was a person that she had once humiliated and treated with contempt...

After returning to her office, the secretary immediately reported to Xia Yuling. As a strong woman in power, Xia Yuling viewed Tang Xuan with complete disgust, "If she wasn't pregnant, I would make this inhumane monster's life a living hell..."

"I will make all departments aware of this," the secretary responded.

"Good," Xia Yuling gave a satisfied nod.

Tang Xuan was an heiress from birth and had never experienced such humiliation. So, after enduring the morning, she already couldn't resist calling Elder Tang and complaining, "Grandfather...do you know what role auntie gave me?"

"She's already notified me about it. I think it's quite suitable for you," Elder Tang replied. "You're pregnant right now, so all you need, is something to occupy your time - don't take it to heart. Plus, grandfather also worked his way up from the bottom. Are you looking down on me?"

"Of course not."

Tang Xuan was so angry, she could almost tear apart the desk in front of her. She was the Big Miss of the Tang Family, how could they ask her to do such a measly job?

She felt that Xia Yuling was too despicable...

Tang Xuan blamed everything on Xia Yuling, but she had no idea, everything was under Elder Tang's control.

That afternoon, Elder Tang received a phone call from Assistant Leng, "Chairman, the Big Miss hasn't done anything out of the ordinary today. Apart from shredding a few papers, it appears she is quite angry at both you and President Xia."

"A toxic woman like her has done way too many bad deeds. Putting her in her current role is already showing mercy. Continue to monitor her. If necessary, teach her a lesson."

Elder Tang no longer viewed Tang Xuan as a human because she had done something that no other human would do.

Assistant Leng wasn't the least bit surprised by Elder Tang's reaction. After all, the old man had already tolerated too much of Tang Xuan's nonsense.

Later that day, Xia Yuling shared everything with Tangning, "Your grandfather is now more ruthless than I am."

"Mom, be careful," Tangning warned, "I'm currently pregnant and focused on completing my film. There are a lot of things I can't keep my eye on."

"Don't worry. Take good care of yourself and my grandchild."

Tangning subconsciously touched her stomach and used her heart to feel the little life that was growing inside her. Her film was about to be completed, so she could finally relax at home and not put her child through any more stress.


['The Lost Relative' announces its completion: Tangning acts as a top fighter!]

[Model turned actress: Tangning's new crime film predicted to break records!]

[Rumored as not being able to reproduce, yet she is able to produce one great film after another...]

Late September, 'The Lost Relative' officially announced that Tangning had completed her filming. Up until this point, only a few people in the crew knew of her pregnancy. Thanks to Mo Ting's meticulous care, she had not yet been discovered. The entire cast and crew congratulated Tangning on her completion and were sincerely impressed by the way she completed such a difficult film. After thanking everyone, Tangning left the set with Mo Ting.

"You have recently received invites to a few talk shows. In order to help you gain support for an award, I've agreed to one of the invites. It won't be too stressful and should be quite relaxed."

Tangning nodded her head after hearing Mo Ting's arrangements, "My super capable manager, I will do as you say."

"I will take this opportunity to announce your pregnancy and overthrow the rumor created by Tang Xuan..."

"OK," Tangning nodded before she buried herself lazily in Mo Ting's embrace.

That's right, she simply responded to him with laziness.

Mo Ting gently stroked her back and covered her with a blanket. As he watched her sleep peacefully in his embrace, his heart melted.

Meanwhile, there was another piece of good news: Han Xiner met expectations and successfully entered Hai Rui's PR department. As for the rumor about her separation from Bei Chendong, it finally came down from the hottest searches after 2 weeks. Afterwards, the identity of the mystery woman that was caught on camera with Bei Chendong was revealed. It turned out, she was a model from Hai Rui who was currently on the rise.

Since they both worked for Hai Rui, it was inevitable that they'd run into each other.

Han Xiner had always remained aloof from the world, but it didn't mean the other party wouldn't come looking for trouble.

For example, after arriving at the agency to discuss a contract, she ran into Han Xiner in the elevator. At first, she was quite surprised, but she quickly responded with disdain, "Oh, it's you."

Han Xiner rubbed her neck with no intention to respond.

"I heard that Bei Chendong likes you, but you decided to leave him. Since that's the case, I'm sorry then, Bei Chendong is mine now."

The woman was extremely direct as she glared at Han Xiner. She assumed that Han Xiner held no advantage against her.

"There's no need for Miss Luo to report to me about this matter," Han Xiner replied coldly.

"But, you're still in his heart..." the woman pointed to Han Xiner's heart and laughed in ridicule, "What could a top actor possibly like about an insignificant staff member? Trust me, it's only a matter of time before I replace you. Because, from today onwards, I am the only woman by his side."

Han Xiner scoffed. As the elevator stopped on her floor, she directly walked out.

"By the way, I heard you and Tangning are really close. You're not going to ask her to go against me, are you? I'm not easy to scare."