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400 My Heart Will Truly Break

Tangning's scenes became more and more intense, sometimes it would even involve explosions. Whenever there were scenes like this, Mo Ting would personally appear on set with professionals to do a proper safety inspection. Only when he confirmed nothing could go wrong did he allow Tangning and Bei Chendong on set.

Like this, the famous supermodel Tangning seemed to have gradually disappeared from sight and no longer appeared on runways. This felt like a pity to the people in the fashion industry.

No one imagined, while her modeling career was on the rise, she'd change career paths and become an actress. However, up until this point, the public had only seen the short clip from her audition. Her actual projects had not yet been released.

During this time, many talent search shows were released and reality shows became a hot topic. A new boy band called K&G (King & Glory) also became very popular...

Of course, Hai Rui also had a newcomer to promote. His name was Luo Xing and he was discovered on a talent show because of his unique voice.

Everyone thought his real name was Luo Xing and Hai Rui helped him create a cool, mysterious image. No one knew he was actually related to Tangning.

During his time off, Tang Jingxuan sent Tangning a message, "Sister Three, I can finally sing on stage."

"When?" Tangning asked as she removed her makeup.

"Next Wednesday the agency has organized for me to appear on a programme."

Tangning could tell from his tone that Tang Jingxuan was excited and filled with anticipation. But, Tangning couldn't bear to tell him that newcomers were the most bullied in the industry.

Right now, he had only licked the sweetness of the surface. But, from now on...

...he would slowly fall into the darkness.

"If you come across anything urgent you can always look for your brother-in-law," Tangning replied. "If I can get some time off, I'll come watch you perform."

"It's fine. I know you are currently filming, so it's important to focus on work," Tang Jingxuan did not take Tangning's words to heart and did not intend to look for Mo Ting. He had said that he would depend on himself to become famous, so he wasn't going to get help from anyone.

Tangning understood his temper. So she wondered if it was a good thing for him to experience a few difficulties.

"Yanshu, do I have any free time next Wednesday?" Tangning asked her assistant as she put down her phone.

Song Yanshu looked at Tangning's schedule and replied, "Technically, you don't. But I think you have the right to apply for a day off from An Zihao."

"Huh?" Tangning didn't quite understand.

"It's your birthday."

Tangning let out a gentle laugh and nodded her head, "I can't believe time has gone by so fast. I'm almost 27."

"I'm sure President Mo has something organized for that day."

This was her first birthday since being with Mo Ting; she wondered if he'd remember. Over the years, she had always spent her birthday on her own, so she wasn't used to celebrating it. Perhaps when she was with Han Yufan, she had indeed anticipated celebrating with him, but when she thought about the way he always brushed her off...

...the day no longer meant anything to her.

"Help me apply for leave then. Let's get changed, the next scene is coming up..."



'W.H.' wasn't as easy to film as it sounded. As it was a disaster movie, Tangning and Bei Chendong often had to put up with harsh conditions.

Especially, scenes in the rain.

Blood and corpses; suspense and emotions; these were the components that held the film together.

Plenty of people found the conditions hard to handle. Although An Zihao was a newcomer, he was quite a perfectionist. Even a great actor like Bei Chendong had to do multiple takes in front of him, let alone some of the supporting actors and extras.

On top of that, a lot of the scenes took place by the ocean and there was even a fight scene in the water. Tangning ended up spending an entire day in the water, resulting in her fingers wrinkling up from the continuous moisture.

"Tangning tries hard in everything she does..." An Zihao was reminded of the time when Tangning was still a model.

Back then, he had caused her trouble before they even met. He had never expected her to be so thoughtful in everything she did.

In all honesty, seeing Tangning's professionalism made An Zihao quite stressed. This was because Mo Ting was standing right beside him watching as Tangning was knocked over by one wave after another.

"Everyone will eventually see the hardwork ​she's put in."

Weirdly enough though, Mo Ting did not step up to stop her or prevent them from filming. This was because he knew she was determined to portray her character well.

Only after the scene ended did he disregard everything and rush to her side with a towel. No matter how big the waves were, he quickly carried her in his arms back to shore.

"Everytime I see you like this, I regret dragging you into the acting industry. But, everytime you complete a scene, I can't help but also feel that I made the right decision."

"How contradicting..."

Tangning watched as Mo Ting dried her hair. A smile slowly appeared on her face, "Your decision was correct. Everytime I think of the audience watching my performance on screen, I feel satisfied and proud of myself."

"By the way President Mo...I want to take a day off next Wednesday," Tangning requested as she peeked out from under the thick towel.

"Is there something you want to do?" Mo Ting asked gently.

"Do you know what day it is?"

"Could I possibly forget it's my wife's birthday?" Mo Ting continued to dry her hair, "Whatever you want to do, I'll do it with you."

"I want to watch Jingxuan perform."

"I'll organize it," Mo Ting agreed straight away. Tangning had been filming consecutively for one month without any rest and this was her first birthday since marrying him. There was no way he'd let it pass by casually, "Today's filming has completed, you should go back to the hotel and get some rest."

"But...I want to try one more take."

"You need to give Bei Chendong some time and space. He doesn't want to be around you all the time," Mo Ting said as he kissed her on the forehead. "The take just then was already really good. If you go in the water again, my heart will truly break."

Tangning turned around to look at Bei Chendong and couldn't help but laugh, "Has there been no progress with him and Xiner?"

"Although he is my cousin, everyone's minds work differently..."

In actual fact, Bei Chendong had just about exhausted his patience.

How could Han Xiner not feel anything towards him?

Was there something wrong with his figure? His appearance? Or did she think he was too old?


Meanwhile, just like Tangning predicted, after experiencing the highs of the industry, Tang Jingxuan was about to experience some lows. In fact, it happened during the time Tangning was busy filming.

But, it didn't happen because of himself...It happened because of Tangning!

Since they were siblings and they were in the same industry, they were bound together whether they wanted to or not. Plus, unlike him, not everyone depended on themselves.