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Although they were merely once lovers, he couldn't deny that they had been together for 5 years. So, regardless of their separation, he had no reason to hurt his ex.

Luo Hao stared at the magazine in front of him. For a moment he felt he was about to give up on an international superstar. He reached out his hand and flipped the magazine over, afraid that he would feel regret.

Seeing this, Yang Jing let out a sigh of relief. She crossed her arms across her chest, "Since it's decided, I'll let you in on a little secret. I've already contacted the reporter that's been following Li Yu around. He has agreed to release news that he has photos of Tangning and Li Yu in bed. I've even found photos with similarities. Since you've decided to disobey President Lan's orders, then we can only push Tangning further down so the president won't punish you."

Luo Hao stared at the computer monitor in front of him as he moved the mouse. His voice was cold and filled with ridicule, "There is no 'we', it's just you. This will be the last time you use our past to get what you want. I will prevent Tangning this once, but what happens in the future is not up to me and whatever you plan to do has nothing to do with me."


"Our objectives are different, so we can never get along. If you're done I need to get back to work."

Luo Hao had already suggested he didn't want her around, so Yang Jing had no choice but to leave. In reality, she still had feelings for Luo Hao, but the two of them were ambiguous in too many ways. Yang Jing was the type of person with no bottom line, she would do anything to achieve her goals. However, Luo Hao was disgusted by her methods. So, in the past two years, the relationship between the two was like fire and water.

After leaving Luo Hao's office, Yang Jing immediately phoned the reporter, "I can't wait anymore, release the news."

"OK, sit back and enjoy the show," the man on the other side of the phone was filled with excitement.

If everything Yang Jing had previously done to defame Tangning was because she had stolen her model's runway show in France, then this time, it was because she needed to take precautionary action. With her qualifications and professionalism, if Tangning was to join Cheng Tian, she would snatch away a lot of jobs. If that was to happen, the models under Yang Jing's control would lose at least half their opportunities - she couldn't allow this to happen.

Above all, it was possible that Tangning already knew Yang Jing was the one that had been secretly scheming against her.


Because of TQ's rapid sales, Tangning's fans felt like she had once again given them a pleasant surprise. A whole heap of presents were delivered to Tangning via her Official Fan Club; Lu Che received them and made sure they were safe before handing them to her.

Late at night. Tangning was napping atop Mo Ting's chest. Mo Ting had his right arm around Tangning as he gently ran his fingers down the curves of her back. His left hand was currently browsing through Tangning's emails on his phone. At this moment he discovered a suspicious email, "Ning...look at this."

"Huh?" Tangning lifted her head gently and took the phone from Mo Ting's hand. There was an anonymous email, that simply read, "Take note of people scheming behind your back."

"Ting, what are your thoughts?" Seeing this unusual warning, Tangning couldn't imagine who was trying to help her and what type of scheming they would be referring to.

"With the popularity of TQ, more people have started to pay attention to you; you are bound to snatch someone else's opportunities. If we think back about the recent defamation incident, the person that did the most scheming was Yang Jing from Cheng Tian. Regardless of whether this warning is related to Yang Jing, you must first focus on doing your best..."

Tangning understood what Mo Ting meant. As long as she did everything to the best of her ability, no one would be able to find any flaw to defame her with.

Mo Ting was reminding her, it was time to release the evidence from the bed-climbing incident.

"Regardless of who this warning is from or who is scheming against me, I must first bite back at the person that was behind the entire bed-climbing scandal, Yang Jing," Tangning put down the phone and placed her chin on Mo Ting's collarbone.

"It seems you've already figured what to do with Li Yu's travel report."

Tangning smiled without responding.

She had definitely made enemies with Yang Jing, but it was yet to be determined who's methods were better.

Thinking of this, Tangning immediately made a phone call to Long Jie, "Have you gone to sleep yet?"

"I'm watching a movie," Long Jie jumped up from her bed thinking something must have happened to Tangning.

"It's nothing serious. Long Jie, if you have time, I was wondering whether the reporter that was spreading fake rumors about me had a partner."

"Do you have something planned?" Long Jie thought for a moment, before responding, "Yes he did, he also had a cousin who was his copywriter."

"Good," Tangning replied calmly. "I just received an email warning me to be careful of people scheming behind my back. Long Jie, to give me a peace of mind, do you have a way of contacting his partner?"

"Haha, I have a business card, I'll get back to you."

Long Jie hung up and Tangning put down her phone. Meanwhile, Mo Ting continued to stroke her back. Although his actions were casual, Tangning couldn't help but gently touch his lips. She leaned in and said gently, "That's enough...you're making me want it..."

Mo Ting's eyes widened as the corners of his lips revealed an amused smile, "Are you that sensitive?"

Tangning ignored him as she gently stroked the inside of his thigh, "If I touch you like this, would you be able to control yourself?"

Mo Ting suddenly flipped over and pressed Tangning against his body. His gentle intermittent kisses made their way across her body. As his gaze fell upon her tiny waist, he screwed up his eyebrows, "Are you still trying to lose weight?"

"If I want to make it on a bigger stage, I can't lose to the younger models."

"In my heart, no matter how you look, you are perfect."

Tangning smiled. Her lover's encouragement made her extremely happy. She grabbed onto Mo Ting's neck and gave him a soft delicate kiss on the lips before sensually nibbling on his earlobe.


Late at night. Just as Long Jie tried to get in contact with the reporter's cousin, the man was about to release Tangning's newest scandal; Long Jie's call had intercepted him just in time.

He thought Tangning must have made a decision to buy the evidence off him. So when Long Jie asked to meet, he did not refuse. However, he decided not to tell his cousin about this. Yang Jing had given them so much money to defame Tangning, yet he only got a 30% cut. Since Tangning had contacted him directly, then he was going to take advantage of this opportunity to take some money from her. So, before he released the scandal, he deliberately deleted some information and said he still needed some time to edit the article; he wouldn't be able to release it today.

The reporter couldn't do anything about it, he completely trusted his cousin. He quickly made a phone call to tell Yang Jing and Yang Jing was immediately on guard as she asked, "Don't tell me there's been a change..."

"No, no, of course not..."