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81 Damaging Tangning“s Spiri

Behind the girl stood her manager; a woman wearing black-framed glasses. Her arms were crossed as she glared at Tangning.

She was aware Tangning had her methods, otherwise, how could an outdated model come out successful in a fight with Mo Yurou and end up where she was today. Even so, she couldn't believe Tangning would dare to steal a Cheng Tian model's job. If they didn't stop her now, Tangning would become an even greater threat in the future.

Of course, they had no idea Tangning's next aim would be to join Cheng Tian!

The manager looked at Tangning. Through her contacts, she managed to find out how Tangning secured Luxury's opening; it was because of Lin Weisen.

He's a pretty big name...

But, now that Tangning was in the industry, the manager felt she should no longer dream of being able to suck up to the powerful while still maintaining her reputation. After all, she was hanging around with the ill-reputed Han Yufan and Mo Yurou; she might as well join them...

Not long after, the opening began to the sound of retro music. As the first model on stage, Tangning immediately became the center of attention. Her professionalism, her charm and her style held the show that was filled with newcomers together. It also opened the international media's eyes to the unlimited possibilities of an Asian model. At that time, a few of the guests even recognized Tangning as Kira, who had once gone home with many newcomer awards; they were shocked but also pleasantly surprised...

...because on the runway, no one could compare to her radiance...she was completely dazzling.

At this time, Mo Ting was sitting below the stage; this was his first time seeing Tangning do a show from close up. It was hard for him to imagine: this was his wife. Lin Weisen was also close by, as well as TQ's photographer who was snapping away on the camera; the scene in front of them was absolutely perfect. Everyone couldn't help but be amazed by her performance...

After the models took their bow and left the stage, Lin Weisen headed to the back of the stage to congratulate Tangning, "You are the best."

Tangning smiled as she politely shook Lin Weisen's hand, "Thank you, Mr. Lin."

"I'm already looking forward to TQ's October edition..."

After talking to Lin Weisen, Tangning changed back into her own clothes with Long Jie's help and left the venue; she couldn't wait to walk the streets of France hand-in-hand with Mo Ting. Not long after the show ended, Long Jie received a phone call from Tianyi. Han Yufan wanted to know what was going on with Tangning.

Long Jie searched the news online and immediately came across some hot articles about Tangning: [Tangning Vs Mo Yurou: The Support Behind the Scheming], [The Men Behind Tangning]. The main point behind every article was that after every single battle between Tangning and Mo Yurou, Mo Yurou had been completely defamed, while Tangning continued to advance forward; the reason may not be because Tangning used the right methods, but because she had more men supporting her from behind.

One of the articles even mentioned Star Age and Lin Weisen who had been showing her support.

Most of the netizens still trusted Tangning, especially her fans who immediately started spreading videos of her shows and images from her magazine shoots. They wanted to prove, she completely depended on her own abilities to get to where she was today.

However, there were also some anti-fans. They claimed Tangning's EQ was too high and her IQ was frightening; she was too deceitful and was someone people should watch out for.

At that time, the internet was in chaos.

"How could having a high EQ be considered a negative trait...I really have to give it to them," Long Jie looked at the discussions online; she was so angry she was about to explode.

Tangning glanced at the discussions and laughed. After casually disguising herself, Tangning headed into the parking lot with Long Jie and boarded Mo Ting's car.

"I saw the news..." Mo Ting said before he started the car, "Now that your fame is increasing, attacks from all different direction will also increase. When faced with competition, people will scheme, you understand what I'm trying to say?"

"Of course. It's just that this time, Mo Yurou has once again been given a chance to insult me..." Tangning understood well, so as usual, she wasn't going to respond; she knew the more she tried to explain herself, the more it would seem like she was hiding something. Since someone was helping her gain exposure, she might as well accept it; this was the reality of the entertainment industry.

"You don't want to contain it?" Long Jie questioned Tangning. To be exact, she was chasing Mo Ting for an answer.

However, Mo Ting and Tangning already had an agreement: he wasn't gong to interfere in her career. He had already broken his promise with the Han Ruoxue incident, so this time, he didn't have enough reason to forcefully help his wife.

"Long Jie, don't forget. My management agency is still Tianyi."

Seeing the couple remaining calm, Long Jie relaxed, "OK, you guys have fun. I will keep my eye on the situation in Beijing."

Tangning smiled at Long Jie in relief, "Help me reassure the fans. Tell them I have not been affected."

Meanwhile, it was almost night time in Beijing. Under Han Yufan's coercion, Mo Yurou agreed to keep their child. Of course, she only did this to buy time. With the sudden release of Tangning's news, Mo Yurou sat in Han Yufan's office and sneered, "I told you before...there was no way Tangning would be pure...now that she has been exposed, will you help her? or will you take the advantage to step on her even harder?"

"Shut up!" Han Yufan warned.

After the incident with Mo Yurou, Han Yufan had become warier than before. Although he did consider reconciling with Tangning...the thought of Star Age's CEO and Lin Weisen, made his heart become cold like ice.

Mo Yurou was disgusting, but Tangning wasn't any better.

It seemed he couldn't place his hope on either woman.

"If you won't get PR to help her, then I won't be able to resist defaming her. It wasn't easy to get this opportunity," Mo Yurou laughed.

Han Yufan did not respond; it didn't seem like a bad idea to damage Tangning's spirit a little.

Afterwards, Mo Yurou rang her assistant, "Leak some information: while shooting for the magazine in the US, Tangning didn't follow the organizer's arrangements, instead she was fooling around with an unknown man and went to live with him. Releasing this information right now would be perfect timing...be careful not to let anyone know you did it."

Mo Yurou was an eyesore to Han Yufan as the coldness in his heart thickened...

However, he didn't realize, he was merely the pot calling the kettle black...

Of course, it was expected that Mo Yurou would defame Tangning like this; Tangning just treated it like Mo Yurou's last hurrah because as the Annual Model Awards approached, Mo Yurou was getting closer to falling into the depths of the abyss...