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Treasure Hunt Tycoon

Author:Full-Metal Bullet

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Updates:Chapter 839: Encountering an Old Acquaintance

They love gold, and they love silver. Even more so, they love gems that dazzle, like stars across the skies. Firearms, jewelleries, and precious metals; A collector’s world will not be complete without antiques. Storage auctions, old goods trade, re-estate sales and gold-digging. But the truth is, if one wants to make money, then the supreme way is through searching for the legendary treasures. Holding the fort, there’s an ocelot, a wolf, and an Andes condor. At the side, there’s a loyal hound, an irascible ape, and an African honey badger. Who said that you can only rely on humans when treasure hunting?! 捡宝王
《Treasure Hunt Tycoon》 Text
Chapter 1: The Purple Bug
Chapter 2: A New Sight
Chapter 3: Storage Treasure Hunt
Chapter 4: The Leather Throne
Chapter 5: Successful Acquisition
Chapter 6: A Poor Man's Glare
Chapter 7: I'll Give You More Money, so Please Stop Eating
Chapter 8: The Cat Caught in the Hunting Trap
Chapter 9: It's a Motorcycle This Time
Chapter 10: Hidden Very Deep
Chapter 11: Who's the Idiot
Chapter 12: Street Glide
Chapter 13: The Bug's New Ability
Chapter 14: Fast and Furious
Chapter 15: Having Ten Thousand Dollars
Chapter 16: This time is a Yamaha
Chapter 17: Inaccurate Information
Chapter 18: The Music Warehouse
Chapter 19: Everyone Guessed Wrong
Chapter 20: An Afternoon and the Empress
Chapter 21: Ten Thousand Club
Chapter 22: Ah Meow Changes His Medicine
Chapter 23: The Wild Village
Chapter 24: A Set of Old Stamps
Chapter 25: You Are All Rednecks
Chapter 26: Error Stamps, Millennial Edition
Chapter 27: Quickly Say You Love Him
Chapter 28: Successful Entry
Chapter 29: It's Not Easy Finding a House
Chapter 30: Bidding Without a Second Thought
Chapter 31: F***, Let’s go!
Chapter 32: Flying like a Bug
Chapter 33: The Classical and Neoclassical Styles
Chapter 34: Handiwork
Chapter 35: Half Sold
Chapter 36: The First-Generation Kidney Seller
Chapter 37: It Just Doesn’t Make Sense
Chapter 38: The Fox and The Fool
Chapter 39: The First Gathering
Chapter 40: The Pride of One Hundred Thousand
Chapter 41: I am Called the God of Gamblers
Chapter 42: Pine Tree Tops
Chapter 43: How Should We Pay You?
Chapter 44: The Decisive Locomotive
Chapter 45: Watch Me
Chapter 46: Critical Blow
Chapter 47: Comparisons
Chapter 48: Don’t Fret, There’s More
Chapter 49: I Called The Cops
Chapter 50: Let’s Get The Party Started
Chapter 51: Don’t Shoot! It’s Just Me!
Chapter 52: Playboy
Chapter 53: Strengthened Powers
Chapter 54: Even A Mosquito’s Leg Has Meat
Chapter 55: The Antique Clocks
Chapter 56: Alliance
Chapter 57: Lucky Again
Chapter 58: One Hundred Thousand Dollars
Chapter 59: Mother Mesa’s Home
Chapter 60: A Change in Perspective
Chapter 61: Proving What It’s Made Of
Chapter 62: Chinaware Storage
Chapter 63: Steampunk
Chapter 64: The Cunning China Li
Chapter 65: BMW Z4
Chapter 66: Nail Polish
Chapter 67: The God of Gamblers Strikes Again
Chapter 68: Presents
Chapter 69: Roundabout Tactics
Chapter 70: Toy or Sculpture
Chapter 71: To Bid, Or Not To Bid
Chapter 72: He’s Our Guy
Chapter 73: Ceramic Art
Chapter 74: The Girl That Likes to Smile
Chapter 75: Meeting At The Welfare Home
Chapter 76: Relationships Are Networks
Chapter 77: A Mug Of Ginger Tea
Chapter 78: Military Oath
Chapter 79: Two Stubborn Fools
Chapter 80: The Valiant Ah Meow
Chapter 81: A Unprecedented Threat
Chapter 82: Taking Care of Them
Chapter 83: The Soviet Iron Fist of Revenge
Chapter 84: Classified Info
Chapter 85: Of Rosewood and Chinaware
Chapter 86: The Storm Stirs Again
Chapter 87: Thank You, Uncles!
Chapter 88: In One Fell Swoop (Chapter One End)
Chapter 89: Ferrari
Chapter 90: Persevered Through
Chapter 91: Let’s Spoil The Game
Chapter 92: Couldn’t Stop Laughing
Chapter 93: The Mammoth’s Tusk
Chapter 94: Please Apologize
Chapter 95: Three against One
Chapter 96: A Chance Encounter
Chapter 97: I Hate Your Guts
Chapter 98: Run Like The Wind
Chapter 99: The Fastest Truck
Chapter 100: World's Oldest Rodeo
Chapter 101: The Crazy Little Bug
Chapter 102: Move Them All
Chapter 103: Give You The Gun
Chapter 104: A Different Kind of Gain
Chapter 105: The Shadows of Bamboo Shoots
Chapter 106: The Wild Chinese Cuisine
Chapter 107: The Terrible Job Fair
Chapter 108: Godzilla
Chapter 109: Enter The Great Beast
Chapter 110: Mechanical Storage
Chapter 111: All Very Satisfied
Chapter 112: Here To Help
Chapter 113: This Is Probability Theory
Chapter 114: You Do Not Know Anything
Chapter 115: If Others Antagonize Me
Chapter 116: Eye-Opener
Chapter 117: A Strange Call
Chapter 118: Who Dared To Move
Chapter 119: Change Your Target
Chapter 120: The Dominator Meow
Chapter 121: Veteran’s Storage
Chapter 122: Everyone’s the Boss
Chapter 123: Extra Auction Chance
Chapter 124: Revealing The Storage
Chapter 125: Move Away
Chapter 126: Luo Qun
Chapter 127: Mud Monkey Competition
Chapter 128: Let Me Do It
Chapter 129: Come Down
Chapter 130: Gun Store
Chapter 131: The Most Beautiful Town
Chapter 132: The Little Bug Changes Yet Again
Chapter 133: Stepping Over For Advancement
Chapter 134: Give It To You
Chapter 135: A new use for the little bug
Chapter 136: Worthless Like Your Mother’s A*s
Chapter 137: Chance Encounter
Chapter 138: Camping in the Canyons
Chapter 139: No Chance for Negotiation
Chapter 140: The Boundless Sky, The Countless Stars
Chapter 141: The Other One from the Mill
Chapter 142: Precious Alligator Leather
Chapter 143: With Human Labor
Chapter 144: Let Me Try
Chapter 145: The Job is Done
Chapter 146: The Things That Are Disappearing
Chapter 147: The Book Auction
Chapter 148: Stacks of Old Books
Chapter 149: Displaying One’s Good Points
Chapter 150: An Unusually Good Impression
Chapter 151: An Album
Chapter 152: The Trick of the Big Fox
Chapter 153: The Biggest Contributor
Chapter 154: The Hundred Thousand Club
Chapter 155: Tucson
Chapter 156: The Stumbling Block
Chapter 157: Follow Him
Chapter 158: Iced Rice Wine
Chapter 159: Under The Great Honor
Chapter 160: I Was Egotistical
Chapter 161: Patek Philippe
Chapter 162: Let’s Spoil The Game II
Chapter 163: The Problem With Turfs
Chapter 164: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 165: A Ferocious Looking Man
Chapter 166: The Bicycles
Chapter 167: Fellow Countryman
Chapter 168: The Flavor of Home
Chapter 169: I Like Your Cooking
Chapter 170: Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Chapter 171: That Explains It
Chapter 172: Extra Units Again
Chapter 173: A Learning Opportunity
Chapter 174: Unexpected Findings
Chapter 175: Crispy Noodles
Chapter 176: The Bug and The Coati
Chapter 177: You Have to Work to Provide for Yourself
Chapter 178: Old Goods Trade
Chapter 179: New Kind of Business
Chapter 180: Brother Li, Help!
Chapter 181: Come In and See
Chapter 182: He’s Gone!
Chapter 183: Then Let’s Bet
Chapter 184: Keep Going
Chapter 185: The Boss Arrives
Chapter 186: Big Brother’s Rage
Chapter 187: A Horse Doesn't Get Fat Without Extra Feed
Chapter 188: Present
Chapter 189: Protection Charm
Chapter 190: Old Property Auction
Chapter 191: The Oasis Town
Chapter 192: The Heroic Duo
Chapter 193: Cold Spring Bath
Chapter 194: Who Did It
Chapter 195: Revenge of the Duo
Chapter 196: Make an Example
Chapter 197: An Annoying Fly
Chapter 198: The Great Pretense
Chapter 199: The Antique Gun
Chapter 200: Made By Blizzard
Chapter 201: A Wasteland
Chapter 202: An Unusual Neighbor
Chapter 203: A Weird Specimen
Chapter 204: Integrity
Chapter 205: The Ranch
Chapter 206: Bid for the Loom
Chapter 207: The Feeling of Trust
Chapter 208: A Simple Summer
Chapter 209: The Movie Prop Warehouse Auction
Chapter 210: City of Angels
Chapter 211: The Shy Potter
Chapter 212: Checking the Units
Chapter 213: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 214: Grand Central Market
Chapter 215: Participating as a Team
Chapter 216: The Bustle Increases
Chapter 217: Let Me Step On The Uneven Road
Chapter 218: C’mon, Show Some Sincerity
Chapter 219: A Fiery Start
Chapter 220: The Conflict Caused by The Drone
Chapter 221: The Majestic Ocelot
Chapter 222: Battle of The Lunatics
Chapter 223: Direct Confrontation
Chapter 224: Another Highest Bid of the Day
Chapter 225: Business Iceberg
Chapter 226: Why’d You Stop Smiling?
Chapter 227: The Bug’s Hard Work
Chapter 228: The Final Methods
Chapter 229: Boss, Come See
Chapter 230: Arrival of the Actress
Chapter 231: The Unexpected
Chapter 232: Organizing An Auction
Chapter 233: Small Water Town
Chapter 234: A Good Place
Chapter 235: The Sunny Beach
Chapter 236: Another Chance Encounter
Chapter 237: Two Ships
Chapter 238: You Can, He Can’t
Chapter 239: We Are Partners
Chapter 240: So Delicious
Chapter 241: Kikujiro
Chapter 242: A Glimpse of Shyness
Chapter 243: The Goddess and The Lunatic
Chapter 244: The Top of The Mountain
Chapter 245: The Boss Li
Chapter 246: Smitten With a Storage Unit
Chapter 247: Unusual Weddings
Chapter 248: Doctor Hans
Chapter 249: Life-changing Technologies
Chapter 250: Coke Culture
Chapter 251: Truth About the Specimen
Chapter 252: Advantages of the Hundred Thousand Club
Chapter 253: The Bottle Collector
Chapter 254: The Precious Bottle
Chapter 255: We Are Not Friends
Chapter 256: Group of Novices
Chapter 257: The Greenhorn
Chapter 258: Campsite for Three
Chapter 259: House on Wheels
Chapter 260: Opening of the Campsite
Chapter 261: Moonshine Culture
Chapter 262: Treasure Trade
Chapter 263: Super Camp
Chapter 264: American-Style BBQ
Chapter 265: Freshly Made Liquor
Chapter 266: Everyone has Assembled
Chapter 267: I Will Keep Drinking
Chapter 268: A Shocking Past
Chapter 269: Grilling Fish in the Rain
Chapter 270: The Two-Faced Crispy Noodles
Chapter 271: The Brilliant Big Fox
Chapter 272: Fools Tend to be Rich
Chapter 273: Diverting the Risks
Chapter 274: Widening the Trap
Chapter 275: Rushing on Route 66
Chapter 276: Gathering of the Big-Shots
Chapter 277: Storage Units of the Wealthy
Chapter 278: Deputy Battalion Commander, Fire Your Cannon!
Chapter 279: Cooperative Battle
Chapter 280: A Change That Came Like a Storm
Chapter 281: The Arabian Man
Chapter 282: A Snake
Chapter 283: Starlike Purse
Chapter 284: 284.黑帮出现(1)
Chapter 285: Where Did The Dagger Go
Chapter 286: Summer Hunting
Chapter 287: Mister Li’s Promise
Chapter 288: The Ferocious Hellcat
Chapter 289: Buy It
Chapter 290: Armed
Chapter 291: Attending a Military Parade
Chapter 292: Ah Meow, The Little Helper
Chapter 293: Let’s work together
Chapter 294: An Accidental Mistake
Chapter 295: Enemies Are Fated to Meet
Chapter 296: Below the Clouds, Above the Mountains
Chapter 297: Coincidences Do Happen
Chapter 298: Let’s Bet Again
Chapter 299: Let’s Talk About Stakes
Chapter 300: Let’s Play With Higher Stakes
Chapter 301: The Gentleman Knows Martial Arts
Chapter 302: Can’t Stop the Rogue
Chapter 303: A Fruitful Hunt
Chapter 304: Preparations for the Party
Chapter 305: The Big Quinn Barbecue
Chapter 306: Promotion For Two
Chapter 307: The Low Stout Cannon
Chapter 308: Resignation Troubles
Chapter 309: The Silent Auction
Chapter 310: Trench Mortar
Chapter 311: Add Another Hundred
Chapter 312: Spirit of Ecstasy
Chapter 313: I Am a Good Citizen
Chapter 314: The Extraordinary Umbrella
Chapter 315: Get Ready, Grab Your Weapons
Chapter 316: Bring It On!
Chapter 317: Rules
Chapter 318: The German Star
Chapter 319: Dinner at Big Quinn’s
Chapter 320: Land of the Fallen
Chapter 321: Difficult & Painful
Chapter 322: Lady & the Shrew
Chapter 323: God’s Territory
Chapter 324: Charity Auction
Chapter 325: The Right Stand
Chapter 326: Time to Shoot
Chapter 327: A Magic Trick
Chapter 328: Let Us Assure You
Chapter 329: A Disqualified Gift
Chapter 330: Don’t Call The Police
Chapter 331: Missed A Good Chance
Chapter 332: Another Visit to The City of Angels
Chapter 333: The Tang Dynasty Chamber of Abundance
Chapter 334: The Butcher
Chapter 335: The Metropolis
Chapter 336: The Storage Unit with An Attic
Chapter 337: A Little Trick
Chapter 338: This Is Fame
Chapter 339: The Sudden Occurrence
Chapter 340: The Treasure Hunting Lunatic
Chapter 341: Evildoers Will Be Punished
Chapter 342: Easy Peasy
Chapter 343: Spreading His Fame Across LA
Chapter 344: Eat, Sleep, Play
Chapter 345: Knocking at Their Door
Chapter 346: Godzilla’s Past
Chapter 347: Chemical Analysis
Chapter 348: Grand Opening of the Site Business
Chapter 349: Czech Wolfdog
Chapter 350: Ah Ow
Chapter 351: Returning a Favor
Chapter 352: Little Mushroom Girl
Chapter 353: The Flash
Chapter 354: Another Visit to the Old Goods Market
Chapter 355: A Chinese Culture Enthusiast
Chapter 356: This Is For You
Chapter 357: Donated
Chapter 358: Need For Speed
Chapter 359: Sand, Wind, and Water
Chapter 360: The Value of the Dodo Specimen
Chapter 361: The Mahogany Gallery
Chapter 362: Asking for Trouble
Chapter 363: New Replaces Old
Chapter 364: Cloud of Suspicion
Chapter 365: Pass off Fish Eyes as Pearls
Chapter 366: Here Comes Ah Meow
Chapter 367: Let’s Be Allies
Chapter 368: Here Comes The Trap
Chapter 369: Meeting the “Expert”
Chapter 370: The Rosewood Expert
Chapter 371: With All Efforts
Chapter 372: You Shut Up
Chapter 373: Price Wars
Chapter 374: Going In
Chapter 375: Bite The Bait
Chapter 376: The Peel
Chapter 377: Chain of Moves
Chapter 378: Adding Another Dose
Chapter 379: Visiting the Daughter
Chapter 380: Clearing Some Collections
Chapter 381: The First Foray Into The East
Chapter 382: Okay, Deal
Chapter 383: The “Young Master” Status
Chapter 384: Save a Life
Chapter 385: Committee of 100
Chapter 386: Don’t Ask About The Future
Chapter 387: Brother Haonan
Chapter 388: Ancestral Craft
Chapter 389: Food Market
Chapter 390: Found An Organization
Chapter 391: Tough Days
Chapter 392: This Is My Territory
Chapter 393: Where Popularity Counts
Chapter 394: The Slaying
Chapter 395: Quick, Shift The Blame
Chapter 396: Thank You, You Are Welcome
Chapter 397: The Revenge of Ah Meow
Chapter 398: Berkshire
Chapter 399: Butchering Swines
Chapter 400: It’s Ah Ow’s Turn
Chapter 401: Have Mercy On Me
Chapter 402: We’ll Celebrate Your Birthday
Chapter 403: The Convoy of Trucks
Chapter 404: Something Amiss
Chapter 405: Make An Example Part II
Chapter 406: Stupidity
Chapter 407: Just Scram
Chapter 408: Just Scram Part II
Chapter 409: I’ll Return the Money
Chapter 410: A Check
Chapter 411: Deal With Them One by One
Chapter 412: Stepping Into the Casino Again
Chapter 413: Shake the Mountain & Scare the Tiger
Chapter 414: Revenge of the Native Americans
Chapter 415: Put the Tactic to Use
Chapter 416: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 417: A Happy Gathering
Chapter 418: Call from a Fellow Countryman
Chapter 419: A Group Voyage
Chapter 420: Insider Information
Chapter 421: The Glen Canyon
Chapter 422: A Bad Encounter
Chapter 423: Humiliation
Chapter 424: Investigation
Chapter 425: Unavoidable Circumstances
Chapter 426: There's No Misunderstanding
Chapter 427: Worship The Ancestors
Chapter 428: A Septic Tank Truck
Chapter 429: Seriously Eat Sh*t
Chapter 430: The Secret Collection of the Qing Dynasty
Chapter 431: Giving Soup Away
Chapter 432: The Big One
Chapter 433: Monopolizing The Auction
Chapter 434: Alien Motorcycle
Chapter 435: The Charm of the US Dollar
Chapter 436: The Wrong Lonesome Road
Chapter 437: An Accidental Success
Chapter 438: A Baffling Siege
Chapter 439: Of Imps and Fishes
Chapter 440: A Fierce Confrontation
Chapter 441: The Extraordinary Arrow
Chapter 442: Entering the Hopi Reservation
Chapter 443: Doomed
Chapter 444: A Leather Bag
Chapter 445: The Blade of the Native Americans
Chapter 446: Barter Network
Chapter 447: Coffins That Bring Prosperity
Chapter 448: The Copper Glove and Prophecy Stones
Chapter 449: Kavalala
Chapter 450: Don’t Drink Their Wine
Chapter 451: The Vibrant Red and Green
Chapter 452: Leisure Activities on Water
Chapter 453: Automated Fishing
Chapter 454: The Enthusiastic Brother Ma
Chapter 455: Declaration of Rights
Chapter 456: Battle of Wits
Chapter 457: The Lady’s Invitation
Chapter 458: The Expert Appraisers
Chapter 459: Police, Don’t Move!
Chapter 460: It’s Not Quite Right
Chapter 461: Appraisal Party
Chapter 462: Redirecting Troubled Waters
Chapter 463: A Gratifying Chat
Chapter 464: The Punishment
Chapter 465: The Sacrificial Hand
Chapter 466: The Cosplay Game
Chapter 467: Stop the Car for Investigation
Chapter 468: The Goody Mister Li
Chapter 469: While the Village Road May Be Slippery, Perils from the Heart Could Be Worse
Chapter 470: Donated
Chapter 471: The Winged Hussars
Chapter 472: Ah Ow’s Howl
Chapter 473: Celebrities from All Walks of Life
Chapter 474: Collaborated Transformation
Chapter 475: Change in Operations
Chapter 476: Giant Object
Chapter 477: As Stable As a Rock
Chapter 478: Mystery
Chapter 479: Friendship as Priority
Chapter 480: Man’s Two Pieces of Treasure
Chapter 481: Put It On Auction
Chapter 482: The Unusual Cigar Box
Chapter 483: Made by a Master
Chapter 484: Crispy Noodles’s Parade
Chapter 485: Balloon Shooting
Chapter 486: Thank You
Chapter 487: Bachelors On Auction
Chapter 488: The Auction Item
Chapter 489: Love
Chapter 490: Jealousy
Chapter 491: Ten Storage Units
Chapter 492: So It Was You
Chapter 493: Ah Ow’s Return
Chapter 494: The Howling Wolf
Chapter 495: Big Brother Ah Meow
Chapter 496: A Thrashing By Her Brothers
Chapter 497: Scout Activity
Chapter 498: Poor Children Manage Affairs
Chapter 499: Ah Meow Plays Promoter
Chapter 500: Change of Business
Chapter 501: Wonder Woman
Chapter 502: Let’s Move To The South
Chapter 503: A Big And Powerful Gun
Chapter 504: Godzilla The Tough Guy
Chapter 505: The Golden City
Chapter 506: The Unfriendly Locals
Chapter 507: Extra Storage
Chapter 508: Ah Ow Dug Something Out
Chapter 509: Tucson Brotherhood
Chapter 510: Burning With Anger
Chapter 511: What’s The Situation
Chapter 512: Sudden Ruckus
Chapter 513: It’s Still Early
Chapter 514: You Have A Wall, I Have A Ladder
Chapter 515: The Props
Chapter 516: The War Has Just Begun
Chapter 517: That’s Robbery
Chapter 518: A Few Conditions
Chapter 519: Finally Got It Back
Chapter 520: We’ve Been Duped
Chapter 521: American Soldier
Chapter 522: Please Help Me
Chapter 523: The Big Monster
Chapter 524: View The House
Chapter 525: The Fight
Chapter 526: Bite Force
Chapter 527: The Genius of Marketing
Chapter 528: Promotional
Chapter 529: Relax, No Tension
Chapter 530: A Kiss
Chapter 531: The Cactus Meal
Chapter 532: Combining Forces
Chapter 533: The National Park
Chapter 534: The Gem Hunters
Chapter 535: Disordered Hooves Amidst the Autumn Rustle
Chapter 536: The Rainbow Stone
Chapter 537: Betting on Stones
Chapter 538: Unveiling The Bird of Paradise
Chapter 539: The Search Continues
Chapter 540: A Whole New World
Chapter 541: Incredible Gains
Chapter 542: A Sketch
Chapter 543: Tourists & Auctions
Chapter 544: Prowess of a Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 545: Show Your Fighting Spirit
Chapter 546: A Righteous Man
Chapter 547: Signature Memorabilia
Chapter 548: The Proud Ocelot
Chapter 549: Cotton Candy
Chapter 550: Possession of Military Equipment
Chapter 551: The Ball Game
Chapter 552: D*mn It, Don’t Run
Chapter 553: National Geographic
Chapter 554: The World’s Too Small
Chapter 555: Need for A Plan
Chapter 556: The Private Storage Auction
Chapter 557: The CS Competition
Chapter 558: Counter-Encirclement
Chapter 559: The Community Auction
Chapter 560: Mr. Li The Veteran Hunter
Chapter 561: Bottleneck
Chapter 562: Becoming a Pickpocket
Chapter 563: Three-Stone Stove
Chapter 564: Treasure-Seeking Racoon
Chapter 565: Going All Out
Chapter 566: Rich Harvest
Chapter 567: Roasting Cactus Under the Stars
Chapter 568: The Swishing Water
Chapter 569: The Wolf is Coming
Chapter 570: Confrontation of The Experts
Chapter 571: Little Capable Ones
Chapter 572: Overarching Sunset
Chapter 573: Rest Before Continuing The Battle
Chapter 574: Vacation Feeling
Chapter 575: The Legend of The Gem
Chapter 576: Selling The Gemstones
Chapter 577: Quick, To the Gem Mine
Chapter 578: Pretty interesting
Chapter 579: So That’s The Reason
Chapter 580: High-Level Deception
Chapter 581: How Did This Happen?
Chapter 582: Calling The Police
Chapter 583: An Angel Sent By God
Chapter 584: Space stone
Chapter 585: The Supper of Friendship
Chapter 586: The Responsibility Was Mine
Chapter 587: The Cash Auction
Chapter 588: Go, Las Vegas
Chapter 589: Country Bumpkin Mr. Li
Chapter 590: Harry Winston
Chapter 591: A Rumor
Chapter 592: The Appeal of Patek Philippe & Co
Chapter 593: The Ruckus
Chapter 594: Tough Decision
Chapter 595: Buying Equity
Chapter 596: Good Morning, Las Vegas
Chapter 597: Luck
Chapter 598: Internal Conflict
Chapter 599: The Split
Chapter 600: The Request of a Playboy
Chapter 601: The Ferrari Knight
Chapter 602: The Small Boy Rival
Chapter 603: A Spate of Good Luck
Chapter 604: Auction at the Bazaar
Chapter 605: Magic Hand
Chapter 606: Sensational Start
Chapter 607: Fearless
Chapter 608: Come With Me
Chapter 609: Eight of Them
Chapter 610: An Idea, Risk It
Chapter 611: The Carp Got Off the Golden Hook
Chapter 612: Shaking Head and Wagging Tail: Not Coming Back Again
Chapter 613: The Little Bug Gains
Chapter 614: Narwhal
Chapter 615: At The Door Seeking
Chapter 616: The Gift
Chapter 617: Got Them
Chapter 618: Water and Fire
Chapter 619: Disposing the Shares
Chapter 620: First Step
Chapter 621: The Truth Unveiled
Chapter 622: Little Girl’s Present
Chapter 623: Chinese Farm-Style Dishes
Chapter 624: Happiness From Within
Chapter 625: Men's Secret Hideout
Chapter 626: Here Again?
Chapter 627: Thunderbolt
Chapter 628: Bodyguard Concept
Chapter 629: The Old Goods Market’s Energy
Chapter 630: Auction of the Secret Hideout
Chapter 631: The Multi-Millionaire
Chapter 632: Again, Again, Again
Chapter 633: What an Amazing Guy
Chapter 634: Quiet Man
Chapter 635: Failed Negotiations
Chapter 636: Brother Wolf
Chapter 637: Not in Good Faith
Chapter 638: Being Monitored
Chapter 639: Let Me Get Rid of It
Chapter 640: The Anti-aircraft Gun, Brother Wolf
Chapter 641: Gotta Do It Yourself
Chapter 642: Here For A Wife
Chapter 643: Thank You Boss
Chapter 644: Rich Ore Deposit
Chapter 645: More and More Gains
Chapter 646: Looking For Trouble
Chapter 647: Trace of Machine
Chapter 648: Searching For The Culprit
Chapter 649: An Unusual Discovery
Chapter 650: All That Was Gained Was Lost
Chapter 651: Lady Officer In Action
Chapter 652: Go Back to Take a Look
Chapter 653: A Family Member’s Meritorious Deed
Chapter 654: Tall, Burly Man
Chapter 655: Affronted
Chapter 656: Before and After
Chapter 657: Selling Them Off
Chapter 658: Are You Surprised? Is This Exciting?
Chapter 659: Cole Winston
Chapter 660: Michelin Three Stars
Chapter 661: Buy Mine Then
Chapter 662: Big Shareholder
Chapter 663: Big Fox’s Network
Chapter 664: Dropped Dead
Chapter 665: Auction Tour
Chapter 666: Why Howl
Chapter 667: By All Means
Chapter 668: Brother Wolf’s Past
Chapter 669: Horseshoe Town
Chapter 670: Awesome
Chapter 671: Rookie
Chapter 672: First Deal
Chapter 673: A Fish’s Attack
Chapter 674: Cooperating To Catch a Big Fish
Chapter 675: Boundless Forest Surging Waters
Chapter 676: Big Shot Mr. Li
Chapter 677: Testing Waters
Chapter 678: Interested
Chapter 679: As A Gift
Chapter 680: Getting The Most Valuable
Chapter 681: The Five Rings
Chapter 682: Driving Off Proudly
Chapter 683: The Christmas Tree
Chapter 684: Chopping Trees
Chapter 685: The Trio Battle for Food
Chapter 686: Three, Two, One
Chapter 687: Landed
Chapter 688: Discrimination From The Driver
Chapter 689: Nostalgia
Chapter 690: Ready To Start Work
Chapter 691: For the Ox’s Use
Chapter 692: Catching Rats From The Air
Chapter 693: A Great Harvest From the Rat Hole
Chapter 694: Hard Drinking
Chapter 695: Hans’s Teacher
Chapter 696: Very Cheap Codfish
Chapter 697: Misfortune Caused by the Cheap Deal
Chapter 698: Oil On The Stool
Chapter 699: Proof
Chapter 700: An Antique Street
Chapter 701: Desire for Treasure
Chapter 702: Door Stopper Vase
Chapter 703: The Four-Winged Evolution
Chapter 704: Small Space
Chapter 705: The Gathering of Classmates
Chapter 706: Check This Out
Chapter 707: Da Xia Zhen Xing
Chapter 708: Arrival Of A Customer
Chapter 709: 1.1 Million Yuan
Chapter 710: Last Day Of The Year In The Lunar Calendar
Chapter 711: Buying A House
Chapter 712: Special Auction
Chapter 713: The Australian Dumpster Diving Master
Chapter 714: Admission
Chapter 715: The Auctioneer With The Iron Hand
Chapter 716: Tit for Tat
Chapter 717: A Massive Frame
Chapter 718: It Was Your Doing
Chapter 719: Retaliation
Chapter 720: We Are Going to Be Rich
Chapter 721: Black Gold Abalone Harvesting Permit
Chapter 722: Deploying the Entire Team
Chapter 723: Ahwoo, Wuff Wuff Wuff
Chapter 724: Kitchen in the Sky
Chapter 725: Walking Too Fast May Make Your Pants Fall Off
Chapter 726: Asking For Trouble
Chapter 727: It Turned Out to Be the Enemy
Chapter 728: Special Barbeque
Chapter 729: Dangerous Australia
Chapter 730: Ocelot VS Tiger Snake
Chapter 731: Rather Changeable
Chapter 732: Flying Shark
Chapter 733: Appeared on TV
Chapter 734: Time To Go Into The Water
Chapter 735: Thief
Chapter 736: Effortless
Chapter 737: King Island
Chapter 738: Setting up a Stall
Chapter 739: Key Customers
Chapter 740: Spending the Night on the Sea
Chapter 741: Map of Black Gold Abalone Habitat
Chapter 742: Admiring the Same Moon
Chapter 743: Met Associates
Chapter 744: Desperate Situation
Chapter 745: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
Chapter 746: Death By Drowning
Chapter 747: Ineffective Troops
Chapter 748: The Difference Between Ah Meow and Ah Ow
Chapter 749: Diving
Chapter 750: Professional
Chapter 751: The Heart Will Tell You
Chapter 752: Sea Star 60
Chapter 753: Much Easier
Chapter 754: Unpreventable
Chapter 755: Sea Delicacies
Chapter 756: Strict Checks and Precautions
Chapter 757: Something Fishy
Chapter 758: Authenticity of The Harvesting Permit
Chapter 759: Getting Two Benefits with One Action
Chapter 760: The Yacht’s Shadows
Chapter 761: I’ll Take Care of It
Chapter 762: Stealing, Huh?
Chapter 763: Jerk
Chapter 764: Relentless Stalkers
Chapter 765: Maui Dolphin Conservation Area
Chapter 766: Changing Location
Chapter 767: Land of Idyllic Beauty
Chapter 768: Amicable Victor
Chapter 769: Let’s Live Here
Chapter 770: Frightened Shrill In The Morning
Chapter 771: Hello, Treasure Island
Chapter 772: Skull Island
Chapter 773: Baobab Tree
Chapter 774: Snake Island
Chapter 775: No More Than a Seagull with No Fixed Abode on Earth Prowling the Skies
Chapter 776: A Wrecked Boat
Chapter 777: Oyster Meal
Chapter 778: Leatherback Sea Turtle Monitoring System
Chapter 779: The Large Sea Animal
Chapter 780: Demands
Chapter 781: Ride on a Shark and Break the Net
Chapter 782: Illegal Immigration
Chapter 783: Open the Box
Chapter 784: Escorted By Police Cars
Chapter 785: Major Case
Chapter 786: Compliments
Chapter 787: Be a Hero in Australia
Chapter 788: News of Black Opal
Chapter 789: Ebb Tide
Chapter 790: The Struggles of an Ama
Chapter 791: Three Small Creatures Pulling the Boats
Chapter 792: A Brilliant Plan
Chapter 793: Full Stop Party
Chapter 794: A Bold Request
Chapter 795: Cross Street Flea Market
Chapter 796: Hunting Team
Chapter 797: Ah Ow, Go!
Chapter 798: Threw Out a Joey
Chapter 799: Ali
Chapter 800: Lightning Ridge
Chapter 801: Difficult Job
Chapter 802: Hidden Gemstones
Chapter 803: Search for Information
Chapter 804: Resolving the Problem with Fists
Chapter 805: Passionate Friend
Chapter 806: Purchased a Mine
Chapter 807: Good and Bad Intentions
Chapter 808: Mala Ge Bazi
Chapter 809: Here, Dig
Chapter 810: Groups of Snakes Guarding Black Opals
Chapter 811: It’s Not Easy Being a Miner
Chapter 812: Finally Harvested Something
Chapter 813: Cast the Net
Chapter 814: Carving Out Gemstones
Chapter 815: Little River Monster
Chapter 816: Ali’s Retaliation
Chapter 817: Social Justice Warrior
Chapter 818: One Pot with a Spicy Flavor, One Pot with a Secret Recipe’s Flavor
Chapter 819: Drunk Trading
Chapter 820: Bitten by a Snake
Chapter 821: I Did It All
Chapter 822: Close Cooperation
Chapter 823: The Eight Hundred Thousand Dollar Crayfish
Chapter 824: Backfilled Tunnels
Chapter 825: Dug into the Snake Pit
Chapter 826: Collapsed Tunnel
Chapter 827: Rescue Mission
Chapter 828: The Alpha
Chapter 829: Apology and Thanks
Chapter 830: Eight Burly Men
Chapter 831: One More Mine
Chapter 832: Gang Confrontation
Chapter 833: Okay, Let’s Fight
Chapter 834: Covered in Fecal Matter and Urine
Chapter 835: New Journey
Chapter 836: A Battle of Words
Chapter 837: Unpacking and Inspection
Chapter 838: Ah Meow the Thief
Chapter 839: Encountering an Old Acquaintance