Travelling My Favorite Worlds!
56 Rallying a Familia
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Travelling My Favorite Worlds!
Author :j0sejalap3n0
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56 Rallying a Familia

Thankfully I don't need to walk around all that much since I am able to teleport around, so right after leaving Minato's I wound up at my castle, and after leaving it, it hasn't really changed all that much.

That is if you ignore the garbage that is everywhere... I look around and see that there is chinese take-out boxes, pizza boxes, and various other fast food containers almost everywhere. Holding back my anger I pinch the bridge of my nose and call out, "So I just get back and I see this, seems a tad rude to do doesn't it? Now if the ones who did it came out and helped me clean then I will let this go, but if I need to I will drag everyone out here. M'kay?" I know those bastards can hear me too.

I decided to give them 5 minutes to get here before I start hunting them down, but less than 30 seconds pass and a gun fires right past my head, I was able to sense it was going to miss me so I didn't move and then looked at the person who did it, Deadpool. When I raised his eyebrows he shrugged and hopped down, "Alright alright alright. Ya got me, I wasn't the only one though, I'll clean up my stuff... also don't go in my room if you thought this was bad." He then starts quickly sneaking away with an armful of trash.

I stop him though with a cough and then point at the hole in the ground that was left behind me, "Since you didn't aim at me I'll let this slide, but really? Did you need to fire indoors? You get to do me a favor complaint free now." I give him a sly smile since he doesn't know I can literally fix the hole with the slightest thought, I just don't want any sass about not entering the dungeon. After seeing me point out the hole Deadpool, in a rather exaggerated manner dropped all the boxes he was carrying onto the ground, started pleading for someone to erase him, and then in a manner that reminded me of fight club, tried to go and fight himself.

I had to go and restrain him a bit with trees, and once he calmed down he started asking about bondage shit. God him and Alucard will be great friends. Speaking of Alucard, when Deadpool mentioned bondage (and as I was letting him go) he rose from the ground looking for 'where the action was at.' God these guys, why do I need to do subordinate management too? Sometimes I wish they were like pokemon and that they would just obey me. But no, I guess that is too much to ask. Even the absolutely loyal summon that the system promised me was broken and it needed to be fixed since she wasn't absolutely loyal.

'That was the systems error due to not knowing extent of summons willpower, however due to this system has fixed said issue and now, if another absolutely loyal summon is summoned then system will be able to calculate the willpower possessed by summon and then will react accordingly without destroying summons personality.'

Something tells me that I'm going to find errors in this system every so often aren't I?

'There is no possible way for anything to be perfect, system is no exception however the three systems all possessed methods of updating to solve glitches. For example, should host's soul be sealed away again or host be within a genjutsu system will likely be able to enter much quicker than before.'

Oh gee, that's a relief. Well, okay that was sarcastic, but it is a relief that I'm not really stuck with a broken system.

I decide to ignore Deadpool and Alucard who got to talking as Tsunade and Joker walk up. Tsunade looks rather upset as the Joker keeps saying really bad jokes that seem like it was pulled off a dad jokes site. The one that I overheard when I tried listening was, 'Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere though.' I couldn't help but cringe at that and felt the need to escape from this soon so after making sure that everyone here took part in the mess (Apparently Alucard hasn't eaten anything. Not too weird since he's a vampire I guess.) I went and helped them all clean up, against all my expectations though was Tsunade actually made the biggest mess out of everyone here, she had a pile at the end that was as tall as her standing on my shoulders (A/N: Like 3 and a half or so meters tall I think. I don't want to math right now) seeing how much it was I helped bring everything to the recycling center that I had made in this town (yay the environment).

After dealing with that interruption I went back to the entryway and saw that all of the trash was now gone so I smiled and then made sure to go and get everyone else since I have about an hour left and I wanted to get an idea of who was on board for this and who wasn't. It didn't take long for them all to assemble thankfully since everyone that is now here can move pretty fast, and after going and explaining to them the situation it looked like Alucard just wanted to fight something, as did Deadpool, Garrus wanted to explore blacksmithing and Ezio wished to get into Alchemy, Darkness... well when I told her what I went through she started getting all hot and bothered so I just included her in, and Tsunade wanted to go and be in charge of trade with this world and make us some money. Seeing as how I shoved most of this onto my subordinates when I was Hokage I was all for this idea!

Oh yeah, I know I'm forgetting 3 people, but I remembered that I needed to summon spider gwen and wanted to get this out of the way first since, well it'd be nice to go and not have to deal with this in a heated situation. After summoning her she instantly shot out at me with webbing, but I decided to let it hit me, and right when she was about to headbutt me I teleported right behind her when deadpool decided to speak up, "Hey I've ran into you before! You're like peter right! One of those spider people right! Man I thought I ate some bad food that day. Ahh, fun time. Then I remembered that well, I can't get poisoned. Anyways how ya doing! Solve that whole deal? Peter stopped being all gloomy not long after that!" (A/N: Okay, so deadpool is mentioning the spiderverse event which basically has all the spider men come together. Him talking about peter being gloomy is... well a bit of a spoiler. Look up superior spider man, it's a good comic. However if people want me to explain it I can put a spoiler in the comments(tabbed a lot though so that if you don't want to see it then you don't have to. ))

She immediately stops turns around to look and sees that it's deadpool before getting close to him and investigating him to an almost creepy level(she spent way too much time looking at his ass.), "Wade? Wait, you knew the 616 spider-man? Where the hell are we?"

Deadpool just laughed, "616? That is a lot of peters... I want to collect them all. Are they like pokemon? Ooh! Joe, can you help me make a database for them! Like sickly peter? Buff peter! Uhh, what would legendary peter be... ah screw it I just want it!"

Gwen then just backs away and sighs, it's neat, the eyes on her costume show her emotions pretty well, like when she went and charged at me her eyes went into psuedo-slits, when she got exasperated the eyes went and looked like something you'd expect to see from the comics. After a moment she spoke again, "Yup, you're just like my Wade back home. God I remember it took me 2 weeks to not go and jump into different dimensions, especially when you almost killed you." (A/N: I'm a bit of a comic nerd so this is referencing deadpool kills the marvel universe and deadpool kills deadpool. Good comic series, short too. Also, don't worry it's not all of the marvel universe that dies, just... well that's a spoiler too but rest assured, marvel is still alive! If it wasn't they'd just do a reset...)

Deadpool then laughs, "Hm? I've tried but, well my healing always gets in the way. Anyway, good to see ya! This is Joseph!" He then points at me, "If you want information then ya should talk to him! If you want fun though, well he at least gave me some cool games but haven't been able to shoot anything for awhile. Had to shoot myself in the foot for some fun!"

Seeing him point at me she came up to me, "So? Where are we then oh person with the information?"

I sigh and start telling her the standard information that I gave all of them, they are copies of themselves, still real and if we go to their world(universe/dimension place thingymadoobob) then they will go and fuse together. I told her that this is my own personal dimension and all that fun stuff too, and then I told her more stuff about the worlds that I've been to like the Naruto world and then told her about the Danmachi world. It took a little bit of extra convincing, but by the end of it she pulled off her mask and ate some of the food that I gave to her. She was actually really cute, and when Tsunade, Darkness, and Olivier saw that she was blonde they all glared at me since I apparently like to summon only blondes even though Esdeath has blue hair, Ezio has brown/grey, Joker has green, Alucard black, and well Wade is bald... I think.

I ignore them and settle what everyone else was going to be doing, Esdeath wanted to get stronger and get healing abilities from the dungeon since she heard it was dangerous, and seeing how untrained Joker and Gwen were I wanted to have Olivier take them to train them a bit with sensing chakra at least and giving them better skills. Gwen tried to retort and get me to bring her along, but I asked her about how confident she felt attacking me and beating me. I'd have Deadpool and Alucard join in the training but those guys, even though they are skilled, they let their healing be their major benefit so I want to go and just have these guys level up their strength without worrying too much.

After I gave everyone their missions Olivier quickly dragged Joker (with a sock shoved in his mouth and him looking a bit tearful for not being able to share his Jokes) with Gwen following behind. I turned around just in time to see Minato leading a pack of different people, among them I was able to easily recognize Shiro, Naruto, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya. Orochimaru I'm willing to bet came to go and learn about their alchemy techniques, and well as for the rest probably to get stronger. I greeted them all individually and talked to them about what it was that they wished to do.

In the end I got about 7 people interested in smithing including Garrus, 9 wanted to get into Alchemy including Ezio and Orochimaru, about 11 actually ended up wanting to join Tsunade in being merchants which surprised me, and then finally I had 31 people left to join the attacking force which isn't too bad at all I think, especially if I split them into 3 different teams. I like this plan so far actually. Plus, I'm glad I can put the Falna on myself so I went and explained to everyone my plans for everything including what to expect from the next world everyone seemed to consent to what I had thought of.

Getting their approval(and convincing Alucard, Deadpool, and many Females a lot) I put the Athena Familia Falna on their backs and led them all towards the portal. My current plan is to find teachers that, for a day, I can have go and show their respective trades to the blacksmithing group and the alchemy group while I go and cycle through taking groups of no more than 10 into the dungeon to let them get a feel for it. I also need to explain things to Athena if she gets curious about all the people inside the manor, heh.

Oh yeah, I also need to give Tsunade and the trading group some starting capital so they can make change for any goods that they bring over. One of the most important things too, is I need to go and tell the guards somehow to let these people in... Oh! I'll put my formula on the back of their hands! It can't be erased and while it can be copied, the copies should be able to be erased right? Well I can also go and get some Hyuga guards too just to double check, but that's for another time. Oh that and seals around the place! God I am a workaholic aren't I?
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