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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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54 Y-Y-You Tyrant!

Witnessing the brilliant sparkles of the weapons and robes that the disciples from the Xia Clan had. Those from the Silent Monastery couldn't suppress their shock as their mouths widened to the extent that one could stuff an egg in it.

"I-I-Impossible! All of them are wearing Substandard Tier Weapons and armors?! Even their Flipflops are at the Substandard Tier?! What the hell is going on here? Isn't the Xia Clan a poverty-stricken clan that even had to live off the Artifact scraps so they could support their disciples?!"

Tang Xun, Tang Li and Tang Bai, the three squadron leaders staggered backward in shock with their eyes widened so far that they could fall off their sockets. Their trembling voice alone confirmed the suspicions of their fellow squad members as morale dropped an all time low.

Seeing their enemies act so frightened in the face of superior equipment. Jiang Tian smirked and approached with faster speed as he roared out loud.

"Hah! Look at those fools standing on the branches, watch and engrave their terrified expressions in your mind and heart, when our Legion arrives, there's no one that can resist! March on, my brothers!" Jiang Tian raised his sword and the several hundreds or so Outer Disciples who rallied behind him roared their battle cry, forming a symphony that trembled everything within the forest.

"T-T-They are crazy! Absolutely crazy!"

"Repel them with everything that you have! With all the Artifacts that they have, only by throwing all caution to the wind could we suppress them!"

"Don't cower in front of the enemy! Show them who's the true ruler!"

All Sub-Leaders from the three squads showcased their battlecry. And the disciples from the Silent Monastery summoned their might, unsheathing their swords and rotating their cultivation bases, everyone from the Xia Clan turned red when they saw their fellow brothers and sister lying on the ground with their conditions unknown.

"How dare these fucking bastards harm our fellow brothers and sister?! Attack, don't let them run away! Unleash everything that you can! Show no mercy!" Jiang Tian pointed ahead and the Outer Disciples behind him madly roared, ignited with anger and fury, these disciples that normally couldn't withstand a single attack, fought valiantly and defeated each and everyone of their enemies.

Blood flew into the air along with dust and the miserable shrieks of those from the Silent Monastery. The three squad leaders, Tang Xun, Tang Li and Tang Bai who observed from behind hurriedly ordered with a fierce cry.

"Retreat, retreat, everyone retreat! These bastards are strange! Everyone, retreat as fast as you can! Go behind us!"

Tang Xun's voice rang loud and clear and the panicked disciples from the Silent Monastery recovered from their trance, turning their heads back, they saw their squadron leaders gesturing towards them as they madly dashed at their leaders' direction.

The three supported their brothers from behind by shooting numerous waves of compressed air that sent the disciples from the Xia Clan away. As soon as the three leaders took action, none of the disciples from the Xia Clan managed to kill or injure another disciple from the Silent Monastery.

Though aggrieved, those from the Xia Clan stopped their pursuit when they saw the dignified figures of the three squadron leaders that stood with their arms crossed together, looking all condescending and proud.

Jiang Tian and some of the disciples hurried towards the location of Xia Lingxin, Xia Lanlan and the Fatty. Surveying their injuries, the disciples found that although they suffered no lasting injuries that could cause hidden dangers. It would still take them at least half a year to recover.

And half a year for a cultivator in constant cultivation wasn't a short time. Gnashing their teeth and clenching their fists in indignance, these disciples glared at the direction of the three squadron leaders that looked all mighty and proud with their chests stuck outward.

Jiang Tian frowned, though he despised fighting against these arrogant young masters. Knocking them down a notch in front of his subordinates was necessary to make them understand who was the boss and stifle out all thoughts of rebellion.

Walking towards the front lines, the three squadron leaders saw the arrival of the unassuming Jiang Tian. At first, they didn't put him in their eyes, thinking that he was just an average cultivator from the Xia Clan that only wanted to take a good look at their respectable figures.

But when they saw the light of reverence within the disciples' eyes that stared at him. The three squadron leaders stared at Jiang Tian in a new light. Most likely, he possessed the strongest strength amidst these disciples from the Xia Clan, they thought in their minds.

But at the sametime, they smirked. What could a slightly stronger than average disciple do to them that stood at the Essence Condensation Realm? And not only that, they have their own Substandard Tier Artifacts along with their trump cards. These three leaders never thought that Jiang Tian could defeat them.

"May I assume that the three of you are the leaders of these bunch of bald monks from the Silent Monastery?" Jiang Tian slightly smiled and stood there without any fear visible on his face.

His voice that was filled with disdain and the clear despise and defiance writted on his face disturbed the minds of the three leaders. Since they were stronger than Jiang Tian, shouldn't he act submissive and ask them to leave politely? Why was he using such a sharp tone when talking to them?

The disciples from the Xia Clan couldn't help but chuckle when they saw the mystified expressions of the three squad leaders. What could they possibly do against someone that defeated an Inner Disciple? They all thought in their minds and stared at the commotion with amusement.

"You sure sound so arrogant, are you not afraid that you'll bite your tongue off by using such a tone when talking to us?" Tang Xun who was the most hot-headed of the three bit back and lashed at Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian merely glanced at him for a moment before saying, "Only an ant that dares to stand on the way of an Elephant, piss off if you're that insecure about your masculinity!" He then proceeded to ignore Tang Xun who looked like he just ate some dog shit. Standing there with his shoulders slightly trembling from anger, he suppressed his fury and stared hatefully at Jiang Tian's direction.

Jiang Tian coldly snorted and stared at Tang Bai's direction, "Judging from the clear light in your eyes. You must be the one that has the greatest temperament and strength among the three of you..." Tang Bai was taken aback for a moment, the fact that Jiang Tian acquired such an information by just staring into his eyes disturbed him.

His cautious manner took over his mind as he clasped his hands together and respectfully said, "That is indeed the case, brother. I am the Third Squadron Leader of the Rising Sun Group from the Silent Monastery."

Jiang Tian's face never changed nor fazed, lifting an eyebrow. He stared at Tang Bai once again before saying, "is that so? In that case, can the three of you give me a proper explanation about the attacks that you did to my fellow brothers and sister?" His eyes radiated coldness that could freeze souls as everyone from the Silent Monastery felt a shiver down their spines.

Tang Bai who was the target of Jiang Tian's cold eyes, locked his eyebrows and said, "Brother, you have already killed several members of our Silent Monastery, and as for us, we haven't even killed those three people earlier. Why must you be so ruthless and burn the bridges down after crossing it?"

"Burning the bridges down after crossing it?" Jiang Tian lightly chuckled and said, "The three of you aren't even worthy to be the slippers in my foot much more my bridge!" He exaggeratedly spat and acted like a tyrant that demanded compensation from merchants that crossed his territory.

Waving his sword in the air, Jiang Tian pointed it at Tang Bai's direction and said, "If you cannot give me the proper explanation that I require, then you must pay up!"

The three leaders who heard his words stared at each other for a moment before nodding their heads. Apart from Tang Xun who wanted nothing but to bash Jiang Tian's skull, the other two knew that if they engaged Jiang Tian in a battle, there was no way that they could escape unscathed.

Not only that, they were also responsible for the lives of their fellow brothers so if there was a way to solve everything peacefully, they would consent. Gnashing their teeth and inwardly cursing their luck to come across such an arrogant disciple from the Xia Clan. Tang Bai stepped forward and said.

"We accept brother's offer in settling everything through monetary compensation. May we ask the amount that brother requires so that we can settle everything peacefully?" His words echoed loud and clear and every disciple present in the vicinity heard what he said. And they all turned to look at him in shock.

It has to be known that Tang Bai's name resonated throughout the entire Silent Monastery due to his ruthlesness, not even children or livestock were spared in each time Tang Bai enacted his massacres, yet right now, he actually acted so soft in the face of Jiang Tian.

"Hmmm, let's see... Fifty-thousand Spirit Stones should be enough..." Jiang Tian mumbled and the faces of Tang Bai and Tang Li brightened, despite their bleeding heart. The three leaders coughed out the amount necessary for the compensation as Tang Bai took the money and approached Jiang Tian with a smile on his face.

Tang Li and Tang Xun stared intently at Jiang Tian's visage and engraved his image in their hearts, swearing that someday, they would definitely pay this grudge by several folds. Receiving the pouch of money, Jiang Tian nodded in satisfaction and Tang Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

But before he could walk away, a sharp pain struck his chest along with Jiang Tian's shout that rang out like muffled thunder.

"Brothers, attack!"

In a flash, the completely silent battlefield erupted into chaos as dozens of disciples from the Xia Clan equipped with Substandard Tier equipment lashed out and assassinated their targets.

Tang Bai who expected a peaceful resolution coughed a mouthful of blood as he craned his neck and stared hatefully at Jiang Tian.

"Y-Y-You shameless tyrant!"

Jiang Tian twisted the dagger in his hands and Tang Bai's eyes rolled into his skull. With a dull thud, he collapsed on the ground and breathed no more. Sighing, Jiang Tian weighed the pouch on his palm and nodded in satisfaction. Sweeping his gaze at the battlefield, Jiang Tian felt incomparably satisfied than ever.

Not only he earned such a sum, he also managed to prove his might towards his subordinates and gained their respect by fighting against the enemy with common interests in mind.

"H-H-How could you..."

"Shameless bastard!"

Tang Li and Tang Xun who saw Jiang Tian's actions trembled in shock as their faces reddened in anger and shame, they obviously complied to Jiang Tian's request and even acted so submissive but never did they thought that he had such a venomous heart, actually betraying his promise in the end, did he even have any shame?!

Jiang Tian guessed their thoughts and lightly chuckled, "Here's a lesson for your next lives, though I don't expect you to remember your past life thanks to Grandma Meng's soup, there's still that slight chance so remember my words, okay?" He vanished at the end of his sentence and reappeared behind the two.

"In war, everything is permitted and nothing is shameless."

As his words fell, the two squad leaders discovered far too late and before they realized it, they found themselves choking with their own blood as a cold sensation took over their bodies. Falling on the ground with a dull thud, these two squad leaders never managed to fight back against Jiang Tian.
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