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Transmigrated Enhancement Specialists
Author :TheAdventurer
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53 Encirclemen

Near the borders of the Silent Monastery and the Xia Clan.

Xia Lingxin stood with his right hand held on his sword's hilt. His expression pale and his breathing rough as he stuck his head out from a cave. Sweeping his gaze around him, he didn't dare to use his Spiritual Energy as he observed, looking out for any enemies that may approach.

"Clear, there are no enemies in sight, for now, that is..." Xia Lingxin heaved a sigh of relief as he whispered towards his comrades.

The Fatty and his beloved, Xia Lanlan sat on a rock with their figures heaving deep sighs of relief.

"Damn it, If I knew that this job wasn't so simple then I wouldn't have taken it! To think that we would run across three squads of disciples from the Silent Monastery! Those bald monks really are bloodthirsty, to think that they were that hungry for my ass!" The Fatty commented and Xia Lingxin chuckled.

"Shut the fuck up, Fatty. As if someone wants that chrysanthemum of yours!" Xia Lingxin poked fun at him and light laughter soon filled the dark cave. With the presence of their mascot, the Fatty. Their mood improved somehow as the three of them closely observed the surrounding area with their Spiritual Energy withdrawn and inhibited within their bodies.

"Fatty, can you temporarily stop those dirty jokes of yours, Lan'er is here with us, are you trying to taint her mind?" Xia Lingxin blurted out in annoyance and his brother, Fatty revealed a lecherous expression on his face.

"Speaking of tainted minds, I seem to remember somewhere within my mind about the fact that I caught you spying on tho-" When Fatty started speaking the last part of his sentence, Xia Lingxin stood as if a cat that had its tail stepped on and hurriedly covered the former's mouth.

Lan'er stared at their interaction and frowned, "Spying on? Fatty, what do you mean by spying on?" Lan'er knew that her Dao Companion had such perverted tendencies but since she didn't want to assume, she asked such a question while cracking her neck and knuckles, as if readying herself for a good beatdown.

"L-L-Lan'er... Fatty meant spying on our Senior Brothers to learn more about their mystical techniques, that's all. Right, my beloved brotheeer?" Xia Lingxin scratched his head and revealed a smile as his lips continuously twitched. Glaring at the Fatty, his hand stretched into the latter's abdomen flab and threatened to pinch.

"Y-Y-Yeah righhht! Yes, that's it! What I meant was spying I remember seeing my beloved brother spying on a group of Senior Brothers for the quest of enlightenment..." The Fatty acted swiftly for fear of his beloved abdomen flab. Scratching his head awkwardly, the two weirdly laughed as Lan'er narrowed her eyes and said.

"Do the two of you guys not have anything worth to do at all other than joke around? We're being pursued by the disciples of the Silent Monastery and it's been half an hour since we asked for reinforcements..." Worry flashed through her expression as she stared at the cave entrance.

Xia Lingxin and the Fatty nodded their heads and thought that if not for the injuries that they suffered that they which placed their cultivation bases in a huge setback. Then they wouldn't be here doing such a menial job such as the Recovery of scrapped Artifacts.

According to the Elders that treated their injuries, it would take them at least three months to recover their previous strength. Normally, they could just retreat into their residences and recover for three months.

But unfortunately, due to the Xia Clan's dire straits, the prices of everything including medicines exponentially increased to the extent that the three of them were forced to find scrapped Artifacts for Spirit Stones.

"Lan'er, with your strength. You could've joined the Inner Disciples and gain some merits with them, there's not really any concrete reason about why you should join us here in such a boring job..." Xia Lingxin turned to look at her and the Lan'er directed a cold gaze at her.

"Of course, I wanna stay with you because you're my Dao Companion!" Lan'er thought in her mind but didn't voice it out in the end. Clearing her throat, she said.

"Is it necessary for me to say the reason why I came with you guys? And it's not like being with the Inner Disciples would do me any good. The competition at that place is so harsh it causes so much stress... I'd rather stay with you guys and relax..." Lan'er shrugged and the Fatty lightly smiled, his fat shook like jelly as he lightly chuckled and said.

"Don't you have any ambitions, at all, Miss Lan'er?" The ambiguous smile on his face perturbed Lan'er for a moment as she replied in an annoyed tone, "Of course, I do have my dreams and ambitions! How about you, Fatty? You really should try and lose weight, with how huge you are, there's no way that someone would take you seriously..."

Fatty who heard her voice merely shrugged, his small eyes sparkled with melancholy for a moment before transforming into indifference as he said in an amused tone, "Thanks for the concern, Miss Lan'er. But I prefer my current size, making fun of myself is better than suffering in solitude. At the least, I could provoke laughter."

Xia Lingxin and Lan'er stared at the Fatty for a moment before shaking their heads. Honestly, they didn't know him that much but they became close due to his outgoing and carefree attitude in life. They wanted to know more about Fatty yet they knew that people had their secrets and it was rude to dig any further.

The atmosphere within the cave turned strange and silent. None of them spoke out as they contemplated in silence about their lives and what they went through until now. Clenching their fists, all three of them lifted their heads with renewed vigor shining within their eyes.

That's right, they had their dreams and ambitions to accomplish! If they stumble here and cower, there's no way that they could achieve their goals. Standing up, Xia Lingxin, Xia Lanlan and the Fatty all turned to look at each other and slowly moved towards the exit of the cave.

It's been at least half an hour since they last called for reinforcements yet not a sign of anyone from the Xia Clan could be seen within their line of sight. Frowning, Fatty walked in front of the two for he possessed the strongest defense so that he could block any ambushes with his body.

Fatty Mountain Incantation!

The fat on his body trembled and twitched as his skin turned into the color of bronze. An earthly smell and the aroma of nature exuded out of his body as he stuck his head out and swept his gaze around him. Using the Earth to detect for vibrations, the Fatty's cultivation method could serve as an early warning system as he turned around and said.

"Sector clear, there's no one around us, let's go..."

XIa Lingxin and Lan'er nodded their heads and slowly walked out of the cave with Fatty at the forefront. Holding the hilt of their swords at their waist. Their nerves stretched taut, repeatedly probing for any traces of incoming humans or beasts.

"So here are the three rats that Senior Brother kept on looking for..." A voice filled with mocking suddenly rang out as the three turned to look behind them with their weapons unsheathed.

"You... A bald monk from the Silent Monastery?" Fatty blurted out and the young man who looked to be at the same age as them standing on a tree branch clad in leaves knitted his eyebrows as he said.

"A bald monk? Hmmm, how bold..." Descending from the tree branch. He stretched his right hand outward and punched directly at Fatty's stomach as the latter lurched forward like a shrimp. His Fatty Mountain Incantation dissipated and he collapsed on the ground, his condition unknown.

"Fatty!" Xia Lingxin howled in anger and waved his sword at the direction of the young man who easily avoided it with a sideward step. Xia Lingxin's expression displayed pain and sorrow for the wounds that the Elders painstakingly covered opened up once again, spilling blood from his torso down to the ground.

Even without being attacked, he collapsed on all fours. His expression pale and his forehead filled with beaded sweat. Lan'er hurriedly moved towards him and checked on his condition. Upon finding out that his injuries worsened, her expression went pale as she took several jade bottles filled with pills and ointment.

But before she could apply it on Xia Lingxin's wounds. The young man who punched Fatty said with a somber voice.

"And who gave you the permission to treat them under my watch?" He lifted his leg and kicked at Lan'er. With a stomp on the ground, Lan'er leaped backward and dodged his attack.

"Hooo, I admit that you do have the moves... But what if I do this?" The young man viciously sneered and lifted his leg once again. But this time, his target wasn't Lan'er. But her Dao Companion, Xia Lingxin!

"Nooo! Lingxin!" When the young man's leg descended, Lan'er rushed as fast as she could and pounced at Xia Lingxin's body. A cracking voice reverberated and Lan'er felt her bones fracture as she received the blow for the sake of her Dao Companion. Lifting her head, she stared hatefully at the young man and spat viciously.

"Despicable bastard! Retribution will definitely come!" She declared before losing consciousness.

The young man who saw his enemies crumbled right before his sight felt incomparably pleased. Clapping his hands, leaves rustled as figures clad with leaves emerged from tree branches. In total, at least thirty disciples of the Silent Monastery stared at the young man in reverence.

"Second Squad Leader, Tang Li. I seamelessly completed the job that you asked me for. Shouldn't I be given my rewards now?" The young man lifted a small smile on his face and a voice of another young man, replied.

"Don't be so complacent, yet. First Squad Leader, Tang Xun. The mission that I asked of you isn't finished yet..." Tang Li's voice contained amusement and anticipation which made the former lift his eyebrow in annoyance.

"That's right, new challengers are coming at our direction, we should greet them politely at first..." Another voice of a young man emerged out of nowhere and Tang Xun nodded his head and said, "Since even the Third Squad Leader, Tang Bai said so. There's no way that I can refuse, can I?"

The Earth quaked and each and every disciple from the Silent Monastery could feel their enemies approaching from the distance. Unsheathing their weapons, all of them stared at their prized weapons. Ever since that Three Layered Armor emerged out nowhere, the Silent Monastery has employed their tactics to counter that despicable armor.

And since the Silent Monastery received direct support from the Divine Hall. Money wasn't an issue so most of the disciples that the Silent Monastery dispatched right now were clad in topnotch Artifacts that could make any rogue cultivator drool with greed.

But never did anyone expect that when they would see such a stunning and horrifying sight when the reinforcements from the Xia Clan arrived. Emerging from the forest were several hundreds of Outer Disciples from the Xia Clan.

Normally, a disciple from the Silent Monastery could defeat five Outer Disciples from the Xia Clan but right now, as they stared at the dashing figures of the rushing disciples, all hope to defeat them were destroyed.

With Jiang Tian at the forefront, every disciple behind him were clad in outfits that exuded the glow of Artifacts. Even their Flipflops faintly shone in greenish light that amplified their movement speed. Not only that, the weapons that they held within their hands sparkled in a brilliant light that when condensed together, exploded into a magnificent sun that robbed them of their eyesight.
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